Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791).

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) Malaspina Awesome Books Demise Veil Mozart Age 7 Leopold Mozart (1719-1787) Anna Maria Mozart (1720-1778) Anna Maria (1751-1829) Karl and Franz Karl Mozart age 74 (1856)
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) Malaspina Great Books

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Death Mask

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Mozart Age 7

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Leopold Mozart (1719-1787)

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Anna Maria Mozart (1720-1778)

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Anna Maria (1751-1829)

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Karl and Franz

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Karl Mozart age 74 (1856)

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Constanze Weber Mozart (1762-1842)

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Costanze Mozart by Lange 1782

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Classical Music 1750 –1820 Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven Loses “Continuo” Emphasis on Phrasing & Dynamics Internal enthusiastic shading Symphonic style Piano Forte

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Mozart’s Contribution 528+ works Masses, Vespers, Cantatas, Oratorios, 21 Stage works (Don Giovanni, Magic Flute) 47 Vocals 40 Leider 41 Symphonies Several dozen Seranades 21 Marches 24 Dances Concertos (20+) Chamber Music Piano quartets (11) and so on

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First Symphony 1764

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25 th Symphony – Age 18 Musikverein in Vienna

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Letter to Mozart from his Mother (Munich) "Addio, ben mio. Keep well, my affection. Into your mouth your arse you\'ll push. I wish you great night, my dear, yet first crap in your overnight boardinghouse it burst. It is long after one o\'clock as of now. Presently you can continue rhyming yourself. "

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Mozart Rhyme to Mother Oh, mother mine! Spread is fine. Acclaim and thanks be to Him, We\'re alive and loaded with vim. Through the world we dash, Though we\'re somewhat shy of money. However, we don\'t locate this inciting And none of us are stifling. In addition, to individuals I\'m tied Who convey their waste inside And let it out, in the event that they are capable, Both prior and then afterward table. During the evening of farts there is no need, Which are let off, forsooth, with a capable split. The ruler of farts came yesterday Whose farts noticed sweeter than the may.

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His voice, on the other hand, was no treat And he himself was in a warmth. All things considered, now we\'ve been over a week away And we\'ve been pooping consistently. Wendling, undoubtedly, is in a fury That I haven\'t created a solitary page; But when I cross the Rhine afresh, I\'ll without a doubt dash home through the entryway And, or he call me mean and trivial, I\'ll completion off his four quartetti.\' The concerto for Paris I\'Il keep,\'tis additionally fitting. I\'ll jot it there some time or another when I\'m pooing. In reality I swear \'twould be obviously better fun With the Webers around the globe to keep running Than to run with those bores, you know whom I mean, When I think about their confronts, I get the spleen. Be that as it may, I assume it must be and off we might meander, Though Weber\'s arse I want to Ramm\'s noddle. A cut of Weber\'s arse is a thing

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I\'d preferably have than Monsieur Wendling. With our pooping God we can\'t hurt And in particular on the off chance that we chomp the earth. We speak the truth winged animals, the greater part of a plume, We have summa summarum eight eyes together, Not including those on which we sit. Be that as it may, now I truly must rest a bit From rhyming. Yet this I must include, That Monday I\'Il have the honor, egad, To grasp you and kiss yours hands so reasonable. Be that as it may, first in my jeans I\'ll poop, I swear. Goodbye Mamma

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Antonio Salieri ( 1750 – 1825)

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Salieri’s Music His understudies included Beethoven and Schubert, Czerny, Hummel, Moscheles and one of Mozart\'s children. He was a productive arranger, basically in vocal music of assorted types. 45 Operas As well as a noteworthy amount of artful dance music, Salieri composed concertos, including an organ concerto and a piano concerto, a Birthday Symphony and an arrangement of minor departure from La folia di Spagna, (The Folly of Spain) the move tune utilized by Corelli and numerous other Baroque writers. Salieri composed an amount of chapel music, and in addition oratorios. He cleared out still more common vocal music, going from cantatas and ensembles to two part harmonies and solo arias. As his style got to be dated his works lost support, and he created generally minimal after 1804, however he remained a focal and powerful figure in Viennese musical Iife…Naxos Web Site

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Allegations by Mozart blamed for written falsification and of endeavoring to murder him with toxic substance. As Mozart\'s music turned out to be more prominent throughout the decades Salieri\'s music was overlooked. Mozart pointed the finger at Salieri for the disappointment of his Figaro – yet, Salieri was in France with his own musical show at the time. the interests encompassing the disappointment of Figaro were impelled by the artist Giovanni Battista Casti against the Court Poet, Lorenzo da Ponte, who composed the Figaro lyrics. At the point when Salieri was named Kapellmeister in 1788, rather than drawing out a musical drama he could call his own, he resuscitated Figaro In late life bits of gossip Salieri admitted to Mozart\'s homicide.

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Rumors that Salieri admitted to the homicide - Salieri\'s two medical caretakers validated that Salieri said no such thing. After Salieri\'s passing, the musical show by Rimsky-Korsakov, Mozart et Salieri (1898) began a convention of emotional permit in light of this criticism. Salieri’s depiction as a fair arranger and blasphemer is a piece of that custom. Salieri’s commitment is undisputed by his biographers.

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Mozart had various fixations: timekeepers, felines, shoe sizes, his wife\'s wellbeing - he had an unnatural trepidation of letting her out of the house. There is proof of him jerking, frowning, tapping his feet together and acting strangely. As Peter Shaffer noted in Amadeus, he adored redirections and was dependably the life and soul of the gathering; he appreciated rhymes, outlandishness and playing with words; he loved jokes and in some cases went too far, in the way that Tourettes sufferers frequently do … James McConnel (Tourette ’ s

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