Wind for Schools Program Overview .

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Wind for Schools Program Overview. Dan McGuire, NE Facilitator Presentation to NE Wind Working Group Tour February 18-22, 2008 Developed by NREL--- Ian Baring-Gould and Larry Flowers, Marguerite Kelly, Trudy Forsyth & Tony Jimenez. School Wind Projects: Most Common Models. U. Of Colorado.
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Twist for Schools Program Overview Dan McGuire, NE Facilitator Presentation to NE Wind Working Group Tour February 18-22, 2008 Developed by NREL - Ian Baring-Gould and Larry Flowers, Marguerite Kelly, Trudy Forsyth & Tony Jimenez

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School Wind Projects: Most Common Models U. Of Colorado Purchase green labels Buy a partition of the yield of an utility-scale wind extend Small turbine on the school grounds (behind the meter) balances power costs Larger turbine controls a school, with overabundance power sold to nearby utility School lands rented to wind cultivate engineers Payments by designers to class supports in lieu of assessments Install little wind or wind/close planetary system essentially for instructive purposes Spirit Lake, IA Mount Holly, VT

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Project Objectives Engage provincial America in the idea that wind offers an option vitality and financial future for rustic America Engage country teachers and understudies in vitality training, particularly wind Equip school youngsters and seniors in wind vitality applications and training to give the developing U.S. twist industry with intrigued and prepared designers Long-term monetary improvement in provincial zones is firmly connected to schools 20% vitality from wind will require on the request of 2,750,000 FTE work years over a 20 year extend life We would like to meet these destinations by introducing little twist turbines at K-12 schools in rustic groups with the assistance of neighborhood foundations of advanced education – We have to begin preparing the general population who will get this going

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Project Approach Low-cost replicable framework Assist people group and nearby utility to actualize a practical school wind extend Work with AWEA/NEED on K-12 educational modules Build in-state ability to give specialized help to group scale ventures Work with State Universities on school level program and educational module Work cooperatively with all group associations to execute fruitful tasks Walsenburg, CO

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Power System Initially imagine utilizing a standard framework bundle, yet could fan out and gives a procedure to the utilization of bigger or diverse frameworks. Segments of Standard System SkyStream 3.7, 1.8-kW wind turbine 70-ft guyed Tower/turbine base intertwined disengage and intersection box Turbine establishment including tower base electrical establishing Tower fellow wire establishments and electrical establishing School electrical association School separate and intersection box School\'s electrical power meter or interconnection point

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State Facilitators In-state individual with learning of neighborhood issues and associations to connect with the assortment of partners required for effective school ventures Engage with the assortment of partners required for fruitful school ventures: community, school, science educators, nearby community/utility, WAC, NREL Help amass money related bundle that will work Goal: Install 3 to 5 frameworks for each year at country schools Assist in the advancement of the Wind Applications Center Colorado: Tom Potter , All American Energy Idaho: Brian Jackson , Renaissance Engineering Kansas: Dan Nagengast , Kansas Rural Center Montana: Mike Costanti , Matney-Frantz Engineering Nebraska: Dan McGuire , American Corn Growers Foundation South Dakota: Steve Wegman , SD Public Utilities Commission

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Wind Application Centers Establish a preparation and usage focus to teach builds in wind applications and investigation: Modeled after the DOE Industrial Application Center Develop a long haul program on wind vitality applications; NREL/DOE will help for initial 3 years yet extra subsidizing will be need Provide information examination, specialized help, execution bolster for Wind for Schools Program Become the "go-to put" for specialized help for school and group wind Train architects to enter the wind commercial center/industry Colorado State University Boise State University Kansas State University Montana State University of Nebraska, Lincoln South Dakota State University

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NREL/DOE Supply association, oversight, monetary help, and preparing to state associations actualizing Wind for Schools ventures Provide introductory/seed financing for the Wind Application Center (3 years) Provide subsidizing for the State Facilitation (3 years) Host a yearly week long preparing program at NREL on wind applications Assist in the distinguishing proof of hopeful schools and last school evaluation (asset examination, siting and interconnection, establishment direction and so forth) Support the improvement of wind particular vitality educational program Development of venture documentation, legitimate data, and other strategic bolster Education Curricula: Work with accomplices (e.g. Require, KidWind) to create K-12 Curricula joining information from the twist turbine for activities Development of school educational programs with WACs

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Project Finances Sample money related plan Reduced framework cost ~$10,000 $1,500 from the school $2,000 from offering lifetime green labels through a specialist – Community Energy $2,500 from a purchase down reserve or other allow source $4,000 gave in-kind by the group and utility Payback - The genuine payback is in the instruction Skystream @70ft in a class 3 wind asset will deliver around 6000 kWh/year At a retail rate of $0.05/kWh this adds up to ~$300 every year in decreased vitality costs Simple payback to class ~5 years Skyline High School, Idaho Milford High School, Utah

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XYZ Company Sponsor RE Grant Funds WTG Manufacturer G.T. State Energy Office WTG $ Green Tags Marketer DOE $ T/A T/A WAC $ Co-operation/Local Utility T/A $ T/A T/A $ D NREL/WPA T/A School Administration Science Teacher & Students D – Data $ – Funds Flow – Knowledge C – Coordination G.T. – Green Tags WTG – Wind Turbine T/A – Technical Assistance C $ C Community C State Facilitator

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Program Expansion Plans 2007 Pilot Rollout Initial Pilot in progress in Colorado Putting set up contracts for the initial five pilot extension states Plan to have the main Wind for Schools applications preparing in August Expect to have the principal potential educational systems being broke down this fall Power frameworks being executed in late 2007 and through spring 2008 Phased Rollout Funding looking compelled in FY2008 - Congress still needs to act With suitable subsidizing – hope to take off to 5 extra states in the spring of 2008 Process of figuring out where rollout will take pace is indistinct - need states, provincial center, aggressive rivalry… Hope to grow to roughly 5 new expresses every year There are numerous other State based projects to create instructive open doors in schools – don\'t hesitate to utilize our bolster administrations, however don\'t feel you need to sit tight for our program

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NREL/DOE Pilot Project John Mall High School Walsenburg, Colorado Project accomplices: National Renewable Energy Laboratory Tom Potter Southwest Windpower Community Energy Western Resource Advocates John Mall High School/Administration Community of Walsenburg San Isabel Electric Association gave trenching, cabling, labor Community Energy gave hardware in view of offers of Colorado Rural Green Tags to huge organizations on the Front Range (urban-country association) NREL/Tom Potter gave specialized help and hierarchical support San Isabel Electric Association raising turbine Deals for more than one huge neighborhood twist cultivate in advance

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