What the Expert Lawful Mentor Needs to Think About XML.

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What the Expert Legitimate Coach Needs to Think About XML A PLTG Presentation Sherry Kappel June 9, 2006 XML for Everybody End-clients, IT, Business, and… the Expert Lawful Mentor The Nuts and bolts of XML The Impact of XML Office/Word 2003 and 2007 Trapeze artist 7 Microsystems D3 Wrap-up
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What the Professional Legal Trainer Needs to Know About XML A PLTG Presentation Sherry Kappel June 9, 2006

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XML for Everyone End-clients, IT, Business, and… the Professional Legal Trainer The Basics of XML The Influence of XML Office/Word 2003 & 2007 Acrobat 7 Microsystems D3 Wrap-up Agenda

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No realities, simply the benefits… Opening lines: “Remember when…” we changed over from WordPerfect?" they sent us that horrendous spreadsheet?" you couldn\'t open that Word document?" our office in Poland couldn\'t look in the DM?“ you expected to concentrate representation from a Word record ?“ you accidentally sent a report to the wrong person?” XML for the End-User

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It’s about the models and straightforwardness Openness (W3C standard) “Human-readable”/Simplicity Extensible/Machine-discernable Separates content from presentation/Reuse Multi-lingual backing/Unicode Security XML for IT

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Standards Eases usage, coordinated effort Reduces aggregate expenses of proprietorship Minimizes chance More productively influences firm’s existing substance XML for Business

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Envision much more Reuse Predictability Design opportunities “Teach” far less Details Steps XML for the Professional Legal Trainer

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<?xml version=“1.0” ?> <letter> <salutation>Dear Dennis,</salutation> <paragraph> Thanks for welcoming us to the PLTG. </paragraph> <closing> Regards, </closing> <signature> Sherry & John </signature> </letter> XML: A Letter

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CSV-like information record MR12378, Z456, 08/01/05, 08/24/05 XML information record <order> <OrderNumber>MR12378</OrderNumber> <ClientID>Z456</ClientID> <OrderDate>08/01/05</OrderDate> <OrderAmount>4450.00</OrderAmount> <ClosingDate>08/24/05</ClosingDate> </order> XML: Before & After

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“A better word may be “specification”” A couple which touch lawful: XBRL > XBRL International > http://www.XBRL.org 2GEFS > CA AOC (California Administrative Office of the Courts) > http://www.xmlLegal.org LEDES > LOC (LEDES Oversite Committee) > http://www.ledes.org WordML > Microsoft > http://www.microsoft.com downloads XML: The Standards & Specs

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XML: Its Alphabet

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Extensible Business Reporting Language http://www.xbrl.org XBRL International – 250 organizations included Voluntary filings on EDGAR One approach to begin: Microsoft Office Tool for XBRL Prototype Working sample, exhibition just XML: XBRL on EDGAR

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Report 123 Main road Somewhereville SomeNation 4444 www.somecompany.com FY2002 FY2003 Assets Cash 223 1.21 5422.22 Inventory 3200.00 3200.00 Property and Equipment 322.32 932.22 Short Term Investments 1000.00 2000.00 Long Term Investments 232.33 823.22 Other 535.86 540.18 Total Assets 7521.72 12917.84 Liabilities Accounts Payable 4833.22 9232.92 Income Taxes 389.33 844.33 Total Liabilities 5222.55 10077.25 Total Equity 2310.17 2840.59 XML: The Problem

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Office 2003 Professional Word > Excel Acrobat 7 Word 2003 > Microsystems D3 Word 2007 > Microsystems D3 The Influence of XML: The Major Apps

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WordProcessing Markup Language Related – SpreadsheetML (Excel) Create a Word archive in XML <?xml version="1.0"?> <w:wordDocument xmlns:w="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/word/2003/wordml">  â â  <w:body>  â â â â â â  <w:p>  â â â â â â  </w:p>  â â  </w:body> </w:wordDocument> XML: WordML in real life

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Word 2003 Surgically Removing Substitute textual styles Binary Exfoliation with Word 2003 Mysterious concealed ‘tracked changes’ Inability to embed the DocID Corrupt field codes (e.g., missing right “}”) Word 2007 Export illustrations XML: Using WordML

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User-characterized Schema Uniform Tag name Attributes to characterize variable properties Drag-and-drop interface to ‘assign’ Content and Formatting Storage in WordML “Edit | Paste | Very Special Experiencing XML: D3 in real life

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Microsystems D3 Webinars Topics Marketing Content Management On-line/Customer self-administration Transaction Documents When & How June 21-29, 30 minutes every Register: http://www.microsystems.com Next steps

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Document Success with Word 2007 Microsoft SIG ILTA’s Annual Conference Tuesday, August 22, 4 – 5 pm Session will: give you an exhaustive comprehension of the sorts of archive conduct you can expect a best\'s percentage practices to follow

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