Winning, Losing or Joining in?.

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Winning, Losing or Partaking? Mr R Walden Colleague Headteacher Chief of Learning (PE and Games School)
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Winning, Losing or Taking Part? Mr R Walden Assistant Headteacher Director of Learning (PE and Sports College)

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“To add to educating so as to build a serene and better world youth through game honed without segregation of any sort and n the Olympic soul, which obliges common comprehension with a soul of fellowship, solidarity and reasonable play ” The Goal Olympic development

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what number times have you participated in an action or rivalry in your life? As a consequence of participating, how frequently have you won? Do you surmise that the times that you didn’t win did you hurt or were less compelling in your own, social or enthusiastic improvement? Is rivalry the main course to being a victor?

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TAKING PART or WINNING? Embed feature: top level peformers simply “playing and having fun” Which is more importanto you?

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You may have a new beginning any minute you pick, for this thing that we call "failure" is not the tumbling down, but rather the staying down. Getting up is called winning. Mary Pickford (Movie Star)

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Barcelona, 1992 Derek Redmond felt his hamstring tear in his right leg. His dad, dazed by what had happened, discovered himself supporting his child to the completion line. As he went too far, the group thundered out in appreciation. Thereafter, a correspondent asked the runner for what reason he had not resigned from the race, since he had no possibility of winning. He appeared to be befuddled by the inquiry. At long last, he addressed : "My nation did not send me to the Olympics to begin the race. They sent me to finish."

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Competition is the flavor of games; yet in the event that you make zest the entire feast you\'ll be wiped out!

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Change people groups lives…… Including your own ! 17,000 individuals connected to be volunteersâ at the Manchester Games……… pretty nearly 10,000 of these were effective

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Role Models? Here’s one…… Kirsty Howard Music playing out of sight to computerized slide grouping

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Kirsty was conceived with her heart back to front so every single other organ are lost Kirsty with Jonah Lomu (All blacks Rugby) Her regular living is extremely limited

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Kirsty\'s mettle motivated the England group, as their mascot she strolled as one with David Beckham onto the pitch with her 45lb Oxygen tank trailing behind her

Slide 13 England Team Mascott (On the far right)

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“ I Can think about no other young lady that has accomplished such a great amount in such a delicate little lifetime ” With David Beckham

Slide 15 With Peter Schmeichel Ex - Manchester utd

Slide 16 Kirsty has effectively raised over £2.5 million for the Rainbow Family Trust Kirsty\'s Appeal for £5 million will help numerous other inadequately kids later on, and be an everlasting Legacy to her fortitude

Slide 17 Volunteer staff work day and night to guarantee these adolescents pack however much into their short years as could reasonably be expected whilst assisting their with parentsing deal with the unavoidable

Slide 18 Kirsty is one in 60 million and was given six weeks to live (Feb 1999)

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On July 25th Kirsty was decided to hand the last mallet to Her Majesty the Queen, this was to praise the opening service of the Commonwealth Games She got the greatest cheer of the Games

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Insert feature: Kirsty Howard accepting Commonwealth Baton It is about WINNING!

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Thanks for participating in this get together “despite being at death\'s door she fights on and her motivational fortitude propels us

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