What Works in Youth Engagement?.

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What is Youth Engagement? . Youth Civic EngagementCommunity ServiceService Learning. Definitions and Objectives . Advancing Youth Engagement . Albania: Balkans Youth Link-Albania. Two Approaches. Advancing Youth Engagement . . Two Approaches. Romania: New Horizons Foundation. Lessons Learned. Lessons Learned .
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What Works in Youth Engagement? Presentation by Cathryn L. Thorup, Ph.D. at the Democracy and Governance Workshop U.S. Office for International Development June 16, 2005

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What is Youth Engagement? Definitions and Objectives Youth Civic Engagement Community Service Learning

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Promoting Youth Engagement Two Approaches Albania: Balkans Youth Link-Albania

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Promoting Youth Engagement Two Approaches Romania: New Horizons Foundation

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Lessons Learned

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Lessons Learned Combining the improvement of life aptitudes with social activity Creating a fun learning environment Using non-formal training as an approach to grow new abilities Creating social hatcheries Listening to youth/Trusting youth Recognizing youth Appropriate level of test Giving youth obligation Learning by doing Building aptitudes for the working environment Inviting all adolescent to take an interest

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Lessons Learned Serving both in-school and out-of-school youth Building a positive empowering environment Bridging societal partitions through cooperation Raising perceivability/Building believability Opportunities to draw in at all levels: Local to worldwide Strengthening the NGO division Inter-sectoral joining forces Context matters Scaling up

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Key Components of a Successful Youth Engagement Program

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Key Components of a Successful Youth Engagement Program Youth-driven Needs-based Offers a sheltered, impartial climate Engages guardians, companions, instructors and others in the group Develops basic life aptitudes, including work abilities Provides state-of-the-art data on issues basic to youth Develops PC and dialect aptitudes Provides open doors for urban backing and administration ventures

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Key Components of a Successful Youth Engagement Program Engages youth in configuration, execution and assessment Offers graduated levels of test Builds associations among youth crosswise over societal partitions Provides open doors for youth to lead the pack Combines learning and social activity with fun exercises Builds aptitudes and certainty Fosters limit sharing through systems of similarly invested NGOs

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Key Components of a Successful Youth Engagement Program Pursues organizations with business, government, and common society on-screen characters Works with open authorities to make a positive empowering environment Provides both volunteer and paid open doors for job Raises the perceivability of youth in the group and perceives their commitments Builds social capital

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