Windows Server 2003 Security.

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Windows Server 2003 Security Donald E. Hester CISSP, CISA, MCT, MCSE, MCSA, MCDST, Security+, CTT+, MV Labyrinth and Partners San Diego City School Los Medanos School What we are taking a gander at today Need Shift Access was a top need Open-of course
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Windows Server 2003 Security Donald E. Hester CISSP, CISA, MCT, MCSE, MCSA, MCDST, Security+, CTT+, MV Maze & Associates San Diego City College Los Medanos College

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What we are taking a gander at today

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Priority Shift Access was a top need Open-of course Start with everything transparent begin securing as required Control is presently a top need Closed-as a matter of course Start with everything shut and open just what is required

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Security Enhancements

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Server 2003 Defaults IIS – Internet Information Services IIS is not introduced of course When you introduce IIS 6 it is secured More startup administrations are crippled in 2003 Everyone Group No more has full control it has perused and execute No more incorporates mysterious clients

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Server 2003 Defaults Accounts with invalid passwords are console-bound Software limitation strategies Hash principle Path tenet Certificate standard Internet Zone guideline Protected EAP (PEAP) Detailed security examining

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File System NTFS Permissions & inspecting EFS - Encrypted File System (numerous clients) VSS - Volume Shadow Copy (Server 2003) Quotas ABE (Server 2003 SP1) Future advancements WinFS Won’t be in Longhorn

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ABE (Access-Based Enumeration)

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Internet Connection Firewall Windows Firewall

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Boot-time Security Global arrangement Audit logging Scope confinements Command-line bolster Program-based exemptions Multiple Profiles Unattended setup bolster Enhanced multicast and show bolster IPv6 bolster New Group Policy Support ICF versus Windows Firewall

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PSSU (Post-Setup Security Updates) Service Pack 1 improvement Protects the PC until it can upgrade Uses Windows Firewall

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DEP (Data Execution Prevention) Prevent pernicious programming as opposed to blunder out and conceivably slamming the framework Hardware-upheld DEP Protects memory areas The no-execute page-insurance (NX) processor highlight as characterized by AMD. The Execute Disable Bit (XD) highlight as characterized by Intel. Programming authorized DEP Protects framework parallels and exemption taking care of Software assembled with SafeSEH

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TCP/IP security Enhancements: Smart TCP port distribution SYN assault assurance is empowered naturally New SYN assault notice IP Helper APIs Winsock self-recuperating

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RAS customer set in Quarantine RAS customer meets Quarantine strategies RAS customer fizzles approach check Quarantine timeout Reached RAS customer detached RAS customer gets full access to arrange What Is Network Access Quarantine? Remote access customer verifies

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Forest (root) Trusts in Windows Server 2003 Forest 1 Forest 2 Tree/Root Trust Forest Trust Parent/Child Trust Forest (root) Domain D Domain E Domain A Domain B Domain P Domain Q Shortcut Trust External Trust Realm Trust Domain F Domain C Kerberos Realm

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Coming Soon: IE 7 Information Security Magazine (Jan 2006)

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Server Hardening

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Server Hardening Appropriate settings for a protected gauge Settings for applications and administrations Operating framework segments Permissions and rights Administrative systems Physical access

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Server Hardening - Templates Predefined Security Templates Security Guide Templates Industrial Templates SANS CIAC NSA DoD Custom Templates

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Template Deployment Test before organization Periodic investigation Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in Scripting (Secedit.exe) Deployment Methods Group Policy (Active Directory) Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in Scripting (Secedit.exe)

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Server Hardening Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) Comes with Service Pack 1 (Server 2003) Disables unneeded administrations Blocks unused ports Allows further address or security limitations for ports that are left open Prohibits superfluous Internet Information Services (IIS) Web augmentations, if relevant Reduces convention introduction to server message square (SMB), NTLM, LanMan, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Defines a high flag to-clamor review approach Best for servers with numerous parts

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Security Configuration Wizard Supports Rollback Analysis Remote setup Command-line bolster Active Directory reconciliation Policy altering Export to Group Policy

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Security Tools

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Updates Manual Requires client intercession – work serious Windows Updates Automatic process fine for little arrangements SUS Updates affirmed basic patches for different machines at a chairman selected time (supplanted with WSUS) WSUS Same as SUS however incorporates support for different fixes, for example, Office and basic drivers

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PKI Some uses EFS, Authentication, Smart Card, IPSec, Servers Auto enlistment Command line devices (Certreq.exe, Certutil.exe) Key recuperation (DRA or KRA) Delta CRL

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Available Tools - GPMC New User Interface Backup and restore Import and fare Group Policy Modeling Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP)

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Available Tools - MBSA Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (v2)

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Available Tools - MSAT Microsoft Security Assessment Tool

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Available Tools – Windows Defender Microsoft Anti-Spyware – Windows Defender Spyware recognition Scheduled examining and evacuation Straightforward operation and careful evacuation innovation

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Available Tools Security Resource Kit Various apparatuses to specify access control records, list drivers, rundown administrations, dump occasion logs, parse logs, focus confirmation strategy, and a great deal more Security Guide Templates Various test scripts

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3 rd Party Tools Winternals

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Resources Windows Server 2003 Security Guide (Feedback email) Microsoft Windows Security Resource Kit (2 nd Ed.) ISBN 0-7356-2174-8 Service Pack 1 Overview

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Resources Microsoft Security Assessment Tool (MSAT) Security Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) Microsoft Anti-Spyware (beta) Defender

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Resources RootKit Revealer Strider GhostBuster Project (Rootkit locator) and Countermeasures: Security Settings in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP

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Contact Info Donald E. Hester .:tslidesep.

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