Windows NT Server.

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IIS incorporates WWW, ftp, and gopher servers. The OS required for other Microsoft BackOffice server parts: Exchange Server (Mailer), SQL server, ...
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Windows NT Server Brief Overview of NT Server History, Architecture, System Concept. Establishment strategy and related ideas. Material adjusted from Inside Windows NT by Helen Custer Windows NT Technical Support, MS squeeze Supporting IIS Server, MS squeeze C. Edward Chow

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Window NT OS Effort Bill Gate procured Dave Culter from Digital in Oct 1988 to manufacture a group for plan another OS. Dave Culter was the fashioner of a constant multitasking framework called RSX-11M that kept running in 32KB on PDP-11 minicomputers. It took 18 month, presented in 1973. He lead the exertion building VMS for VAX-11 design. He likewise lead a gathering that manufacture the MicroVax workstation. C. Edward Chow

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Window NT OS Design Goals Portability (RISC or CISC) written in C. Security (Government Certifiable Security Class C2 Level) POSIX (UNIX standard interface spec) consistence Compatibility Scalable Performance (Multiprocessor bolster) Extensibility Ease of Internationalization C. Edward Chow

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NT Server Microsoft, multipurpose server OS. Give document, print, and application administrations. Web Information Server(IIS) accompanies it. IIS incorporates WWW, ftp, and gopher servers. The OS required for other Microsoft BackOffice server parts: Exchange Server (Mailer), SQL server, Proxy server, Merchant server. Its Directory Service gives single logon and single purpose of organization Provide DNS, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) C. Edward Chow

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NT Architecture C. Edward Chow

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NT Server and NT Workstation Support numerous stages: (x86, AXP, MIPS, PowerPC) Multitasking, Multithread operations Support MS-DOS, Win-16, Win-32 applications Built-in systems administration utilities, drivers, and conventions. Bolster FAT, NT File framework (NTFS), and CD-ROM File System (CDFS). C. Edward Chow

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NT Server versus NT Workstation NT Server gives improved components to running diverse servers. NT Workstation outlined and tuned as multitask desktop operation frameworks. NT workstation can just have a breaking point of 10 approaching simultaneous sessions. The # of simultaneous sessions on NT server relies on upon the permit (Max. of 256 inbound sessions?) C. Edward Chow

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Workgroup versus Area Both NT workstations and NT remain solitary servers can be individual from a Window NT workgroup. Every PC capacities as both server and customer. Keeps up its own records, administrator, security arrangement NT Domain gives change over the repetitive exertion of administrator and security. Play Domain video from MS. C. Edward Chow

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NT Domain C. Edward Chow

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Microsoft Servers C. Edward Chow

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NT Installation Preparation: Make beyond any doubt your equipment is in NT Hardware Compatiblity List (HCL). There is a NT Hardware Qualifier (NTHQ) program for deciding equipment on x86 based PC. Make three NT Server Setup plates. They regularly accompanies buy. However, it likewise contains in the CD. These three floppy should be arranged and purge. Sort d:\I386\winnt/bull to make them. C. Edward Chow

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NT 4.0 Minimum Hardware Requirements CPU: 486/33 or higher, MIP R4400, Digital Alpha AXP, Prep-agreeable PowerPC Memory: 16MB for NT Server (32 MB no less than); 12MB for NT workstation (32MB at any rate) Hard plate space: 125MB for NT Server on parcel with 16KB groups (200MB on segment with 32KB bunches); 110MB for NT Workstation. Show: VGA or higher Mouse C. Edward Chow

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System and Boot Partitions NT Setup program duplicates the equipment particular documents to the dynamic parcel (typically C drive), otherwise called framework segment. Setup program then incite you to choose an envelope for introducing NT OS documents. This can be on other parcel. The segment that contains the OS documents and its supporting records is called boot parcel. C. Edward Chow

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Selecting File System You have a decision of NTFS (NT document framework) and File Allocation Table (FAT). NTFS must be gotten to by NT. More secure. Give File level security Used when it is the main OS being used. FAT Allow various OS\' (DOS, Linux, Win95, Win32, NT) to get to and share Less secure. C. Edward Chow

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NT Server Initial Installation Insert NT Server Setup Boot Disk and Restart PC. It demonstrates investigating the PC equipment, stack NT official and equipment reflection layer programming. At that point it requests embeddings the NT Server Setup Disk #2. Setup keeps on stacking records (video, PCMCIA drivers and bit). It then demonstrates the Welcome to Setup screen. Hit Enter to have NT Setup consequently distinguish mass stockpiling gadget. At the point when requested NT Server Setup Disk #3, embed it and hit enter. It then loads the gadget drives for those gadgets and identifies CD-ROM, or SCSI drives. Hit enter after mass stockpiling gadget is identified. It then load IDE gadget drivers, NTFS, and CD-ROM FS. It then requests NT Server CD-ROM. Embed it and hit Enter. C. Edward Chow

