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WHY USE POLITICAL CARTOONS? Lead-in inquiries for gatherings: What is the ... Political toons are a case of free discourse and opportunity of the press. ...
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WHY USE POLITICAL CARTOONS? Lead-in inquiries for gatherings: What is the reason for the toon? How can it make you feel? What strategies does the toon use to make you feel that way? What issue is the toon attempting to catch? How does the toon attempt to influence you? Is the toon significant to you as nationals? What is the specialists conclusion on the issue? Is there content? How is it utilized?

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THE 1 ST AMENDMENT "Congress should make no law regarding a foundation of religion, or denying the free practice thereof; or compressing the right to speak freely , or of the press ; or the privilege of the general population serenely to gather, and to request of the administration for a change of grievances." -1 st Amendment Free discourse and opportunity of the press advances "The free stream of thoughts crucial to political vote based system and vote based institutions" and limits the capacity of the state to subvert different rights and flexibilities It advances a commercial center of thoughts, which incorporates, yet is not constrained to, the quest for truth Political kid\'s shows are a case of free discourse and flexibility of the press.

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METHODS Exaggeration - To speak to as more noteworthy than real size. To make exaggerations. The demonstration of making something more discernible than expected. When you concentrate on a toon, search for any attributes that appear to be exaggerated or exaggerated. (Facial attributes and garments are probably the most generally overstated qualities.) Then, attempt to choose what point the visual artist was attempting to make through misrepresentation. Incongruity - An abstract expression utilizing contrasts so as to create silly or expository impacts. Incongruity of a circumstance is an inconsistency between the normal result and genuine results when excited by unreasonable fittingness.

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METHODS CONT… Juxtaposition - To place next to each other, particularly for examination and difference. Additionally, this technique is here and there known as relationship. A similarity is a correlation between two not at all like things that share a few attributes. By contrasting a perplexing issue or circumstance and a more natural one, visual artists can help their perusers see it from an alternate perspective. Imagery - Cartoonists use straightforward items, or images , to remain for bigger ideas or thoughts.

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WHY USE HUMOR? Reductio advertisement Absurdum - Latin signifying, "diminishment to the silly. Utilized by the antiquated Greeks and Romans in coherent contentions. On the off chance that a case gets you a ludicrous or clever result, then it can be expected that the first claim or evidence was lacking or irrational. On the off chance that A=B, and B is ludicrous (strange), along these lines, An absolute necessity additionally be preposterous or crazy. Sketch artists utilize the same rationale. By making you giggle at the ludicrousness of a circumstance or a man, then we can accept that there is an issue with that circumstance or individual regardless.

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Assignment Make your own toon. Compose: Find an issue Explain the issue? Clarify the distinctive sides of the issue and which one you took? What techniques did you use to make a reductio promotion absurdum contention? How are you attempting to convince your gathering of people? What are you attempting to make them think? Draw Cartoon ONE PAGE-DOUBLE SPACED-12 FONT

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