Windows 2000 System Drivers.

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Windows 2000 System Drivers 정보통신 연구실 석사 3 학기 김신규 Guide Microsoft Windows 2000 bolster Three fundamental sorts of piece mode system drivers Miniport NIC drivers A miniport driver specifically deals with a system interface card (NIC) and gives an interface to larger amount drivers.
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Windows 2000 Network Drivers 정ë³\'통신 연구실 석사 3 학기 김신규

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Roadmap Microsoft Windows 2000 bolster Three fundamental sorts of portion mode system drivers Miniport NIC drivers A miniport driver specifically deals with a system interface card (NIC) and gives an interface to more elevated amount drivers. Halfway drivers A transitional convention driver interfaces between upper-level convention drivers, for example, a legacy transport driver, and a miniport. Convention drivers An upper level convention driver actualizes a TDI interface, or conceivably another application-particular interface at its upper-edge At its lower edge, this kind of driver gives a convention interface to pass parcels to and get approaching bundles from the following lower driver.

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Roadmap Another sort of piece mode driver bolstered by Windows 2000 channel snare driver Filter parcels Extends the usefulness of the IP channel driver

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Windows 2000 Network Architecture and the OSI Model Windows 2000 is Based on the OSI 7-layer systems administration model

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Windows 2000 Network Architecture and the OSI Model Physical Layer includes the gathering and transmission of the unstructured crude bit stream over a physical medium Implemented by the system interface card(NIC), its handset, and the medium to which the NIC is connected can incorporate low-level system programming

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Windows 2000 Network Architecture and the OSI Model Data Link Layer LLC sets up and ends consistent connections, controls casings stream, arrangements edges, recognizes outlines, and retransmits unacknowledged edges. Actualized in the vehicle driver MAC oversees access to the system media, checks outline lapses, and oversees address acknowledgment of got casings. executed in the system interface card (NIC) The NIC is controlled by a product gadget driver called the NIC driver.

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Windows 2000 Network Architecture and the OSI Model Network Layer controls the operation of the subnet and decides the physical way the information ought to take Transport Layer guarantee that messages are conveyed blunder free, in grouping, and with no misfortune or duplication In the Windows 2000 system structural engineering the LLC, Network, and Transport layer - > transport drivers

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NDIS Drivers The Network Driver Interface Specification(NDIS) library abstracts the system equipment from system drivers indicates a standard interface between layered system drivers dynamic lower-level drivers keeps up state data and parameters for system drivers bolster Miniport drivers Intermediate drivers Protocol drivers

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NDIS Drivers

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NDIS Drivers NDIS Miniport Drivers(miniport NIC driver) two fundamental capacities dealing with a NIC interfacing with more elevated amount drivers The NDIS library sends out a full arrangement of functions(NdisXXX capacities) that typify all the OS capacities. Called by Miniport The miniport must fare an arrangement of section points(MiniportXxx capacities). Called by NDIS

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NDIS Drivers The cooperation of miniport NIC drivers with NDIS and with more elevated amount drivers Send transport driver calls a NdisXxx capacities. NDIS passes the parcel to the miniport by calling the fitting MiniportXxx capacity. The miniport driver then advances the parcel to the NIC by calling the proper NdisXxx capacities. Get NIC post an equipment interfere. NDIS call Miniport Xxx capacity The miniport sets up the exchange of information from the NIC and after that shows the vicinity of the got parcel to bound more elevated amount drivers by calling the NdisXxx capacity.

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NDIS Drivers Connectionless miniport Serialized drivers depend on NDIS to serialize calls to their miniportXxx capacities and to deal with their send lines. Deserialized drivers serialize the operation they could call their own MiniportXxx capacities line inside all approaching send bundles. connectionless system media : Ethernet, FDDI,Token Ring. association oriendted system media : ATM and ISDN Always deserialized. A NDIS miniport driver can have a non-NDIS lower edge

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NDIS Drivers NDIS Intermediate Drivers

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NDIS Drivers NDIS Intermediate Drivers At it lower edge, uncovered convention passage points(ProtocolXxx capacities) At it upper edge, uncovered miniport section points(MiniportXxx capacities) It doesn\'t really deal with a physical NIC it sends out one or more virtual connectors. Middle of the road drivers are ordinarily utilized as a part of the accompanying approaches To interpret between diverse system media To channel bundles To adjust parcel transmission crosswise over more than on NIC

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NDIS Drivers NDIS Protocol Drivers The most elevated driver in the NDIS drivers frequently utilized as the least level driver in a vehicle driver that actualizes a vehicle convention stack(TCP/IP, IPX). At its lower edge, a convention driver interfaces with middle of the road system drivers and miniport NIC drivers. Use NDIS funcions(NdisXxxx) send out an arrangement of passage points(ProtocolXxx capacities) At its upper edge, a vehicle convention driver has a private interface to a larger amount driver in the convention stack.

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NDIS Drivers TDI(Transport Driver Interface) Drivers characterizes a bit mode system interface that is uncovered at the upper edge of transport convention stacks.

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NDIS Drivers TDI Client part mode driver, for example, redirector and Server. Interface with such transports through TDI disentangles the assignment of creating transport drivers in that just the TDI interface should be coded. Transport drivers that uncover just the TDI interface can be utilized just by TDI customer.

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Network Driver Environments Network Driver Environments Connectionless drivers Connection-situated drivers WAN drivers

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Network Driver Environments Connectionless Environment for Network Drivers the standard system driver environment for connectionless media, for example, Ethernet and Token Ring.

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Network Driver Environments Connection-Oriented Environment for Network Drivers NDIS bolsters Connection-situated miniports Connection-arranged customers Call supervisors Integrated miniport call managers(MCM)

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Network Driver Environments

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Network Driver Environments An association arranged miniport control one or more system interface cards(NIC) gives an interface between association arranged conventions and the NIC equipment A call administrator NDIS convention that give call setup and tear-down administrations for association arranged customers A MCM driver association arranged miniport that likewise gives call director administrations to association situated customers.

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Network Driver Environments Environment for WAN Network Drivers Windows 2000 backings wide zone system (WAN) associations over both connectionless and association arranged media

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Network Driver Environments

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Network Driver Environments Remote Access Service(RAS) permits client mode applications to make dial-up associations TAPI administration supplier client mode part that acknowledges call setup and teardown demands from RAS customers and from TAPI-mindful applications through the SPI NDISTAPI portion mode segment that opens connectionless miniports to the TAPI gadget space.

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Network Driver Environments NDPROXY a part mode segment that uncovered association arranged miniports to the TAPI gadget space. NDISWAN a middle of the road NDIS driver that performs PPP convention/connection confining, pressure, and encryption. WAN miniport calls a significant number of the same NDIS capacities and supplies a number of the same handlers as does a non-WAN NDIS miniport Serial driver standard gadget driver for inner serial ports or multiport serial cards.

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Network Driver Programming Considerations Design Goals for Network drivers composed for Windows 2000. Versatility crosswise over stages Scalable to multiprocessor frameworks Simple arrangement of equipment and programming Object-based interfaces Support for offbeat I/O

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Reference Microsoft Windows 2000 DDK Network Driver Design gui

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