What Is Islam?.

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What Is Islam? Islam's Image: The Sickle Moon Portrays The Moon In A Condition Of Expansion - speaking to the development of Islamic confidence from little to incredible The Image Is Established In Agnosticism (indication of richness, development, flourishing and the supernatural method for achieving such) What Is Islam?
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What Is Islam? Islam’s Symbol: The Crescent Moon Depicts The Moon In A State Of Increase - speaking to the development of Islamic confidence from little to extraordinary The Symbol Is Rooted In Paganism (indication of ripeness, development, success and the otherworldly method for achieving such) Charts by Tim Haile

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What Is Islam? “Islam” – Arabic word for “Submission” (to the will of Allah) “Muslims” or “Moslems” are the devotees of Islam “Mohammed” is their prophet & the “Qur’an” contains his showing Dome of the Rock In Jerusalem Masterpiece of Muslim Architecture Charts by Tim Haile

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What Is Islam? The Five “Pillars of Islam” (1) The shahada (calling of confidence) is the true recitation of the twofold doctrine: \'There is no god yet God\' and \'Mohammed is the Messenger of God\'. (2) The salat (formal request to God) must be performed at five focuses in the day while confronting towards the sacred city of Mecca. (3) Alms-giving through the installment of zakat (\'refinement\') is the obligation of sharing one\'s riches out of appreciation for God\'s support, as per the uses set down in the Koran. (4) There is an obligation to quick ( saum ) amid the month of Ramadan. (5) The Hajj or journey to Mecca is to be performed if at all conceivable in any event once amid one\'s lifetime. Diagrams by Tim Haile

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What Is Islam? Islamic “Jihad” (Holy War) Arabian Peninsula NOT TO BE OCCUPIED By Certain People: “The misguided worshipers are rottenness so they should not approach the Masjid ul-Haram (in Mecca)” (9:28)â  Quran Says War Is Necessary For Moral Cleansing “And if God did not anticipate humankind, some with others , the earth would be brimming with corruption” (2:251)â  â€œIf God did not avert individuals, some with a few (others) then genuinely the groups and places of worship and synagogues and mosques - in which is oft inferred the Name of God - would have been destroyed” (22 :40) Charts by Tim Haile

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What Is Islam? Islamic “Jihad” (Holy War) NOTE: Some Muslim Scholars endeavor to clarify Jihad as a profound fight. “Fight against them by method for it (the Quran) an incredible fight” (Ch. 25, V,53) AND “We are coming back from the lesser Jihad to the more prominent Jihad” (Quote from Mohammed, Commentary of Sura Al-Hajj Verse:78 Published by Dar-ul Kitaab Al-Arabi Beirut, Lubnan) Charts by Tim Haile

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What Is Islam? Islamic Doctrines BELIEF: Man’s Choice or God’s? “And if there was a Qur\'an by which mountains could be moved or by which the earth could be cut to shreds or by which the dead could be identified with, they would in any case not have faith in it. Nay, the matter of their trusting rests altogether with ALLAH…” (13:32) “And say, `It is reality from your Lord; wherefore let him who will, trust, and let him, who will, doubt .\'” “ALLAH changes not the state of an individuals until they change what is in their hearts” (13:12; 18:30) W H I C H ? Maybe John Calvin read the Quran!!! It Is Actually Difficult to Tell!!! Outlines by Tim Haile

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What Is Islam? Islamic Doctrines THE LAW OF MARRIAGE: May Marry Up To 4 Wives (Quran 4:4) May Marry Additional Slave Girls (4:128) Mohammed Had 9 Wives A Thrice Divorced Woman May Only Be Taken Back If She Has Married Someone Else and Been Divorced From Him (2:31) Totally Contradicts Biblical Teaching! Diagrams by Tim Haile

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What Is Islam? Islamic Doctrines Morals and Ethics: Games of Chance – Prohibited (2:220) Eating of Pork & Blood; Consumption of Alcohol – Prohibited (2:174; 2:220) Lying & Adultery (as uniquely characterized in the Quran) – Prohibited (4:20-26) Killing (of kindred devotees) is Prohibited (4:30) Stealing is Prohibited (5:39) Cut off hands and feet. Outlines by Tim Haile

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What Is Islam? Islamic Doctrines The Nature of God: “And they say, `The Gracious God has taken unto Himself a child.\' “Assuredly, you have without a doubt expressed a most frightful thing. “The sky may well-near burst thereat, and the earth divide to shreds, and the mountains tumble down in pieces. “Because they attribute a child to the Gracious God. “It turns out to be not the Gracious God that HE ought to take unto Himself a son”(19:89-93) Charts by Tim Haile

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What Is Islam? Islamic Doctrines Islam on “friends”: “O ye who accept ! take not the Jews and the Christians for companions. They are companions of one another. Furthermore, whoso among you takes them for companions is in fact one of them. Verily ALLAH directs not the crooked people” (5:52) “O ye who accept ! take not your fathers and siblings for companions on the off chance that they incline toward doubt to confidence. What\'s more, whoso of you takes them for companions, such are the wrongdoers” (9:23) Charts by Tim Haile

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The Quran - The Significance of Arabic Surely We have uncovered it- - an Arabic Quran- - that you may comprehend (12:2) And along these lines have We uncovered it, a genuine judgment in Arabic , and on the off chance that you take after their low cravings after what has come to you of information, you should not have against Allah any gatekeeper or a defender (13:37) And in this way have We sent it down an Arabic Quran, and have particularly put forward in that of dangers that they may monitor (against underhandedness) or that it may deliver an update for them. (20:113) Charts by Tim Haile

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The Quran - The Significance of Arabic An Arabic Quran with no warpedness, that they may monitor (against shrewdness). (39:28) A Book of which the verses are made plain, an Arabic Quran for an individuals who know: (41:3) Surely We have made it an Arabic Quran that you may get it. (43:3) This last verse makes clear the idea, that Mohammed limited genuine comprehension to the individuals who communicate in Arabic! Others are seen as unfit to civil argument, talk about, or exegete the entries! Outlines by Tim Haile

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The Quran Versus the Bible on Scriptural Integrity: “Whatever correspondences We revoke or reason to be overlooked, We bring one superior to anything it or like it. Do you not realize that Allah has control over all things?” (Quran 2:106) “If he called them divine beings, unto whom th

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