What is PPL Software .

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PPL ® SOFTWARE EVENT OPERATIONS and MANAGEMENT SYSTEM “Right People, Right Place, Right Time … Real Easy”. What is PPL® Software?.
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PPL ® SOFTWARE EVENT OPERATIONS and MANAGEMENT SYSTEM "Right People, Right Place, Right Time … Real Easy"

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What is PPL® Software? PPL® is another worldview in the way you maintain your business. It\'s a vigorous social database worked by and for occasion pros. Make point by point occasion records inside the framework and track and deal with each part of your occasion from customers to setting contacts to staff and sellers or volunteers. PPL® has all that you have to deal with your occasions effortlessly and totally. It can be introduced locally for PCs or utilized over the web with PCs and Macs in a cloud application .

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Benefits of PPL® 1) Pays for itself rapidly through expanded profitability . 2) Intuitive and intelligent set-up. Simple to utilize. 3) Reduces disappointment . Keep all your data in one area. PPL® turns into your lord programming. The data is entered once, and after that suitable things stream to the right individuals. Every individual gets just what he or she needs to know. 4) Integrates with Outlook, Word and QuickBooks .

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PPL® deals with the most critical parts of your occasion: Sales . Once you\'ve reached a purchaser, PPL® helps you track the business procedure all the way. CRM, Customer Relations Management . Quality Control . Who is the best individual or seller for the occupation? You make an ability list for Personnel and Vendors and need list for every expertise in the event that you wish. Correspondence . Utilize adjustable email layouts to computerize correspondence with the essential four: Buyer, Event Contact, Venue Contact and Personnel and Vendors. Utilize the Merge to Document highlight to make custom contracts , proposition and different archives and union data from PPL® records to them. Basic Bookkeeping . Track what you\'ve charged the purchaser, the rate of benefit, and the add up to pay every individual or seller. Make a fare document to QuickBooks for check printing . PPL® encourages data to QuickBooks so you don\'t squander time with twofold section. Utilize Sales Reports to discover straightforward budgetary data inside a date go. Keeping an eye on be the most tedious and disappointing thing that you need to do. Ordinarily, it\'s not simply watching work force/merchants, it\'s additionally checking in with the Buyers, Event Contacts and Venue Contacts. Utilize the implicit update framework to send affirmations to everybody included a couple days before the occupation.

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PPL® Basic Features Track all required occasion information for: Buyers/Clients Event Contacts (from the same or distinctive organization than the purchaser) Venue Location and Contacts Personnel and Vendors with Availability Status including: Skills Pay and Workers Comp Codes Track these Critical Processes: Sales Contracting Invoicing Hiring Payroll Create Segments/Timelines

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PPL® Advanced Features Multiple Segments/Sub-sections under one contract List Wizard for Personnel and Vendors (P/V) Choose by aptitude Choose by separation from home compress to scene compress E-mail Templates/Merge to Outlook (Gmail coming soon) E-mail Funnel Send Availability Checks, Hold Requests and Hire Notices and Changes Receive P/V answers and consequently redesign P/V status in every portion Send Text Message Alerts Send i-Cal mechanized timetable occasions Merge Data to RTF Documents in Word (Contracts, Proposals and so forth.) Create Checks/Export to QuickBooks for check printing Export to Outlook Calendar (Gmail Calendar coming soon) Sync to PDA, iPhone , Blackberry , and so forth. Bookmarks to return effortlessly to an occupation you were taking a shot at Send Event Reminders Sales Reports Network Multiple User Logins and Tracking

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Main Event Page and Segments Add the same number of portions as required for an occasion. (Every occasion must have no less than one portion.) Main Event Page Seg 1 Seg 2 Seg 3

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PPL® Map

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Screen Shots: The Mini-List (brief outline of occasions)

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The Event Main Page

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The Segment

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The Sales Report

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Personnel and Vendor Assignment Wizard

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E-mail P/V Hires and Changes

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Create Checks (Screen 1)

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Create Checks (Screen 2)

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Send E-mail Reminders

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Search Page

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PPL® Server and Workstation Minimum Requirements For Local Install: Processor: 1GHz Memory: 512MB Hard Disk: 500MB of free space Compatible Operating Systems with least Service Pack Vista Home Basic or more Windows XP SP2 Windows 2000 Pro SP4 Windows 2000 Server SP4 Windows Server 2003 SP1 Standard, Enterprise, or Datacenter versions Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP1 Other Requirements: A web association and POP3-empowered email deliver is required to send and get email procure notices. Requires Microsoft Outlook to send other messages from PPL and for logbook trades. Microsoft Word is required to peruse consolidated records. Coming soon: E-mail fare to Gmail and date-book fare to Google Calendars. PPL® Cloud rendition: Requires Remote Desktop Connection (incorporated into Windows, accessible for Mac as a free download).

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Some outstanding industry pioneers are utilizing PPL®.  Here is the thing that they are stating… Paul Creighton, Executive Vice-President, T. Skorman , Orlando, FL "… I\'m persuaded that PPL can possibly reform the stimulation organization business .  It is natural, complete, and can crease in legacy contracts and reports.  And best of every one of, the efficiencies picked up from PPL more than take care of the expenses ."

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Maria Battaglia, Owner, Always Entertaining , Las Vegas, NV " PPL has propelled our organization by making us mechanically progressed. With its mechanized content informing that tells ability there is an occupation sitting tight for them and its agreement composing ease , PPL has made booking ability and interchanges with customers more effective. It spares time , as well as keeps all data oversaw in one place, or occupation document. With ability headed in numerous headings at extremely inconvenient times of the day, PPL is awesome at keeping everyone current with the most recent gig information . Coordinating with QuickBooks is the following stride for us. All things considered, PPL is your one-stop shop \'data download\' and has been an incredible expansion to our organization culture."

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Dennis Smith, Band Leader, Party on the Moon , Atlanta, GA "One of the numerous advantages of utilizing PPL is my expanded capacity to grow increasingly and better associations with my customers , and we realize that those connections are the way to achievement ."

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Van Vinikow, Leader, The String Beings String Quartet , Reno, NV "PPL permits me to contract string players rapidly and effectively. With PPL I have diminished the time spent hiring multiple string quartets by half! It was anything but difficult to learn, and now I can monitor my work force and gigs with a straightforward look at my screen. PPL has liberated me from hours upon hours on the telephone and interminable messaging. The effortlessness and outline is close virtuoso . I am amazed at the measure of time I\'ve spared and how my business runs smoother and all the more professionally . Bravo Jeffrey! What\'s more, Bravo PPL!"

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Thank you for taking this brisk voyage through PPL® Software. There are numerous different components not addressed in this presentation. I outlined this product, which I utilize regular in my own business, Leep Entertainment, to be the simplest and most finish framework conceivable. Go along with us now. Here\'s to association and productivity, Jeffrey Leep www.ppleader.com info@ppleader.com (888) 637-6376

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