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Fire fighter. Home. Fire fighters. Back. Woodworker. Back. Medical attendant. Back. Game Shoes ... Connection to more tap move cuts. Tap Dance Clip. Exceptional Shoes. Snow. Climbing. Hockey. Home ...
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´╗┐Working Sports Special Dancing

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Working Shoes Fireman Construction Nurse Home

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Firemen Back

Slide 4

Carpenter Back

Slide 5

Nurse Back

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Sport Shoes Running Basketball Soccer Home

Slide 7

Running Back

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Basketball Back

Slide 9

Soccer Back

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Dancing Shoes Ballerina Ballroom Tap Home

Slide 11

Ballet Back

Slide 12

Ballroom Back

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Tap Back Video Clip

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Tap Dance Clip Link to more tap move cuts

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Special Shoes Hockey Climbing Snow Home

Slide 16

Hockey Back

Slide 17

Ice Climbing Back

Slide 18

Snow Back

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