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PPT Taboo Game. Lower Pre-intermediate. Word Taboo Word(s). Hospital . Doctor. Hairdresser. Hair. Dentist . Teeth . Accountant . Bank . Word Taboo Word(s). Shop. Shop assistant. Librarian . Library . Waiter . Food . Secretary .
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PPT Taboo Game Lower Pre-middle of the road

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Word Taboo Word(s) Hospital Doctor Hairdresser Hair Dentist Teeth Accountant Bank

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Word Taboo Word(s) Shop partner Librarian Library Waiter Food Secretary Phone

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Word Taboo Word(s) Sit Sofa Computer Games Quilt Bedroom Broom Sweep

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Word Taboo Word(s) Floor Rug Toothbrush Teeth Bookcase Books Keys Door

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Word Taboo Word(s) Bathroom Towel Bathtub Bath Toilet WC , Bathroom Comb Hair

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Word Taboo Word(s) Nail Hammer Nail Hammer Swimsuit Swimming Frying container Egg

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Word Taboo Word(s) creature Crocodile Dolphin angle Ostrich fledgling River water

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Word Taboo Word(s) Sea Ocean Flamingo Bird Camel Desert Penguin Ice

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Word Taboo Word(s) Never Always Feed Animals Coffee Bitter Dentist Teeth

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Word Taboo Word(s) ride Roller-liner Ferris wheel ride Careless watchful Trash can Rubbish

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Word Taboo Word(s) dozing Snoring Someone nobody Barking canine Screaming yelling

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Word Taboo Word(s) Bad Worse Better great cm long Kg substantial

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