WOMEN'S Vaulting.

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The main club tumbling was begun in 1887 by the Massachusetts YMCA. ... Presently, in 2004, acrobatic is a standout amongst the most prominent games among young ladies. ...
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WOMEN\'S GYMNASTICS By: Stacy Stephens

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History Lesson Gymnastics has been around for a long time. The main club tumbling was begun in 1887 by the Massachusetts YMCA. In the mid 1900\'s secondary schools began to consolidate tumbling into their educational programs for rec center time. In 1951 Gymnastics began to bring off with camps and facilities getting to be accessible to gymnasts all around. Presently, in 2004, aerobatic is a standout amongst the most mainstream games among young ladies. Tumbling was additionally the most watched game in this years Summer Olympics.

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The Main Event Women\'s Gymnastics has four mechanical assemblies (occasions). All occasions are scored out of a 10.0 Vault Beam Bars Floor

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Gymnastics Legends In the 1984 Olympic amusements, 15 year old Mary Lou Retton stole the appear. Mary Lou scored two immaculate 10\'s on floor and vault. She was the primary U.S. Acrobat to catch Olympic gold. In the 1976 Olympic Games Nadia was the main athlete in Olympic history to score an impeccable 10. Nadia took vaulting to another level, performing aptitudes never endeavored in the game. Nadia Comaneci Mary Lou Retton

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Shannon Miller America\'s Most Decorated Gymnast Shannon Miller is a standout amongst the MOST TALENTED athlete in the whole history of the game. She demonstrated the whole world with her first appearance in the 1992 Olympics. With huge desires at the 1996 Olympics, she demonstrated the world once more, and turned out with GOLD. Shannon has earned 7 Olympic decorations and 9 World Championship awards. ^ Click Here

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The Magnificent Seven 1996 Olympics: Atlanta, Georgia They went to the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia with elevated requirements. In any case, nobody realized that those desires would lead the 7 ladies of the Olympic Team to catching the All-Around gold. These 7 ladies will go down in Olympic History as The Magnificent Seven.

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The Magnificent Seven cont. Amy Chow Amanda Borden 1996 Olympic Team Shannon Miller Dominique Dawes Dominique Moceanu Jacie Phelps ^ Click Here

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Gymnastics 2004 Carly Patterson won Individual All-Around gold at the Olympics in Athens, Greece this mid year. Carly is the 2 nd female athlete to do as such. The 2004 Olympic Team brought home the Silver Medal.

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