Windows Communication Foundation WCF .

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References. Presenting WCF, David Chappell, three graphs from this referenceProgramming Indigo, David Pallmann, Microsoft Press, 2005Pro WCF, Peiris and Mulder, Apress, 2007. What is WCF?. Joining of a few Microsoft Technologies:Web administrations (ASMX)Web administration expansions (WSE)WS-SecurityWS-ReliabilityWS-Addressing.Net RemotingMSMQ messagi
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Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Jim Fawcett CSE775 – Distributed Objects Spring 2007

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References Introducing WCF, David Chappell, Using three graphs from this reference Programming Indigo, David Pallmann, Microsoft Press, 2005 Pro WCF, Peiris and Mulder, Apress, 2007

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What is WCF? Combination of a few Microsoft Technologies: Web administrations (ASMX) Web benefit augmentations (WSE) WS-Security WS-Reliability WS-Addressing .Net Remoting MSMQ informing COM+ Transactions

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Chappell, in the same place, pg 14

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Channel Model WCF underpins three sorts of channel action: Asysnchronous one-way Request, sit tight for answer Full duplex two-way

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Structure Service Contract Service contract – RPC Interface Data contract – Type serialization Message contract – Soap message Binding Transport – HTTP, TCP, MSMQ, … Channel sort – one-way, duplex, ask for answer Encoding – XML, double, MTOM (msg trans optim mech) WS-* conventions – WS-Security, … Address http://someURI net.tcp://someOtherURI net.msmq://stillAnotherURI

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Chappell, in the same place, pg 25

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Channel Interfaces open interface IOutputChannel : IChannel { void Send(Message msg); } open interface IInputChannel : IChannel { Message Receive(); } open interface IDuplexChannel : IOutputChannel, IInputChannel {} open interface IRequestChannel : IChannel { Message Request(Message msg); } open interface IReplyChannel : IChannel { IRequestContext ReceiveRequest(); } open interface IRequestContext : Idisposable { Message RequestMessage { get; } void Reply(Message msg); }

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Service Contract <%@ ServiceHost Language="C#" Service="MyService" %> [ServiceContract] open interface IMyService { [OperationContract] string Hello( string name); } open class MyService : IMyService { open string Hello(string name) { return "Hi " + name; }

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Hosts WCF Services can be facilitated in: Internet Information Services (IIS) Very like web administrations Windows administrations Exposing windows benefit in style of WS Console and Winform applications New style for attachment like usefulness

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Monitoring Services Message Logging WCF Performance counters Calls, CallsOutsantding, CallsErrored, … SecurityCallsNotAuthenticated, … TxCommitted, TxAborted, … RMSessionsStarted, RMSessionsFaulted, … Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), a COM innovation

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Other Topics WCF Security Credentials and cases (confirm) Transport-level security Message-level security Federated security show Authorization Auditing

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Reliable Messaging ReliableSession empowered Implemented at the SOAP level not TCP parcel Very like TCP usefulness Messages not sent are held in a Transfer Window reserve Will have issues with extensive messages MSMQ Binding Needs microsoft stages on both finishes Supports store and forward

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Other Features WCF Supports exchanges ACID properties Atomicity composite operations regarded as a unit Consistency Operations succeed or the framework is come back to earlier state Isolation Each exchange is autonomous and disconnected from different exchanges Durability If an operation succeeds it gets to be distinctly solid, e.g., focused on a database or other persistant store

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Conclusion Convergence of programming models Desktop Application Web Application Windows Services Flexible facilitating alternatives Flexible deliberations

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