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Consistent User Experience over all Devices PCs, portables, iPODs, Smartphones, In-auto, At-work ... Should we go for 3G or arrives choice - Leapfrog to 4G ...
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WiMAX – Experience Best Wireless Broadband Contents Wireless Technologies – Roadmap Wireless Access Technologies Roadmap Wireless Future : A Seamless Mobile Lifestyle Market Trends Access Technology Focus : WIMAX a) Technology b) Applications c) Usage Scenarios Options for India © Siemens January 2007 1

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Wireless Technologies - Roadmap Past Present Future Microwave Satellite VSAT GSM - 2G CDMA – 1x RTT LMDS, MMDS Wi Fi – 802.11b Bluetooth GPRS, EDGE, 3G CDMA – EV DO Wi Fi – 802.11a/g WiMAX – Fixed RFID DVB-T, S UMTS, WCDMA HSPA, MIMO 4G Mobile WiMAX DVB-S/T/H NFC Cognitive Radios Tremendous change in the gadgets Manifold increment in transmission capacity conveyance Service abilities & Mobility Wireless has as of now showed itself as the decision of innovation for backhaul, last mile, LAN & Personal applications © Siemens January 2007 2

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Wireless Access Technologies Roadmap © Siemens January 2007 3

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HOT SPOTS WORK HOME Public Networks/Internet Converged administrations RURAL OUTDOORS VEHICLE PUBLIC TRANSPORT Wireless Future : A Seamless Mobile Lifestyle Seamless availability to all systems, applications, & administrations Anytime Anywhere © Siemens January 2007 4

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Broadband Wireless Personalized Multimedia Content > 3 Billion Connectivity: My Connection and My Carrier Device Independence Open Application Environment Subscriptions Simultaneous Voice + Data Broadband Access PS Data Personalization: My Content at My Place End-User Value Fixed CS Data Analog Voice 2006 - 09 90s mid 00s Time Market Trends Growth has moved to Mobile Broadband and Personalized Content Consumer Demands: New World of Content and Applications Deliver Content on My Time and My Location Seamless User Experience over all Devices – PCs, portables, iPODs, Smartphones, In-auto, At-work Customized Content and Services on Demand – Movie Downloads, Live TV, Personalized Communication Time/Place Shifting of Content and Applications is requested and expected Broadband Enablers Everywhere Fixed and WiFI BroadBand at home and at work MIMO WiMAX empowering Wide Area, Nationwide Mobility Ubiquitous IP and Open Interfaces for Plug and Play Convergence with IMS © Siemens January 2007 5

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Access Technology Focus : WIMAX The New Broadband Wireless Standard Defined by IEEE and Industry, Globally embraced 802.16-2004 (or 16d) Predominantly Fixed Deploying now 802.16-2005 (or 16e) Portable/Mobile Trials in 2H, GA in 2007 © Siemens January 2007 6

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WiMAX : Technology The WiMAX standard has been produced in view of numerous destinations © Siemens January 2007 7

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WiMAX : Applications © Siemens January 2007 8

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WiMAX : Usage Scenarios High Security Mobility Cost-Coverage Flexible Architecture Multi-Level Service Quick Deployment Interoperability Wider Coverage High Capacity WiMAX QoS Portability NLOS © Siemens January 2007 9

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Options for India Should we go for 3G or is there alternative - Leapfrog to 4G Major variables affecting this choice will be:- Mobile Data Market Trends Availability & Cost of 3G License Cost of 3G system take off 2G and 3G system shared characteristic Cost of update of 3G to 4G Timeline of 4G innovation accessibility Availability of 4G Spectrum Cost of Directly selecting 4G Improvements in 4G more than 3G © Siemens January 2007 10

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