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Wise Vehicles: Another World Coming… .. Presentation to SAE In-Auto Gadgets and Telematics TOPTEC September 21, 2000 Richard Diocesan Richard Cleric Counseling www.ivsource.net IV's: This Joint is Jumpin'… . Amid/After Accident Innovation Developing Telematics is blasting
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Clever Vehicles: A New World Coming….. Presentation to SAE In-Car Electronics and Telematics TOPTEC September 21, 2000 Richard Bishop Richard Bishop Consulting www.ivsource.net

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IV’s: This Joint is Jumpin’…. Amid/After Crash Technology Evolving Telematics is blasting “Information Layer” - in-vehicle data Driver Assistance frameworks entering business sector “Control Layer” - assists driver with driving all the more securely, beneficially, effectively Automated Driving - continuous improvement Results from noteworthy action in trucks, transports, uncommon vehicles can stream to the passcar stage

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IV Activity Worldwide: The Players Automotive/truck OEMs and suppliers overall Publicly-subsidized projects in Asia, Europe, North America

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IV Players Worldwide: North America USDOT Intelligent Vehicle Initiative Goal: quicken the sending of close term wellbeing frameworks for autos, substantial trucks, transports, claim to fame vehicles Cost-imparted tasks started in 1999 to truck OEMs and state DOTs Pre-focused examination undertakings being arranged with carmakers Ambitious Safety Goals: illustration - half lessening in overwhelming truck related fatalities inside of ten years Federal Transit Administration Bus Rapid Transit program USDOD: self-governing military vehicles University research: California PATH, U. of Minnesota, Ohio State University

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IV Players Worldwide: Asia Japan Advanced Cruise-Assist Research Association (AHSRA) exceptionally dynamic (Ministries of Construction and Transportation) Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) performing propelled work Activity likewise in Korea, Singapore Industrial computerization in Australia

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IV Players Worldwide: Europe European Commission ventures fifth Framework Research Program Projects incorporate open and private segment members from real nations National level projects in France, Netherlands, Sweden Research in Italy, Germany, UK

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Driver Assistance Systems Night Vision Adaptive Cruise Control Collision Warning Collision Avoidance Driver Impairment Monitoring Advanced Driver Assistance Cooperative Infrastructure Automated Driving

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Driver Assistance Systems: Night Vision

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Driver Assistance Systems: Adaptive Cruise Control ACC: without foot driving forward-looking radar “sees” slower vehicles ahead framework consequently conforms speed and keeps up a selectable after separation coveted pace is continued when the route ahead is clear a few frameworks use computerized maps to upgrade operations Now available for $1500-2000 Trucks: US (2000) Cars: Japan (1997), Europe (1999), US (2000) Next era: stop-n-go movement operation

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Driver Assistance Systems: Collision Warning Heavy trucks are the place the business sector activity is Over 50,000 substantial trucks outfitted with Eaton-Vorad radar-based framework spreads forward zone and right blind side offering “thousands” every year mischance decreases of half or more noteworthy not bizarre for a few armadas Lane takeoff cautioning entered overwhelming truck market in 1999 taking into account picture handling first on Mercedes trucks (Europe), trailed by Freightliner (Iteris framework) now a manufacturing plant choice from Kenworth (SafeTRAC) suitable for car secondary selling

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Assistware’s Lane Departure Warning System

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Driver Assistance Systems: Collision Warning Transit Bus Performance Spec’s in Development Forward Collision Warning: San Mateo (Ca.) travel framework with California PATH Rear Impact CW: Ann Arbor Transit with Veridian Lane Change/Merge CW: Pittsburgh Transit (100 transports) with Carnegie Mellon additionally introductory exploration in Pedestrian Detection/Avoidance

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Driver Assistance Systems: Collision Warning for Automotive Adaptive Cruise Control frameworks are edging in this course Ford consented to arrangement with Iteris for Lane Departure Warning Systems for MY2003 Japan SmartCruise frameworks CW for forward snags/vehicles, street/path flight, convergences, running into each other, people on foot, street condition Systems likewise take control if driver does not notice cautioning Major demo Nov 28 - Dec 1 close Tokyo

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Driver Assistance Systems: Collision Warning for Automotive USDOT-Industry Joint Pre-aggressive “Enabling Research” assention in progress Ford, GM, DaimlerChrysler, Nissan, Toyota & Navtech Key center territories: Enhanced computerized maps to enlarge crash cautioning frameworks Develop driver workload execution measurements Additional work in test approachs for CW

