What is the Web and How can it function?.

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Conception of the Internet. US reaction to risk of
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What is the Internet and How can it work?

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Birth of the Internet Data at military locales effortlessly detached Every website connected to each other webpage through numerous associations Super Interstate Highways in the 1950\'s connected real urban communities over the USA US reaction to risk of "chilly war"

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the INTER NET The INTERnet joins numerous a huge number of systems and PCs together to share data. Nearby ISP I nternet S ervice P rovider Anyone can get to it. Anybody can add to it.

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INTRA net? - INTER net? INTRAnet - interior - inside a system www FILESERVER Users MUST be inside the system to get to it

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INTRA net? - INTER net? INTRANET • interior • access constrained to those INSIDE the system • clients may read and keep in touch with the fileserver • clients may get to the web INTERNET • overall • access accessible to anybody and everybody • clients may read, compose and download from the web

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The Directory - the segment on the area that contains the report asked for The convention - tells the PC what sort of solicitation it is. The document - the real name of the record asked for The area name - advises the PC where to send the solicitation. IP: so … .. how can it work? URL - Universal Resource Locator http://www.cap.nsw.edu.au/instructors/lesson_plans.html If no catalog or document is asked for the web server will normally send a preset default or "home" page http://www.cap.nsw.edu.au will convey CAP\'s landing page

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Netscape Navigator or Communicator Microsoft Explorer Web Browsers

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