What is PC Representation?.

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What is PC Design? Targets In this address, we investigate what PC illustrations is about We will give a recorded presentation PC Design PC representation manages all parts of making pictures with a PC Equipment Programming Applications Example
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What is Computer Graphics?

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Objectives In this address, we investigate what PC representation speaks the truth We will give a chronicled presentation

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Computer Graphics Computer illustrations manages all parts of making pictures with a PC Hardware Software Applications

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Example Where did this picture originate from? What equipment/programming did we have to create it?

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Preliminary Answer Application : The article is an artist’s interpretation of the sun for an activity to be appeared in a domed situation (planetarium) Software : Maya for demonstrating and rendering however Maya is based on top of OpenGL Hardware : PC with design cards for demonstrating and rendering

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Basic Graphics System Output gadget Input gadgets Image shaped in FB

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CRT Can be utilized either as a line-drawing gadget (calligraphic) or to show substance of edge cradle (raster mode)

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Computer Graphics: 1950-1960 Computer illustrations backpedals to the most punctual days of registering Strip outlines Pen plotters Simple showcases utilizing A/D converters to go from PC to calligraphic CRT Cost of invigorate for CRT too high Computers moderate, extravagant, inconsistent

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Computer Graphics: 1960-1970 Wireframe representation Project Sketchpad Display Processors Storage tube

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Project Sketchpad Ivan Sutherland’s PhD postulation at MIT Recognized the capability of man-machine association Loop Display something User moves light pen Computer creates new show Sutherland likewise made a large portion of the now basic calculations for PC illustrations

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Display Processor Rather than have host PC attempt to revive presentation utilize an extraordinary reason PC called a presentation processor (DPU) Graphics put away in showcase rundown (presentation record) in plain view processor Host incorporates showcase rundown and sends to DPU

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Direct View Storage Tube Created by Tektronix Did not oblige steady revive Standard interface to PCs Allowed for standard programming Relatively modest Opened way to utilization of PC representation for CAD group

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Computer Graphics: 1970-1980 Raster Graphics Beginning of design gauges GKS: European exertion Becomes ISO 2D standard Core: North American exertion 3D yet neglects to end up ISO standard Workstations and PCs

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Raster Graphics Image delivered as a cluster (the raster ) of picture components ( pixels ) in the casing cushion

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Raster Graphics Allow us to go from lines and wireframes to filled polygons

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PCs and Workstations Although we no more make the refinement in the middle of workstations and PCs generally they advanced from diverse roots Early workstations described by Networked association: customer server High-level of intuitiveness Early PCs included casing support as a major aspect of client memory

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Computer Graphics: 1980-1990 Realism comes to PC design smooth shading ecological mapping knock mapping

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Computer Graphics: 1980-1990 Special reason equipment Silicon Graphics geometry motor VLSI execution of illustrations pipline Industry-based measures PHIGS RenderMan Networked illustrations: X Window System Human-Computer Interface (HCI)

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Computer Graphics: 1990-2000 OpenGL API Completely PC produced full length motion pictures (Toy Story) are fruitful New equipment capacities Texture mapping Blending Accumulation, stencil cushion

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Computer Graphics: 2000-Photorealism Graphics cards for PCs overwhelm market Nvidia, ATI, 3DLabs Game boxes and amusement players focus bearing of business sector Computer design routine in motion picture industry: Maya, Lightwave

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