What is Formula Hybrid .

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What is Formula Hybrid?. An outgrowth of Formula SAE program. Based on the FSAE rules & events Started at Dartmouth University First (real) Competition in 2007. “emphasizes drive train innovation and fuel efficiency in a high-performance application” . Why Formula Hybrid? (for you).
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What is Formula Hybrid? An outgrowth of Formula SAE program. In light of the FSAE rules & occasions Started at Dartmouth University First (genuine) Competition in 2007. "underscores drive prepare advancement and fuel effectiveness in an elite application"

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Why Formula Hybrid? (for you) Educational – hands on learning Build a group (we don\'t authoritatively exist yet) Build an auto Learn, Design, Build cutting edge innovation Racing is fun (driving is fun?) Friendship & Camaraderie: partners have comparative premiums

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Why Formula Hybrid? (on the planet) Electrics are FAST, consider: Tesla Motors\' Electric Roadster PML\'s 640hp Mini Cooper Hybrid Cars ought to be FASTER than I.C.E. autos. The business and the general population require a kick in the jeans: ( Green Technology ≠ Low Performance)

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Areas for development: Electrical & controls Electronic footing, soundness control High power electronic outline High power engine plan Performance/effectiveness expanding calculations Energy administration calculations More

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Areas for development: Energy Improve execution and fuel proficiency Explore elective fills Develop drivetrain considering Plug-in HEV approach and additionally conveyed era Develop viable arrangements

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The State of RPI Formula Hybrid This is a startup exertion The group is IN THIS ROOM!

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Possible Officer Positions Team Leader Finance Manager IT/Tech Chassis & Suspension Lead Controls Lead Engine Lead Drivetrain Lead Safety Manager & Rules Oversight Personality needs some weight (he has last word) Person needs great sense (not very traditionalist/liberal) Shop chief Business administrator

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Challenges (what we require) Money (supports) Space (a shop in which to construct) Tools (see likewise, supports) Raw Materials/Parts Need to discover a teacher to go about as a counsel An approach to transport the auto to the opposition.

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Timeline: A 2-year startup exertion 2007 Competition is May 5,6,7 A push to have a CAR by then would be stupid: low quality auto, exhausted individuals, impossible sponsorship Instead, plan for 2008 Competition (likely in first entire week in May) Plan to DOMINATE Strategy: Form RPI Formula Hybrid, form a strong establishment, create auto outlines, look into, develop auto for 2008 rivalry.

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What you receive in return Experience Resume manufacturer Learn the innovation that will drive autos for the following 25+ years. Can do related activities for credit, given a teacher to support them (you)

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Q & An and talk About the auto Officer positions Skills, foundation, your arrangements REMINDER: NEXT MEETING Wednesday, 9pm in one of the DCC rooms. For more data, see www.Formula-Hybrid.org or email goodwc@rpi.edu

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Email List Join the email list so we can all keep updated.  The RPI Formula Hybrid rundown is equation mixture L@lists.rpi.edu .  You can join by: perusing to http://lists.rpi.edu/, tapping on "Rensselaer User Access," signing in (with your RPI ID and secret key), selecting "formula-half and half L@lists.rpi.edu" and tapping the "subscribe to this list" link.  If you later alter your opinion, unsubscribing is similar process.  You might need to set up and email channel to put these messages in a different organizer, and so forth

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Here\'s Embry Riddle\'s auto in 2007:

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Motor/Drivetrain conceivable accomplices Core movement

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Energy stockpiling potential outcomes Batteries A123 Altair Nano RPI\'s batteries (those paper ones) Ultracapacitors Maxwell Siemens

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