WHY DID THE USA AND USSR Get to be Opponents IN THE PERIOD 1945 TO 1949?.

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WHY DID THE USA AND USSR BECOME RIVALS IN THE PERIOD 1945 TO 1949? The beginnings of the Cold War … V

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Three conceivable elucidations of why the Cold War began .. USSR to fault. Stalin needed comrade assume control of the world and assume control of Eastern Europe was the initial step. USA to fault. Soviet activities were protective. USA needed to have "spheres of influence" around the globe yet didn\'t need USSR to have the same. Neither one of the sides to fault. Chilly War was a consequence of mistaken assumptions - compels outside the ability to control of both sides.

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Capitalism Free races Freedom of discourse Big business Some injustice in conveyance of riches Communism One gathering guideline Censorship State control of industry Fewer extremes of riches and neediness Different belief systems Who accepted what?

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Post War Problems First Conference was in February 1945 at … . YALTA Attended by … . CHURCHILL, ROOSEVELT & STALIN Decided Germany and Berlin to be partitioned between USA, GB, France and USSR Poland – some area given to USSR and free races promised by Stalin Second Conference was in July 1945 at … . POTSDAM Attended by … . CHURCHILL/ATTLEE, TRUMAN & STALIN Decided Confirmation of subtle element of division of Germany and Berlin Final concession to Polish outskirts Reparations from Germany Stamp out the Nazi Party in Europe

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What Germany looked like Soviet control British control American control French control

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What Berlin resembled

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What happened in Eastern Europe? POLAND Communist government set up in 1945 then fortified by fixed decisions 1947 ROMANIA Communist government set up 1945 and government canceled 1947 BULGARIA Communist government set up 1945 and government annulled 1946 HUNGARY Free races in 1945 took after by fixed races in 1947 – comrade government set up CZECHOSLOVAKIA Coalition of communists and non-communists ran government. USSR dreaded result of 1948 decisions so seized power by power. Numerous non-communists captured. Jan Masaryk killed.

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Iron Curtain – A term utilized by Winston Churchill to portray the isolating of those socialist grounds of East Europe from the West.

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The Truman Doctrine What did it mean? Western governments were frightened by Stalin\'s assume control of Eastern Europe. Stalin saw his arrangement as one of making the USSR secure yet Truman and USA considered it to be the spread of socialism. USA gave budgetary help British troops helping the Greeks battle against socialism in 1948 This was the primary case of the Truman Doctrine - the USA would offer backing to individuals all over who were attempting to oppose comrade hostility. It depended on the possibility of control - the USA would utilize its influence and riches to contain the spread of socialism.

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The Marshall Plan otherwise called Marshall Aid Truman trusted socialism spread where neediness rolled out individuals need improvement General Marshall sent to Europe to provide details regarding the circumstance He discovered genuine deficiencies and obligation Truman proposed $17 billion of help US Congress denied at first however concurred after the demise of Masaryk demonstrated that the communists were set up to utilize power

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REMEMBER Germany and Berlin partitioned into four areas Britain, France and USA had attempted to reestablish Germany USSR had tried to do as such JUNE 1948 New German coin presented in Western zones – the Deutschmark Stalin thought this was the begin of another Germany debilitating USSR Stalin barred Berlin in countering CRISIS POINT: BERLIN 1948

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What could the West do? Battle through the barricade? This would begin a war Abandon Berlin? This would be seen as shortcoming Decided on a carrier of supplies to keep West Berlin out of socialist hands In this British toon from 1948, Stalin looks as the storks fly coal and sustenance into Berlin, however he sets out not shoot them down.

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Details of the Blockade Lasted 318 days British and US flying corps flew in 1.5 million tons of supplies US B29 aircraft positioned in Britain Stalin did not know whether they conveyed nuclear bombs 12 May 1949 Stalin conceded rout and the barricade was lifted.

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What were the impacts of the Blockade? In May 1949 the three western forces consolidated their zones into the German Federal Republic (West Germany). In October 1949 the USSR set up its zone as the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). The primary decisions in West Germany were held in August 1949. The Christian Democrats under Konrad Adenauer, who abhorred the communists, were chosen. Stalin now felt extremely unstable

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Key Questions Who created the cool war? Is it safe to say that it was Soviet hostility in Eastern Europe? Is it safe to say that it was American free enterprise attempting to control Europe? Is it safe to say that it was both sides attempting to secure their ranges of prominence and misconception the thought processes of the other?

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