WHAT IS OROGENY? Procedures of mtn building.

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Sorts OF MOUNTAINS . Volcanic: Shield and compositeFault-piece: ordinary blaming and tensionFolded: opposite flaws and compressionComplex: blend of the majority of the above. Mauna KeaShield volcanoHot SpotBasalt . Mauna Loa inBackgroundKilaeua is Behind MaunaLoa. KilaeuaNewest ground inThe worldAsthenosphere comingTo the surface.
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WHAT IS OROGENY? Procedures of mtn building Distinctive examples of statement eugeocline, miogeocline Deformation Folding and push blaming Metamorphism Intrusions: batholiths, and so forth Volcanic Activity

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TYPES OF MOUNTAINS Volcanic: Shield and composite Fault-piece: ordinary blaming and pressure Folded: reverse issues and pressure Complex: blend of a large portion of the above

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Mauna Loa in Background Kilaeua is Behind Mauna Loa Mauna Kea Shield spring of gushing lava Hot Spot Basalt

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Kilaeua Newest ground on the planet Asthenosphere rising to the top

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Composite Volcano Mt Rainier Compressive strengths Subduction zones Andesitic sythesis

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Guagua Pichincha, Ecuador Quito in closer view Composite volcanoes touchy

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Normal flaw Footwall climbs with respect to Hanging divider FOOTWALL HANGING WALL Tension powers

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Tilted deficiency square range: Sierra Nevada from east, Steep side of square blame; Ansel Adams photograph

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Tilted Fault-square Sierra Nevada from west Side, low point Yosemite valley the aftereffect Of glaciation on low-edge alleviation

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Wasatch Range From Salt Lake City Typically blame Block framework

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Grand Tetons: Another issue square framework

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Alternating ordinary shortcomings lead to a trademark design called a Horst and Graben framework. A region under strain will regularly have Multiple mountain extents therefore.

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Basin and extent region: tilted flaw piece mountains in Nevada. The consequences of a horst and graben framework. Nevada is under strain Because of rising magma which is unfastening the framework, the distance From Baja California Sierra Nevada and Wasatch Ranges a portion of this framework

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REVERSE FAULTS: Hanging divider climbs in respect to footwall Result of pressure: plates impacting Two sorts: low-edge or push shortcomings, and high-point reverse issues Individual layers can move 100\'s of kilometers Alps are an extraordinary illustration

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Thrust deficiencies fundamental driver Of collapsed mountains

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Appalachian Mountains of the US

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Atlas Mountains, Northern Africa

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Classic collapsed landscape: very much created anticline

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ZAGROS MTS PERSIAN GULF Alternating Anticlines and Synclines

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High-edge reverse issues Forms "Sawtooth Mtns" Flatirons exemplary case Sawtooth impact aftereffect of Differential disintegration

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SAWTOOTH RANGE, IDAHO Alice Lake White Cloud top

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COMPLEX MOUNTAINS Tend to have a tad bit of Everything: volcanoes, Folds, push flaws, ordinary issues ALPS HIMALAYAS

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