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NT Server Initial Installation The NT authorizing Agreement shows up. Page down to last page, then hit F8 (I concur). It then loads the setup.ini and demonstrates the setup has decided certain equipment and programming segments. Hit Enter to affirm. The current parcel is then appeared. Pick the segment by hitting up or down bolt. Hit enter to introduce in the parcel highlighted. Pick the last segment for introducing NT. Enter C to make segment in the unpartitioned space C. Edward Chow

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NT Server Initial Installation After picking the parcel, you can leave the present document framework in civility, by hitting enter. You can click Format FAT. Hit Enter. You are provoked to squeeze F to start the organization. Default establishment catalog of winnt is show, hit enter to acknowledge it. Hit enter to have Setup inspect the hard plate. Setup duplicates records to winnt envelope, take a few min. Whenever incited, evacuate floppy and CD-ROM and restart the PC. C. Edward Chow

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Gathering Information Step When incite, embed NT Server CD-ROM, click OK. NT Server Setup Wizard Appears, click Next. NT Server Setup make envelope chain of importance for the establishment. Sort name and association, click Next. In CD-Key Box, sort 040-0048126, click Next. Click Per Server , enter 100 simultaneous associations, click Next. In the name box, sort Server1 for the server name, click Next. Click Primary Domain Controller, click Next. In the watchword and affirm secret key boxes, sort "cs401web", this is the Administrator account secret key, click Next. On the off chance that incited, click "Don\'t empower the skimming point workaround" click Next. Click Yes, make a crisis repair circle (suggested) click Next. Click Next again to acknowledge default segments. C. Edward Chow

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Install NT Networking Click Next to start introducing Window NT Networking. Click Next to affirm PC is wired to the net. Clear Install MS IIS check box, click Next to skirt the progression. We will introduce it later. Click Start Search to recognize organize connector card. Select the proper system card, Click OK.. Clear NWLink IPX/SPX perfect Transport check box, confirm that TCP/IP is the main convention chose, click Next. Click Next to affirm the chose organize administrations. Click Next to introduce the chose organize segments. Whenever provoked, enter the fitting setup setting of the system card and snap Continue. Click no, since we would prefer not to utilize DHCP. C. Edward Chow

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Set up TCP/IP Microsoft TCP/IP properties discourse box shows up on the IP Address tab. Click determine an IP address. Sort in the IP Address box. Click OK to acknowledge default subnet veil of and a clear default door. Click Next to acknowledge default official. Click Next to begin the system. In the Domain box, sort Domain1 and after that snap Next to make the area. C. Edward Chow

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Complet NT Server Setup When NT Server Setup discourse box shows up, snap Finish. In the Time Zone list, click revise time zone, affirm the Date and Time alternatives are right, and snap Close. Click OK to affirm the recognized video connector. Click Test to test the video connector settings, click OK. At the point when see the bitmap, click Yes and OK. Generally alter the setting. Click OK to affirm the video setting. Whenever incited, embed Emergency Repair plate, click OK. Whenever provoked, expel floppy and CD-ROM, click Restart Computer. At the point when OS determination list shows up, select the Window NT Server verson 4.0, the press Enter. Setup is finished. C. Edward Chow

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Install NT 4.0 Option Pack It incorporates NT benefit Pack 3, Microsoft® Site Server Express, Microsoft® FrontPage® server expansions, new wizards and then some. The Windows NT Option Pack conveys the accompanying new application and interchanges benefits, that empower the advancement of the up and coming era of disseminated applications on Windows NT Server 4.0: Internet Information Server 4.0 Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0 Microsoft Message Queue Server 1.0 Internet Connection Services for Microsoft RAS C. Edward Chow

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IIS Architecture C. Edward Chow

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IIS Architecture (proceed with) All administrations of IIS dwells in a procedure called Internet Information Service Application (Inetinfo). Extenstions of IIS are through connectors, they are DLL going about as comm. Pipe amongst IIS and an administration. Backoffice connectors: Exchange/ODBC connectors CGI ISAPI channels (for pre/post handling of bundles); e.g. SSL Administration apparatuses impart through RPC. Logging through log record or ODBC Data Source Name Performance screen and Task supervisor for asset use. C. Edward Chow

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Create NT User Account Select Start | Programs | Administrative Tool | User Mgr for Domain C. Edward Chow

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New User Account Creation C. Edward Chow

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Managing IIS Services Select Start | Programs | MS Inter

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