What We Know "As such" About Adjusting Educator Arrangement to P-12 Understudy Learning.

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Conceptual: This gift gave backing to the School of Education to proceed with its appraisal work in the ranges of basic science and auxiliary English. ...
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What We Know "As such" About Aligning Teacher Preparation with P-12 Student Learning Funded by a STEP stipend from AACTE Indiana University School of Education Indianapolis

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Project: Standards-based Assessment Project - (2006) PI: Linda Houser. Venture Director: Linda Houser. Co-specialists: Signe Kastberg, Jenny Conner, and Paula Magee Funder: American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Indianapolis Public Schools ($15000.00). Venture course of events: September 2005-October 2006

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Abstract: This gift gave backing to the School of Education to proceed with its appraisal work in the territories of rudimentary arithmetic and auxiliary English. Appraisal information from Benchmark II, which addresses scientific information as it identifies with spot worth, and P-12 understudy learning will be investigated to figure out whether the benchmark evaluation is a decent indicator of our graduates\' showing aptitudes and capacity to affect their own particular understudies\' learning. In this study, alumni of the basic educator training program at IUPUI, for whom there are Benchmark II information, were welcome to take an interest in courses tending to the instructing of arithmetic and to plan a mathematic showing unit and going with evaluations. The graduates gathered understudy work finished preceding and after the unit which permitted their understudies to exhibit applied comprehension of spot worth. This understudy work will be examined to decide the adjustments in the kids\' theoretical comprehension of spot worth. Information from classroom perceptions will be dissected to decide the graduates\' applied comprehension of spot esteem and to decide their pedagogical substance learning. Associations among Benchmark II information, information gathered about the graduates\' instructing, and information from the P-12 understudy work will be researched.

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The second zone of evaluation this stipend upheld was the advancement of an appraisal movement for our auxiliary English understudies to survey whether they can break down educating as it identifies with their substance regions. The staff trust that it is critical for contender to have the capacity to investigate great and terrible showing systems as exhibited by others and to ponder the effect of the instructing on understudy learning. This is the initial step to examining their own educating and its effect on their understudies. The stipend gave backing to steering a movement which had the instruction real watch a video of a lesson in their substance zone and noting questions identifying with the lesson.

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Using Benchmarks for Assessment Benchmarks - Assessments to figure out whether competitors can take the aptitudes, information, and attitudes they have gained from their courses and "set up them together" and "instruct." Performance-based External to class evaluations Occur at key focuses as hopefuls travel through the project.

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Elementary Benchmark II At the end of Block II of a four-square program 90-120 for every semester Used by the unit for a long time Grounded in reasonable comprehension of spot quality Rubric created and used to answer three center inquiries Has given proof to automatic change right off the bat in its utilization Submitted electronically

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Benchmark II The execution assignment is intended to survey understudies\' capacities to dissect youngsters\' theoretical information and to exhibit that the assistants can connect with learners in a two-manner discussion that permits the assistants to evaluate the kids\' grip of a scientific idea. Understudies are requested that recognize great follow-up encounters for the learner and self-evaluate their own particular adequacy as a questioner.

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Guiding Questions The assistant\'s numerical information can possibly bolster understudy contemplating arithmetic with comprehension. The assistant is starting to see how to survey understudy thinking utilizing interviews. (takes care of understudy reactions, constructs remarks with respect to prove from information, utilizes inquiries to test understudy considering). The understudy has mentally occupied with comprehending material from Block I & II (regard for understudies, tyke focused, constructs follow-up in light of proof).

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Moving Forward A Step Grant Investigation of the extent to which Benchmark II is an indicator of execution of aptitudes, learning and aura when educating. Deciding hopefuls\' effect on understudy learning at the level of reasonable comprehension.

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Participants Eight alumni of the basic educator training program Teachers in evaluations K-5 Benchmark II information accessible Some didn\'t "pass" the Benchmark II Follow-up information accessible

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Data Collection Data from Benchmark II Data from Benchmark II follow-up Standards Assessments Tools Lesson Plans Student Work Observations

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Julie Excerpt from Benchmark II Next, I composed 467 on a bit of paper and requesting that her utilization the manipulatives to give me that specific sum. Utilizing distinctive representations demonstrates her insight into spot esteem, again as a result of collection the same sum in various ways.

