Worker Free Decision Act.

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Source: U.S. Worker Benefit Research Institute, 2005. ... Results in more laborers having the capacity to deal with their head honchos for better wages, advantages, and working conditions ...
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Representative Free Choice Act Restoring the Freedom to Bargain for a Better Life

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This is an anecdote about Power Union force assembled the American Middle Class Corporate America needs ALL the force We are battling to win back: Good Jobs Affordable Health Care A Secure Retirement Freedom to Bargain Collectively

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Workers are Falling Behind Average Increase in Income Off the graph! 497% Source: Economic Policy Institute 181% 200% 1947-\'73 1973-\'04 150% 116% 97.1% 103% 98.2% 84.8% 100% 63.6% 38.4% half 23.4% 12.9% 2.8% 0% Second Poorest Middle Richest Second Richest Top 0.1%* Top 0.01%* 20% *1979-2001

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We Make It – They Take It CEO Wages versus Laborer Wages Workers Wages 1200% CEO Compensation 900% CEO Salary up 700%! 600% 300% 0 1947 1950 1953 1956 1959 1962 1965 1968 1971 1974 1977 1980 1983 1986 1989 1992 1995 1998 2001 2004

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… and Corporations don\'t give much back % of Tax Revenue from Corporations Source: U.S. Branch of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis.

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Union Workers Make 30% More Average Weekly Wages Source: U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, 2006

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Union Workers Have Better Benefits % of Workers With Benefits Source: U.S. Representative Benefit Research Institute, 2005.

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60 Million Americans Would Join a Union Now on the off chance that They Could Vote For Union Representation Among nonunion, non-administrative specialists Not certain Favor union Oppose union

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But Every Day, Corporations Deny Employees the Freedom to Gain a Better Life Harassed Threatened Fired

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Verizon: the ideal specimen for corporate awful conduct There\'s no better case of why working individuals require the Employee Free Choice Act than the counter union and hostile to laborer activities of Verizon.

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Verizon\'s Corporate Strategy Wall off union-spoke to territories of organization Keep Wireless non-union Keep VZ Business non-union Attack aggregate haggling

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Why the Employee Free Choice Act Matters: The System is Broken Among private-area bosses whose specialists attempt to shape unions: 78% power laborers to go to one-on-one anti-union gatherings with managers 92% power representatives to go to compulsory anti-union gatherings 25% illicitly terminate no less than one specialist for union movement 33% never consent to an agreement

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There\'s an approach to settle it: The Employee Free Choice Act This enactment fortifies assurances for specialists\' opportunity to pick union representation. Brings about more specialists having the capacity to deal with their bosses for better wages , benefits , and working conditions Strengthens punishments for organizations that infringe upon the law when laborers are attempting to frame unions   Establishes intercession and restricting mediation when the business and laborers can\'t concede to a first contract Enables laborers to shape unions when a lion\'s share signs union approval cards

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Who Supports the Employee Free Choice Act? More than 66% of the American open Strongly restrict Strongly support Somewhat contradict 69% Not certain Somewhat support

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The Employee Free Choice Act Majority Sign-Up: Balances power amongst laborers and administration Minimizes working environment struggle Avoids compulsion and badgering of specialists Eliminates deferrals It\'s a demonstrated methodology It\'s fair

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The House of Representatives endorsed the Employee Free Choice Act by a 241-185 vote. The bill is currently on the Senate floor and we\'re building support. Chosen authorities are supporting Verizon specialists. Chosen pioneers are marking on:

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Employee Free Choice Act Because Every Worker Deserves the Freedom to Bargain for a Better Life

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