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Wonsoo Chang Petur Gislason Patrick Léger Joe Stamps.

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Waging a Standards War. Wonsoo Chang Petur Gislason Patrick Léger Joe Stamps. Overview. Game console industry Launch of Xbox Managing expectations Market opportunities Competitive outlook Microsoft’s weaknesses Discussion. Game Console Industry. $6.5B industry Mature market
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Pursuing a Standards War Wonsoo Chang Petur Gislason Patrick Léger Joe Stamps

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Overview Game console industry Launch of Xbox Managing desires Market open doors Competitive viewpoint Microsoft's shortcomings Discussion

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Game Console Industry $6.5B industry Mature market Increasingly focused Generally not turn around perfect Lack of compatibility

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Microsoft's Xbox Scheduled dispatch: Fall 2001 Pentium III processor Compatible with PC amusements Evolutionary framework Proliferation of Windows stage in low-end gadgets

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Managing Expectations Vaporware system Entice potential PlayStation 2 clients to sit tight for Xbox Solid reputation in making positive input Windows 95

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Market Opportunities Sony's disappointments make an open door for Microsoft: Poor engineering frustrates diversion advancement Underestimation of interest debilitated potential for positive criticism Lack of uniform stage for diversion improvement (requirement for Pentium III)

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Competitive Outlook Lack of introduced console client base Existing base of amusement designers for PC market Lower costs for amusement engineers Game accessibility builds estimation of diversion console

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Weaknesses PC recreations may not engage console clients Threat of low quality PC recreations Lack of prevailing console diversion engineers Answers/results: Market effectiveness Partnerships with key engineers

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Discussion Will vaporware procedure work? In what capacity ought to Sony react? What is the long haul viewpoint for Microsoft? By what method will expanded robbery influence amusement advancement?