WINDOWS Inserted Understudy CHALLENGE Rivalry Juan E. Vargas, Ph. D. ( juanv@microsoft ) Scholarly Relations Chief Micro.

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WINDOWS Inserted Understudy CHALLENGE Rivalry Juan E. Vargas, Ph. D. ( ) Scholarly Relations Director Microsoft Partnership Diagram Windows Implanted Test Rivalry Windows CE as a Stage Windows CE Stage Developer Apparatuses Windows Installed Challenge Outline
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WINDOWS EMBEDDED STUDENT CHALLENGE COMPETITION Juan E. Vargas, Ph. D. ( ) Academic Relations Manager Microsoft Corporation

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Outline Windows Embedded Challenge Competition Windows CE as a Platform Windows CE Platform Builder Tools

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Windows Embedded Challenge Overview Goal: Supplement staff activities by giving understudies the chance to chip away at certifiable tasks, with equipment, programming and specialized backing gave by Microsoft Target Audience: Undergraduate Computer Engineering/CS understudies around the world. Particularly important for Senior Design/Senior Project courses Prizes: first Prize - $8,000 US second Prize - $6,000 US third Prize - $4,000 US fourth Prize - $3,200 US fifth Prize - $2,400 US Key dates for taking an interest Registration closes – February 6, 2005 Final reports because of both CSIDC and Microsoft - April 23, 2005 Finalists declared - May 6, 2005 Finals - June 17&18, 2005 in Redmond, WA

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How can it work Windows Embedded Challenge Application Contest among college understudies Build a PC construct framework situated in light of the subject – “Going past the boundaries” Collaboration with CSIDC - IEEE James Madison University – Champions, 2004 Students assemble applications utilizing .Visual Studio .NET (C# &VB) or Embedded Visual C++ (C or C++) Windows CE.NET Customizable by understudies with Platform Builder, the Windows CE IDE (likewise gave to groups) Board Support bundle Provided to taking an interest groups through ICOP Hardware

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Microsoft Technical Support Windows Embedded Challenge Manned by more than 25 Windows CE engineers Get answers to addresses about Windows CE Software – how to arrange, fabricate, troubleshoot and convey OS picture This was a standout amongst the most significant assets a year ago for understudies Will not assist with composing code Frequent Online visits Other assets (books, and so on) accessible on solicitation Be a piece of this energizing challenge! Enroll Now!!

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29 TEAMS INVITED TO THE FINALS in 2004 SUNY Stony Brook - 3 SUNY Binghamton UNL - 3 UNO-1 Wisconsin Madison Utah State Boston College UMass Dartmouth DePaul Bradley James Madison University of S.Carolina - 2 Cal Poly Pomona - 2 CSU-Northridge CSU Chico CSU Long Beach San Diego State San Jose State-2 Santa Clara - 2 Georgia State LSU Be a piece of this energizing challenge! Enroll Now!!

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OS Versus Platform Why recognize the two? Since Windows desktop improvement obscures contrasts between them, bringing on disarray w.r.t. the implanted space. To draw consideration at a few contrasts between Windows CE and different Windows OS. To set the stage for discussing Tools. To highlight a few open doors and outline decisions coming at us like a torrential slide.

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Avalanche: Wide Range of Devices Voice-over IP Devices Gateways Thin Clients Set-Top Boxes Digital Audio Receivers and Players Mobile Handhelds Medical Devices Industrial Automation Smart Displays

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Model Automaker BMW 7 Series Citroen C5, Xara DaimlerChrysler S-Class Fiat Lancia Thesis Honda Accord Mitsubishi Airtek, Lancer, Grandis, Dingo Subaru Lancaster Toyota Will-CYPHA (G-Book) S60, S80, V70, XC Volvo Aftermarket Clarion Joyride, CADIAS Hyundai ExRide Aftermarket NexTech Carman-i Avalanche: Devices in Automobiles

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Avalanche: 2500+ Partners Over 2,500 Windows Embedded Partners overall Exponential development in China, Taiwan, India Gold accomplices in every single real locale Industry specialists Demonstrating worth crosswise over product offering

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Operation Systems Are… Webster Dictionary “ The Master Control Program that begins when a Computer boots ” Abstracts the equipment for applications Offers standard APIs to get to Hardware Is not valuable without equipment You can\'t simply create for an OS Examples Windows XP, Windows CE, Linux, …

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Platforms Are… A predetermined arrangement of OS advances characterized as segments for a particular arrangement of equipment In the inserted space these are generally characterized by the OEM Applications are produced focusing on the stage The Platform SDK characterizes the stage Microsoft stages Windows 3.1, Windows 98, Windows XP, Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, SmartPhone

