Work process Description Language and Workflow Patterns .

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Workflow Description Language and Workflow Patterns . Yi Wang. Outline. What is Workflow? Workflow Management System Workflow Reference Models Workflow Description Language Workflow Patterns. Workflow Definition. The automation of a business process, in whole or part.
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Work process Description Language and Workflow Patterns Yi Wang

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Outline What is Workflow? Work process Management System Workflow Reference Models Workflow Description Language Workflow Patterns

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Workflow Definition The computerization of a business procedure, in entire or part. Data or errands are passed starting with one member then onto the next for activity, as per an arrangement of procedural tenets. Various sensible strides, each of which is known as a movement.

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Example of Workflow

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Workflow Management System- - Definition A framework that totally characterizes, oversees and executes "work processes" through the execution of programming whose request of execution is driven by a PC representation of the work process rationale.

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Three capacity zones - - Supporting WFM T he Build-time capacities, worried with characterizing, and perhaps displaying, the work process and its constituent exercises The Run-time control capacities worried with dealing with the work process forms in an operational domain and sequencing the different exercises to be taken care of as a feature of every procedure The Run-time associations with human clients and IT application devices for preparing the different action steps

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Types of Workflow Product FlowMark (IBM) Lotus Notes(IBM/Lotus) Ad hoc WorkMAN (Reach Software)

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Workflow Reference Model A reference demonstrate for work process administration frameworks has been characterized by the WfMC(Workflow Management Coalition). Determine a structure for work process frameworks, recognizing their qualities, capacities and interfaces.

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WAPI Workflow Application Programming Interface The interface around the work process order An administration interface which is to bolster work process administration works over the 5 utilitarian territories.

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Workflow Enactment Services A product benefit Consist of at least one work process motors so as to make, oversee and execute work process occurrences. Applications may interface to this administration by means of the WAPI.

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Workflow Engine A work process institution benefit comprises of mutiple work process motors. A product benefit or "engine" Execute environment for a work process occasion Responsible for the part or the majority of the runtime control environment inside an authorization benefit.

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Process and Activity State Transitions The work process order administration might be considered as a state move machine, Individual process or action occurrences change states because of outside events(eg finish of an action) Specific control choices taken by a work process engine(eg route to the following action venture inside a procedure)

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A Basic Example

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Process Definition Tools To make display, depict and record a business procedure. In view of Process definition dialect Object relationship display An arrangement of directing orders to exchange data between taking an interest clients

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A Basic Meta-Model WFMC is building up a meta-demonstrate for the procedure definition Meta-Languages is a superset of develops that is in process demonstrating dialects

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Workflow Description Language A procedure portrayal , is a structure depicting the undertakings or exercises to be executed and the request of their execution. The procedure depiction can be given in Workflow Description Language.

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Meta-Language for Workflow and Process Modeling WPDL(Workflow Process Definition Language) PIF(Process Interchange Framework) PSL(Process Specification Language) GPSG(Generalized Process Structure Grammars) Unified Modeling Language

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A Business Process

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Workflow Process Definition Language(WPDL) Defining the activities to be done in every conceivable state Pre-and post-states of states Transitions between states Defining the sequencing of assignments/states Defining computerized states and states requiring client input

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PIF Processes are exhibited at different levels of reflection. Question Oriented idea of legacy. Chain of importance structure.

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PSL(Process Specification Language) To bolster correspondence between various applications in light of a typical comprehension of their surroundings. Build up a typical trade organize for various demonstrating depiction.

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A brief synopsis WPDL, PIF, PSL speak to IPO-based process demonstrating dialects. IPO(Input-Process-Output) IPO-based dialects depict a work process as a coordinated chart of exercises, meaning the arrangement of their execution.

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GPSG Generalized Process Structure Grammars. An imperative based way to deal with process demonstrating.

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GPSG case For IPO-based dialect the grouping of two exercises is indicated as B.start :=A.end For GPSG, contain taking after imperatives B.start = A.end B.end < due date B.start = B.end – B.average_duration

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Unified Modeling Language Defines diverse chart sorts for the plan protest situated programming frameworks Helps you determine, picture, and record models. Offers graphical documentations for work process models.

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Workflow Patterns A procedure requires the actuation of different assignments. Alludes to the relationship among the assignments of a procedure. The work process depiction dialects and the systems to control the sanctioning of a case must have arrangements to bolster these fleeting connections.

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Basic work process designs diagram

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Basic work process designs chart

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Reference Internet-Based Workflow Management: Towards a Semantics Web. Dan.C.Marinescu. Wiley, 2002 Workflow:An Introduction. Victimize Allen, Open Image Systems Inc., United Kingdom Chair, WFMC External Relations Committee Using Web Services and Workflow Ontology in Multi-Agent Systems. Jarmo Korhonen, Lasse Pajunen, and Juha Puustjärvi

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Reference Workflow: An Introduction. Loot Allen, Open Image Systems Inc., United Kingdom. Seat, WfMC External Relations Committee. Work Process Definition Language-Development and Directions of a Meta-Language for Workflow Processes. Michael zur Mühlen, Jörg Becker Workflow Management Coalition The Workflow Reference Model Document Number TC00-1003 Document Status - Issue 1.1 19-Jan-95 Author:David Hollingsworth

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