What IS DFM to Qualcomm .

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Are There Economic Benefits in DFM ? - a Fabless Design House Perspective - Riko Radojcic Matt Nowak. What IS DFM to Qualcomm ?. So …. ?. DFM = everything that a designer can do to ensure that the product meets its performance, power and cost targets
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Are There Economic Benefits in DFM ? - a Fabless Design House Perspective - Riko Radojcic Matt Nowak

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What IS DFM to Qualcomm ? So … . ? DFM = everything that a fashioner can do to guarantee that the item meets its execution, power and cost targets Tight outline to process coupling for : Litho impacts = to get what you find in x-y plane CMP impacts = to get what you find in z-plane Variability = to get what you mimic electrically Random impacts = to get the yield that you displayed Act of God impacts = to get the working edges you require DFM = everything that the foundry accomplice instructs you to do ? DFM = everything that the EDA supplier says you can do ? DFM = everything that the \'DFM Start Ups\' say you ought to do ? DFM = everything that the planner supposes he ought to do ? DFM = business as before and trust in the best ?

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CONCERN/ISSUE METRIC/TOOL DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS DFM issues are not an irregularity However there is a test with measurements Area used to be a metric, yet… . Yield is the undeniable new metric yet … Designer has no chance to get of planning for it without a method for evaluating it SPICE & STA ~Gate Delays RC Extractors and so forth.. ~Wire Delays Simulators & Vt selectors ~Power AREA ???? ~Cost & Yield What is the Big Deal about DFM ? Process windows are getting outrageously tight Ergo, need to take care of the configuration : as dependably !!!

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QUALCOMM Perspective Why go to up and coming era of Technology ? Higher Performance New elements Cut-over as quickly as time permits Allow for de-bug, framework coordination Yield is Boss ! DFM vital Lower Cost Existing (for the most part) elements Cut-over when expense is better Allow for framework re-qual time Die Size is Boss ! DFM alluring & discretionary DFM is by all accounts \'the best thing to do\', yet… Does it truly profit for a Fabless COT House?

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So, ARE there Economic Benefits in DFM ? Don\'t Really Know : The business DFM space is fluffy and confounding The monetary estimation of a DFM innovation is befuddling The business case for DFM is misty The relative advantage of a DFM approach is vague What we do know : DFM is done to Optimize Costs and is thus a Business Decision Any architect ought to have the capacity to manage the DFM exchange offs

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process outline Process Characterization Models & Simulators Post GDS Transformation Pre GDS Transformation Test chip Measurements Data rub Validation … . Litho CMP Yield Parametric … . Problem areas DRC/MRC Edge Massage Comps … .. P&R Timing Synthesis Architecture … .. Need to Segment DFM Universe Segregate DFM exercises into 4 sorts For this fragment require a 3 way relationship Qualcomm part is that of a "champion" or a "promoter" Principal differentiator is precision . Qualcomm part is that of a "customer" Principal differentiator is use mode and incorporation . Qualcomm has an alternate part with every "basin"

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Benefit Assessment $ Yes/No Process development Benefit of DFM Parameter 1 e.g. least kick the bucket size - normally consistent or slight "straight" change with development Benefit of DFM Parameter 2 e.g. parametric yield or illegal pitch consistence - normally high at slope and soaks at development ? Need to Monetize DFM Technical Value DFM is Design to Optimize versus Pass Go-No Go Checks Function of procedure qualities and development Function of configuration innovation and exchange off versus different factors Function of item volume and ASP incline EDA Tools DFM Design Decisions Process Design Kit

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Need a DFM Business Case Business Model for Sharing Costs and Benefits Foundry ought to profit for procedure enhancements Fabless outline house ought to procure some advantage for DFM changes With Wafer Business the BENEFITS are generally with Fabless side not so much: foundry gets bigger virtual limit 2 1 With Die Business BENEFITS are for the most part on the Foundry side not by any stretch of the imagination fabless gets bigger limit Wafer Business The incremental COST of DFM is for the most part on the Fabless side not by any means: foundry accomplishes more portrayal Die Business 3 4 The test is a Business Case for DFM in a Fabless House utilizing a Die Priced Business Mode Foundry Fabless

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Need a Metric for DFM Benefits Yield or Project Cost is excessively Complicated Retroactive direct estimations Many aggravating and bewildering components Feedback circles long & regularly shrouded in monetary variables Need some Relative DFM "Score" Arbitrary standardized number Simple and non dubious Not as a matter of course an immediate measures of yield or cost yet naturally identified with those Usable without a committed procedure particular test chip Perhaps Use Separate Scores, as bodes well ? e.g. efficient versus arbitrary versus parametric marvels

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In reality Need Two DFM Metrics Match 2 sorts of costs " Cost of Design " measure the proficiency of executing a given DFM enhancement at different strides in the configuration stream e.g. steering, or (costly) cleaning, or (more costly) OPC/RET " Cost of Si " measure the net viability of a given DFM advancement e.g. rate of excess vias Being a high volume shop, these are the key measurements that Qualcomm is extremely touchy to These measurements are vital to Qualcomm however won\'t represent the moment of truth an item

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DFM Metrics for Cost of Design ? Indeed, even un-weighted numbers would be valuable as it would permit contrasting an outline prior and then afterward some DFM change e.g. recurrence of event of undesirable develops ? "Bucketed" in gatherings and Weighted by : Dimensions (e.g. at Design Rule versus at DFM Guideline) Phenomenon (e.g. OPC antagonistic run versus indent versus … . ) Or something like this ?

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DFM Metrics for Cost of Si ? e.g. f requency of event of given components "Bucketed" in gatherings and Weighted by : Phenomenon (e.g. by means of versus CA versus … ) Layout setup (e.g. circumscribed versus borderless by means of… ) Or something like this ? Indeed, even un-weighted numbers would be helpful as it would permit contrasting an outline previously, then after the fact some DFM change

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So, ARE there Economic Benefits in DFM ? Can\'t Really Know – and won\'t know until : The DFM buzz is elucidated Need a reasonable meaning of customer supplier connections Tool ROI is cleared up Need a method for assessing the advantages DFM cost versus advantage is cleared up Need capacity to reproduce and share advantage versus time Process information and possession is illuminated Need standard Design Kits What we do know : We require DFM Score measurements We require Process Design Kits

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