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Windows XP versus Windows CE Windows XP as a stage Uniform stage with critical application similarity Restricted equipment structural engineering Readily accessible, reasonable Windows CE as OS An accumulation of segments that can be gathered into a wide mixed bag of stages Much more adaptability about the equipment since it bolsters 4 processor architectures: X86 SH4 ARM MIPS

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Design Choices Build your own particular stage Greater adaptability in regards to decision of segments to incorporate Platform planner supplies bit and drivers More work … Develop towards a current stage App level environment as of now exists You likely can’t transform it You can get stuck in the event that you require a segment that’s not accessible

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CE Technology Components Kernel, Power Manager, File System Hard continuous preemptive multitasking portion Interprocess correspondence (IPC), sync objects Memory mapped records, message lines, strands Virtual memory with equipment access assurance Installable ISRs, Multimedia clocks, DMA APIs more adaptability for drivers & applications Kernel snares for profiling and troubleshooting Flexible Power Manager with force profile states Layered Storage Manager Architecture File framework Filters E.G. for including FS Encryption Sample document framework drivers in PB FATFS, CDFS/UDFS, BinFS (Flash record framework)

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CE Technology Components Networking & Communications Self tuning TCP/IP stack, incl. IPv6 Support NDIS 5.1 driver construction modeling; RNDIS upheld Winsock 2 & WinINet Wireless systems administration Bluetooth, including qualified profiles 802.11, Auto arrangement & 802.1x security Services: LDAP, DCOM, SOAP, MSMQ, UPnP, … Gateway usefulness V4 NAT/ICS and v6 steering & switch promotion (RA) Firewall, DNS Proxy, DHCP designation

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Windowing Window/Dialog Manager Basic/Common Controls Graphics DirectDraw, Direct3D GDI Audio DirectSound, WaveOut, DirectMusic Media Playback DirectShow Windows Media Technologies Windows Media Player and ActiveX Control Stream from media server, web, neighborhood document Support for some sorts and configurations WMA, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, Wav, MP3, ADPCM, G.711, GSM 6.10 CE Technology Components Graphics & Multimedia

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Shell (Desktop) Two programs Email customer Wordpad Viewers for MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint & PDF Instant Messenger customer Terminal administrations customer Windows Media Player Component Object Model/ActiveX Control base .NET Compact Framework Data synchronization foundation Device Management HTTP Server FTP Server Telnet Server CE Technology Components Services & Applications

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CE Technology Components Board Support Packages Improve out-of-the-crate experience Evaluation & Learning Prototype & Demonstration Shorten time to booting model Sample drivers in light of incorporated peripherals Many source illustrations accessible Decouple abnormal state application advancement from equipment and driver improvement At minimum one BSP per bolstered piece included in PB, extra on the web Additional BSPs accessible on the web and included in reference equipment items

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Embedded Devices Soft PLC HMI Panel HVAC Controller Sewing Machine Traffic Light Set-top Box/Stereo Component Cash Register Mobile Devices Smart Phone PDA Gaming gadget Web Pad Inventory Scanner Portable Music Device Robot Embedded Devices Vs Mobile Devices

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Embedded Devices No influence utilization streamlining Might not have a showcase Application toughness is most vital Software gets pre-introduced By OEM, Machine Builder, SP Optimize for application foot shaped impression Mobile Devices Optimization for influence administration 99% have shows User Experience and convenience is fundamental Footprint still vital Larger application may not introduce with default memory settings

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Platform Builder Creates stages with Windows CE Assembles OS parts into a gadget picture Mainly for OEM additionally for driver improvement Exports the stage SDK for implanted Visual Tools Windows CE.NET PB fares to eVC 4.0 Emulator encourages programming improvement free of equipment Platform wizards walk you through segment choice for basic gadget sorts Components can be included by moving from the list Dependency checking consequently acquires other required segments New segments can be composed starting with no outside help

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Device Under Development Device Emulation Development Cycle From Platform to Applications Device Development Builds and Brings Up Device Application Development Builds Rich Applications Export SDK with Device Specific Win32 APIs or use Standard SDK Platform Builder eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 C/C++ MFC/ATL Download Device Specific Windows CE OS and Applications Component Catalog incl. .NET CF Visual Studio .NET VB/C# through KITL by means of KITL Build Device Image Smart Device Programmability Debug Device

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Windows CE: Core Operating System Architecture Applications Programming Interfaces (Win32, COM, MFC, ATL) Communication Interfaces (Winsock, RAS, TAPI) Networking and Communication System Kernel Library Filesys Device Manager GWES OAL Bootloader Device Drivers OEM Hardware

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Does Microsoft share its source code ? Yes, through two projects: Shared Source Premium Share

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Remote Connectivity Windows CE Shell Services WIN32 APIs COREDLL, WINSOCK, OLE, COMMCTRL, COMMDLG, WININET, TAPI Shared Source: What is Included Not Available ISV, OEM Provided Mostly Available Applications Embedded Shell IrDA Kernel Library

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