Work environment Excursion Arranges.

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Working environment Travel Plans. Amy Bristow, Travel Plan AdviserSustainable Business Forum15th March 2007. Presentation. Diagram of travel plansBenefitsHow to set up a travel planOptionsCosts and savingsTravel arranges in the arranging processAssistanceContact points of interest. Diagram. Stem from natural worries to lessen clog and pollutionA technique to enhance access to your businessA bundle of measur
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Workplace Travel Plans Amy Bristow, Travel Plan Adviser Sustainable Business Forum 15 th March 2007

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Introduction Overview of trip arrangements Benefits How to set up a venture arrangement Options Costs and reserve funds Travel arranges in the arranging procedure Assistance Contact points of interest

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Overview Stem from ecological worries to lessen clog and contamination A methodology to enhance access to your business A bundle of measures went for broadening travel decisions by all methods of transport and cutting superfluous auto use. Suburbanites, clients, guests, business travel, armada management and conveyances are all secured.

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Overview II Document the procedure The business and the webpage Travel examples and transport arrangement Targets, points and destinations An activity arrangement of measures Marketing and advancement Monitoring and audit Budget and administration

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Benefits Improved availability To determine particular issues – particularly stopping weights/expenses To solidify travel related business approaches Support development and advancement arrangements To fulfill an arranging commitment Improved business proficiency Raise mindfulness and impact conduct Social and good Environmental

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How to set up a venture arrangement Seek counsel from the County Council Gain senior administration bolster Gather data – reviews and studies Review organization strategies identified with travel Ask addresses and include staff Set goals Identify assets to convey your arrangements Quick wins

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Options Depends on your specific website and working practices Develop what works for you Provide data versus confine auto use Spectrum of alternatives in the middle of Specific choices – auto offer, cycle stopping, season ticket credits, flexi working

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Options II MoD – cycle/walker cordial webpage outline, nearby offices Environment Agency – auto share North Hampshire NHS Trust – cycle stopping MEPC Chineham park – transport transports Whiteley and Segensworth – association working, transport transports, auto offer, stunned movement designs Glasshouse studios – shared post/stationary supplies

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Time Administration Publicity material Surveys Facilities to bolster strolling and cycling Purchase of carshare programming Financial motivations (?) Reduced auto park space Less wiped out/late time Better good Less blockage Improved enrollment and maintenance More proficient business travel Teleworking lessens office space Increased efficiency when working at home Costs and funds

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The arranging procedure Travel arrangements are required for a scope of improvements/augmentations Legal prerequisite to create, convey and screen an arrangement Guidance is accessible on the documentation required

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Assistance Advice and direction (in addition to site) Site and staff studies Targeting and advancement of battles Leaflets, carshare standards, assets Post code mapping Network of contacts/gatherings/assets Public transport administrators Energy Savings Trust Assessment of excursion arrangements preceding accommodation

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Contact Amy Bristow Travel Plan Adviser (Business) 01962 846598

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