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Driver Assistance Systems: Collision Avoidance Activity in forward CA, vehicle flow control, path flight counteractive action, ACC w/brake activation NHTSA-GM: $35M expense shared task: “ACAS” utilizing radar, vision for forward detecting for the most part crash cautioning, with unobtrusive braking broad calculation improvement, vehicle coordination, human components (notices), information accumulation, assessment naturalistic test with ten Buick LeSabres begins in 2002 Major advantages in clog alleviation greater part of non-repeating blockage because of minor collision

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Driver Assistance Systems: Impairment Monitoring Is the Driver Fit to Drive??? Innovation exists to screen: driving execution: path keeping (SPI), directing wheel developments physiological variables: visual measures: squint rate, flicker speed, % eye closure…. and so on head position checking

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Driver Assistance Systems: Impairment Monitoring Major government exploration is centered around trucking weakness screens Systems are in item improvement cycle for autos and trucks available: Trucks: Basic frameworks now, propelled frameworks a work in progress Cars: higher unwavering quality required; solid business sector saw for more established drivers

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Driver Assistance Systems: Impairment Monitoring Technology Approaches: Ocular measures Image handling of driver’s face with IR brightening Active eye-following Doppler radar light of face/body tracks eye developments, head developments, and so forth. Head development observing utilizing capacitor plates Stereo picture handling of eyes/face/head Lane-keeping & guiding info designs

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Headtrak: Proximity Array Sensing System

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Driver Assistance Systems: Impairment Monitoring How would you wake ‘em up??? Some say “detect weakness before sleepiness sets in,” giving driver a lot of development cautioning When languor present, haptic criticism (seat vibration) appears to be most encouraging

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems “Co-Pilot” capacities will keep on rising Stop-n-go ACC for congested activity (~2003) Lane continuing interstates (~2004) Merge help (~2006) The Killer App: Low Speed Automation! Robotized throttle, brakes, guiding in dull stop-n-go movement being created in Europe, Japan accessibility as ahead of schedule as 2005 abroad, 2007 in U.S.??

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Cooperative Infrastructure Opens Up New Possibilities Magnetic path stamping empowers snowplow operations in no ability to see (Ca, Az, Mn) Will auto/truck items develop to utilize magnet-checked streets? Attractive path checking tape and vehicle framework as of late marketed by 3M ( Lane Awareness System) Infrastructure Consortium taking a gander at crossing point impact evasion procedures Cooperative vehicle-base benchmarks process in right on time stages Arizona considering opening carpool lanes to Intelligent Vehicles, to incentivize open to embrace frameworks

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Lane Awareness System: Sensor Bar on Snowplow

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Insurance/Liability Implications: Enhanced DVI Driver-vehicle interface advancing voice-enacted control, without hands mobile phone, email “read” to driver OK, hands are on the wheel - yet where is the driver’s consideration? Eye-following innovation tracks consideration situation Driver notices can be tuned to consideration position OK, consideration is out and about - yet where is driver’s cerebrum? Unsolved mystery….

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Insurance/Consumer Implications: New Product Opportunities New protection items survey premiums progressively, taking into account vehicle area & time Future items: what can be observed that gives a sign of driver conduct? Recurrence of hard increasing velocities, hard braking, abundance speed, overabundance parallel quickening, ….. Driving while exhausted Driving with inadequate consideration out and about Safe drivers can decide to be observed keeping in mind the end goal to spare a couple bucks What ought to be checked? Industry, controllers, and customers will choose

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Automated Driving: it’s coming! Hands-off, feet-off driving: clients need it Demonstrated in 1997 by National Automated Highway System Consortium Basic framework ability exists machine insight & machine recognition now being refined by analysts (California PATH, Ohio State U., France, Germany, Japan, Korea) must change into a reasonable, reliable item Bishop forecast: accessible in 2010 Revolutionary changes in society<>travel

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Automated Driving: Passenger Cars (1) California PATH: work proceeding since Demo 97 to refine calculations, equipment for both autos and substantial trucks Mechanical Engineering Lab (Japan): agreeable driving utilizing 5.8 GHz DSRC intervehicle correspondence, DGPS, machine vision, radar, laser Public demo declared for Nov. 22-27 close Tokyo LIVIC: French La Route Automatisee project research labs INRIA, INRETS, LCPC and OEM accomplices concentrating on sensor combination in CARSENSE situations and arrangement ways characterized for provincial, intercity, and worker situations

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Automated Driving: Passenger Cars (2) Korea University: KAV-5 depends on four cameras to take after street, vehicles University of Parma (Italy): ARGO vision-based independent vehicle effectively finished 2000 k

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