Why Join the 928 Proprietors Club?.

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Why Join the 928 Owners Club? Stan Shaw President

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Because 928s are exceptional! The 928 OC is the main substance in North America totally centered around the backing of 928 proprietorship Nowhere else do 928 proprietors get: 928 occasions (social, visiting, tech, appear, and so forth.) 928 provincial clubs 928 distributions 928 tech and upkeep data 928 hustling and other track exercises

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Because 928s are a jeopardized species The 928 OC is attempting to counteract further misfortunes of 928 assets, as has as of now happened with the initial 928 Registry and most as of late with 928S4vr.com We are remaking or giving a home to compendia of 928 data

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Because 928s are remarkable The 928 OC is ensuring that 928 proprietors have progressing assets of bolster We fill in for what you can " t get from: Most Porsche ® mechanics, whether merchant associated or free Most parts houses The " how to " auto repair books

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Because 928s need a reseller\'s exchange The 928 OC works with and speaks to the group of 928 proprietors to bring together numerous voices into one in urging makers to give parts to 928s We can " t bear to be any further underestimated, or it will get to be difficult to keep up and enhance our autos

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Because 928s are mind boggling The 928 OC is attempting to create and deliver specialized data on keeping up the 928 We keep up: Technical tips compendia web discussions on tech and upkeep Historical and reference data

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Because 928s can be fun The 928 OC underpins 928 occasions, whether they be nearby get-togethers or local occasions Examples include: Sponsorship of Frenzy VII Sponsorship of Sharktoberfest 928 OC International Convention the BBQ and tech session at Tass " house

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Because 928s merit it The 928 OC underpins grants for 928s that embody the best in different classifications Track achievement Concours Engineering Longevity … et cetera

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So go along with us! More than 800 proprietors of 928s have a place with the 928 OC We " ve set up districts the whole way across the US and Canada and are relentlessly including more We " ve simply chose a new slate of officers and trustees and are running at all out

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