Where Does Waldo Work? T drizzling Online course Supported by AFP and HEP.

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Where Does Waldo Work? T drizzling Online course Supported by AFP and HEP . June 23, 2010 Terry Handler, T. Handler Counseling. Learning Destinations. In the wake of taking an interest in this session, you will have the capacity to: Distinguish new open doors for getting business data from your constituents
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Where Does Waldo Work? T sprinkling Webinar Sponsored by AFP and HEP June 23, 2010 Terry Handler, T. Handler Consulting

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Learning Objectives After partaking in this session, you will have the capacity to: Identify new open doors for acquiring job data from your constituents Be ready to approach sellers who have occupation data for your constituents Apply business data all the more successfully in propelling the mission of your association Establish and enhance coordinating blessing data inside and with your benefactors Increase your coordinating endowments wage

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Where Does Waldo Work? Also, why do I give it a second thought??? Business data is key in prospect recognizable proof Many constituents may like to get data from your association at their work environment Employment data and contact numbers are basic for significant blessing pledge drives and relationship building Employment data can help drive a more successful coordinating blessing project

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Where Does Waldo Work? Who needs Waldo’s work data: Prospect Identification for Research, Major Gifts, Volunteers and Members Major Gifts and Leadership projects to contact Annual Giving for Matching Gifts $ increments Corporate/Fdn to keep up, grow connections. Records to clean, unite, upgrade worth Gifts to recognize, affirm and point of confinement amazements

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Where Does Waldo Work? Wellsprings of business data Individual Employer Government Research Companies

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Where Does Waldo Work? Purposes of contact with individual for discovering vocation data Membership indexes On-line groups Fellow constituents Events Telemarketing requesting Social systems administration destinations

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Where Does Waldo Work? Organizations Fellow representatives Professional registries Association enrollment

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Where Does Waldo Work? Government Tax records Real bequest possessions Securities filings

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Where Does Waldo Work? Think-tanks With name, address, email, examination is conceivable crosswise over numerous openly accessible databases AlumniFinder (Lexis/Nexis) offers “People at Work” Mines systems administration destinations (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) Mines state and province records, probate, affiliations Corporate Affiliations (Lexis/Nexiis) gives work information Over 1 million staff names and titles HEP Data offers “Employer Find” Mines more than 100 databases Meshes with their coordinating blessing ID administration

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Where Does Waldo Work? Revive norms New information, content, areas Setup and testing Workflow, overhaul and administration procedures Maturing needs Priorities and covering needs by client depts. Get to and reporting Cleaning and invigorating Consolidate assets, sources, methods Communicate, take part and connect with clients

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Where Does Waldo Work? Stay aware of the sources

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Where Does Waldo Work? Stay aware of the sources Electronic information sources and apparatuses Update information administrations, devices Use force of individuals Projects and expansive redesigns Timing effect from and for depts Resources in advance and in the arrangements Ongoing and day by day Prioritize, attach to business Enable information staff

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Where Does Waldo Work?...... Furthermore, is it a Matching Gift Company? Discovering Matching Gift Companies Donor Provided Information Obtaining data from givers Approaches to urge givers to discover their head honchos Services to Find Matching Gift Companies Interactive administrations Online and turn upward administrations Database coordinating administrations

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Waldo’s E-Match Example - St. Jude Children’s Online Service (by HEP)

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Example Tool to Find Matches - AutoMatch by HEP Finds Screening so as to match Gift Eligible Donors those not beforehand recognized as match qualified against HEP’s database Screens customer documents where customer has executive data Hit rates normal 4-12% over what they have as of now Newly discharged rendition of programming

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Example Service: AutoMatch Totals & Statistics

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Example Service: Employer Find Finds Employer Information on 15-40% of a document when no customer head honcho data is accessible How it functions Screen customer documents against ten+ databases containing more than 70+ million records Data originates from openly accessible information and databases including the web Can then run that record utilizing Automatch to Find all the more coordinating blessing qualified constituents Typical match for first time can be around 20%

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Example Service: EmployerFind

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Effective pages – The Maryland Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cureâ®

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Waldo’s Summary Efforts to keep up momentum occupation data can advantage associations from multiple points of view Individuals are the best wellspring of business data and ought to be requested for this data at different purposes of contact Companies are progressively giving administrations that will inquire about job data for not-for-profit associations Matching Gifts potential can be recognized and expanded with more livelihood information from givers and with assistance from assets like HEP

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THANK YOU! Waldo Works for a Matching Gift Company Terry Handler, T. Handler Consulting terry@thandler.com 612-817-7752 AFP - www.afpnet.org HEP/AFP - www.hepdata.com

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