WHO GIEESC 3 rd Meeting Presentation Rules for 5 June 09.

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www.who.int/surgery/distributions/imeesc. Nature of consideration: Best practice conventions ... WHO Situation examination instrument to survey EESC. Observing & assessment of ...
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WHO GIEESC 3 rd Meeting Presentation Guidelines for 5 June 09 Number of slides for every presentation: 3 Maximum presentation length: 5 minutes Follow prescribed slide position Must submit slides for audit by May 15, 2009 cherianm@who.int ellangovinm@who.int govinds@wpro.who.int Please entirely take after presentation rules so we can hear all nation reports.

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Title of presentation Name of the nation Name of Presenter/Affiliations Situation examination of Emergency & Essential Surgical Care (EESC) Emergency, surgical and anesthesia care Barriers to the conveyance of administrations

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WHO EESC Program: Update Introduction and execution of WHO EESC venture in nation How is WHO IMEESC toolbox as of now being utilized? www.who.int/surgery/distributions/imeesc 1. Nature of consideration: best practice conventions executed in wellbeing offices for \'Everyday\' practice 2. Preparing & Adaptation to address nearby issues (dialect, instruments) 3. Research 4. Support Publications, media, presentations

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WHO EESC Program : Future arranges How will the WHO IMEESC toolbox be utilized? www.who.int/surgery/distributions/imeesc Quality of consideration: Best practice conventions actualized in wellbeing offices for \'Everyday\' practice - Education &Training - Research WHO Situation examination device to survey EESC Monitoring & assessment of effect of preparing - Advocacy Publications, media, presentations Fundraising

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