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Julie-Standards 2.1.2 Identify the example of numbers in every gathering of ten, from tens through nineties. Case: What design do you see on a hundreds graph for the numbers 12, 22, 32, and so forth? 2.1.3 Identify numbers up to 100 in different blends of tens and ones. Case: 32 = 3 tens + 2 ones = 2 tens + 12 ones, and so on 2.1.5 Compare entire numbers up to 100 and orchestrate them in numerical request. Case: Put the numbers all together of size: 95, 28, 42, 31.

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Julie-Assessment Tool

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Pre-Assessment Data

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Pre-Assessment Data

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Activity This action was taken from the Indiana Mathematics Grade 2 Standards Resource

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Observation Data "We are doing dime, penny, dime, penny." (kid has situated the manipulative in an example dime initially took after by a penny). "Do you think you will arrive on the off chance that you do dime, penny, dime, penny?"....."Did you do it (make 35 pennies) utilizing your example?" kid checks ten, eleven, twenty, twenty-one, thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, (3 dimes and 7 pennies) "In the event that you amass the dimes together will despite everything it be 35?" (Julie leaves and M (kid\'s name) approaches delineating that on the off chance that you start with 39 pennies and "take away" 4 pennies you have 35 pennies.) Julie says "M(child\'s name) you are stunning." " (to another gathering) What did you folks discover? What number of various ways did you discover?" "One dime and 25 pennies." "What did you get?" (peruses another understudy\'s work) "I put the greater part of the pennies together and that made 35."

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Post-Assessment Show me 34 utilizing any of those manipulatives. What did you do? C: I really got 3 tens and 4 3D squares. Is there whatever other way you can indicate 34? C: Yes How C: I take the 3 tens despite everything I have the 4 3D shapes. 5, 6, 7 Wait, before you forget about them, what number of blocks would you say you are going to require? (no reaction) If you were going to exchange these in, what number of would you require? (she doesn\'t have even an inkling) Count them and how about we check whether we can discover. (tallies by 1\'s to 34 from 4) (checks the solid shapes 1-30) C: 30. Is there some other way you can demonstrate to me that number? C: No

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Reflection on Student Learning When requested that show me more than one way utilizing the base 10 squares, she demonstrated to me the "typical" way and utilizing just ones. She didn\'t think to exchange a few tens for ones. She needs to touch check every one of the blocks to 34. An intriguing thing she said when asked in regards to 2 tens and 14 ones is, well, first she said it looked like 214 on the paper, then she said that it was 16. She added 2 to 14.

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Questions Raised Strengths Looking Beyond Procedural Knowledge Task Design Questioning Attending to the Responses of Children Areas for Growth Transfer: Moving amongst individual and entire class examination of comprehension Interpreting Responses of Children Issues of Equity

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Using the Video Case Method for Programmatic Assessment of a Secondary Teacher Education Program Jenny Conner, Ph.D. Paula Magee, Ph.D.

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Overview of Secondary Ed. Program Semester 1 Educational Psychology Multicultural Education Special Education Semester 2 Middle School Methods Content Area Literacy

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Overview of Secondary Ed. Program Semester 3 Special Methods Course (i.e., English/Language Arts Methods) High School Methods Semester 4 Student Teaching

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End of Semester 3 Benchmark III Placement Semester 3 Special Methods Course (i.e., English/Language Arts Methods) High School Methods Semester 4 Student Teaching

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Benchmark Testing Conditions Computer lab CDs with video cut Computer programming Media Player (or other system to play media records) Microsoft Word Headphones

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Benchmark III in the Secondary Ed. Program Principles of Teacher Education (PTE\'s) adjusted to Principles of Undergraduate Learning (PUL\'s) Following on the heels of the basic training automatic appraisal Assessing PTE 1 and PTE 3… ?

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Why the Video Case Method? Institutionalize the experience Testing conditions Time Video cut Reduce scoring time for personnel

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Field-Testing 10 English/Language Arts pre-administration instructors from momentum semester three Paid $50 every hour and a half for the errand 16 ½ minute video cut Participants addressed input questions

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Feedback Question Results Needed 2 hours Audio/video was anything but difficult to see/hear disliked substance particular inquiries "I think it is unjustifiable to evaluate somebody on in the event that they can concoct 2 books that would work with this lesson and an action without permitting them an opportunity to look into and truly discover a few decent fits… "

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Feedback Question Results Overall felt that the assignment would permit understudies to show information picked up amid the 3 semesters "It made inquiries that I would not have been

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