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Sorts of Word Formation. CompoundingConversionClippingBlendsBackformationAcronymsOnomatopoeiaEponyms. 1. Aggravating. Definition: Two or more words joined together to shape another word. Examples:Home work ? homeworkPick pocket ? pickpocket. Note: The significance of a compound is not generally the aggregate of the implications of its parts. .
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Word Formation Deny A. Kwary http://www.kwary.net Airlanga University

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Types of Word Formation Compounding Conversion Clipping Blends Backformation Acronyms Onomatopoeia Eponyms

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1. Aggravating Definition: at least two words consolidated to frame another word. Cases: Home + work ��  homework Pick + stash ��  pickpocket

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Note: The significance of a compound is not generally the total of the implications of its parts. Coconut oil ��  oil produced using coconuts. Olive oil ��  oil produced using olives. Child oil ��  cathouse ��  blue-motion pictures ��  blue-chip ��  NOT oil produced using babies oil for infants a house where men visit whores

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2. Change Definition: Assigning an officially existing word to another syntactic classification. Cases: butter (N) ��  to spread the bread permit (V) ��  a passage allow empty (A) ��  to discharge the litter-container

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3. Cutting Definition: Shortening a polysyllabic word by erasing at least one syllables Examples: Facsimile ��  fax Hamburger ��  burger Gasoline ��  Advertisement ��  Omnibus �� 

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4. Mixes Definition: Similar to mixes, however parts of the words are erased. Cases: Motor + inn ��  Motel Breakfast + lunch ��  Brunch Wireless + Fidelity ��  Wi-Fi

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Is this a mix?

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Case Study: Blends or Compunds \'Wild-haired progressives like Che Guevara have been supplanted by clean-trim metrosexual symbols like soccer star David Beckham and artist Ricky Martin.\' (cbsnews.com, 25th November 2003). \'No botox for the Retrosexual. No $1,000 hair styles. The retrosexual man eats red meat generously and now and again executes it himself.\' (The Washington Dispatch, second May 2004). Another late coinage borne out of the present distraction with male stereotyping is the thing and descriptor technosexual . (Macmillan Online, January 2005).

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5. Back-arrangements Definition: Creative decrease because of off base morphological examination. Illustrations: proofreader (1649) ��  alter (1791) TV (1907) ��  broadcast (1927)

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6. Acronyms Definition: Words got from the initials of a few words Examples: extreme intense respiratory disorder ��  SARS Self-contained submerged breathing contraption ��  SCUBA

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Other cases of Acronyms: Radar FYI TGIF a.k.a Html www SWOT Radio distinguishing and going For Your Information Thanks God It\'s Friday otherwise called Hypertext increase dialect World wide web Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

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7. Likeness in sound Definition: Words made to sound like the thing that they name.

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8. Eponyms Definition: Words got from appropriate names or things. Illustrations: Kodak Sandwich Celcius

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Complete the procedure and Identify the sort of word arrangement: 1. Return on Investment ��  2. data, diversion ��  3. modulator, demodulator ��  4. cherish, situate ��  5. Global, police ��  6. A brush ��  7. store ��  8. Capt. Charles Cunningham Boycott ��  ROI ��  Infotainment ��  Modem ��  Loveseat ��  Interpol ��  To brush ��  Deli ��  Boycott ��  acronym mixes exacerbating mixes transformation cutting eponym

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