What is TXSART?.

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What is TXSART? James Steele Meeting on Sicknesses in Nature Transmissible to Man May 11-13, 2007 • Austin Elizabeth Wang Official Executive Review Why are creature issues in crises essential? How did TXSART begin? Mission, objectives, structure Outline
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What is TXSART? James Steele Conference on Diseases in Nature Transmissible to Man May 11-13, 2007 • Austin Elizabeth Wang Executive Director

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Overview Why are creature issues in crises vital? How did TXSART start? Mission, objectives, structure Summary Questions… however stop me anytime to inquire!

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Why are Animals Important? Creature issues are individuals issues Owners turn out to be extremely appended to their creatures By planning, both human and creature life can be secured Animal issues are enormous issues 22.8 million occupants in Texas Nearly 62% of family units have no less than one pet. That makes around 4.3 million pooches and 4.8 million felines Animals dwarf people more than 30 to 1 in Texas Animal issues are business issues TX is #1 for the quantity of cows, sheep, goats, and colorful hoofstock 1 million steeds speak to around 11% of all stallions in the US 14 million head of dairy cattle Photo graciousness of TAHC Photo kindness of Texas A&M/B. Scott

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A Need Identified… A hotwash of Hurricane Rita reaction endeavors gave proof that a planning substance was required Many associations included Duplicative and/or contending endeavors Communication from state to region and local levels Photos cordiality of FEMA

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TXSART is Born TXSART is the Texas State Animal Resource Team Formed in February 2006 displaying the best endeavors of other states’ projects Housed inside of the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation, a non-benefit association A non-benefit personality permits TXSART to better serve the state Ability to request and get gifts (assets and cash)

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Mission Empower Texans to secure open and financial providing so as to well training and statewide coordination of assets to get ready for, react to, and recoup from calamities influencing creatures and farming. Photograph graciousness of UAN EARS Photo politeness of FEMA Photo affability of A. Barnes

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Goals Promote the dynamic engagement of each jurisdiction’s EMC Support the advancement of creature issues panels (AICs) and utilitarian creature issues arrangements/additions Promote the foundation of Community Animal Response Teams (CARTs) as a useful reaction bunch inside of every ward or district

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Goals Provide preparing open doors for all TXSART and intrigued creature and horticultural faculty Identify state/nearby assets accessible for a crisis/catastrophe

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Goals Work to conform to the state crisis administration framework, National Incident Management System (NIMS), and National Response Plan (NRP) Work with national accomplices and different states to address normal objectives of creature and rural crisis administration programs in the United States

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Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation Board of Trustees TXSART Board of Directors All voting aside from Executive Director Executive Director and Support Staff Advisory Council All voting with the exception of Executive Director Regional CART Areas Incident Management Team Local CARTs Organizational Structure

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Working Group Meeting Participants Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation Texas Veterinary Medical Association Texas Animal Health Commission Governor’s Division of Emergency Management USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Veterinary Services USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Texas A&M University System including College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and Texas Cooperative Extension The Humane Society of the United States The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals SPCA of Texas American Red Cross Garner Environmental Services, Inc. Texas State Guard Medical Rangers Texas Animal Shelter Coalition Texas Animal Control Association Texas Federation of Humane Societies Pets America Texas Association of Dairymen Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Texas Poultry Federation Texas Department of Agriculture Houston SPCA Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services Harris County Veterinary Medical Association Texas Society for Biomedical Research

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2007 Objectives Hold Summit in January Install BOD and Advisory Council – applications being submitted now Launch Web webpage, www.txsart.org – being developed Enact Bylaws and Strategic Plan Acquire starting reaction gear Continue panel work and general gatherings Offer extra preparing open doors Plan for 2008 Summit! – in procedure with Dallas and San Antonio

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Summary TXSART made by TVMF in Feb 2006 after Rita hotwash uncovers coordination required for creature fiasco issues Currently 25+ associations taking an interest at Working Group gatherings Goals incorporate advancing AIC and CART improvement, advancing debacle readiness for creature issues at the individual, province, local, and state levels, and working with national accomplices and different states to propel basic objectives of creature and horticultural crisis administration programs Organizational structure: TVMF Trustees, TXSART BOD, Adv Council, and ED Objectives and “Liz’s desk” incorporates: Web website dispatch, authorize Strategic Plan, introduce BOD and Advisory Council, plan for trainings…

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Contact Information Elizabeth A. Wang c/o Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation 8104 Exchange Drive Austin, Texas 78754 Phone 512/452.4224 Fax 512/452.6633 ewang@tvma.org

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