Who Needs to be a Paleontologist?.

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What is paleohistory? the investigation of past human societies by examining the material remains ... Paleontology is similar to a major riddle! By what other method do archeologists concentrate on the ...
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Who Wants to be an Archeologist? Prehistoric studies is investigative . Paleontology is strange . Prehistoric studies is energizing . Antiquarianism is testing .

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What is paleontology? the investigation of past human societies by dissecting the material remains (destinations and antiquities) that individuals abandoned.

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What is a paleologist? They resemble analysts! They find things in the ground that give us hints to the past

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How do archeologists examine the past? They delve into the ground to discover antiques Digging into the ground to reveal ancient rarities is called uncovering Artifacts are items found in the ground that offer pieces of information to the past Over 500,000 curios were found at the site of Jamestown

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Archeological Digging Archeologists lay out a network arrangement of squares with the goal that they can record where they found every relic

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Excavation: Diggin\' Deep! Delving into the ground to reveal ancient rarities is called removal Excavation pulverizes an archeological spot, so archeologists are extremely cautious about how and where they burrow.

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What do they do once they discover relics? They record where and when they discovered it They photo the ancient rarity Artifacts are washed, numbered, listed into a PC, and deliberately put away

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Artifacts Archeologists once in a while discover entire articles covered in the ground. Archeologists as a rule reveal broken bits of ceramics and glass, among numerous other objects.  Archeology resemble a major riddle!

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How else do archeologists think about the past? Curios Ancient written work (ex. Hieroglyphics) Primary sources, Records, Maps Soil stains Excavating ruins Stratigraphy

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