Working Frameworks: Microsoft Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, and Linux.

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Working Frameworks: Microsoft Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, and Linux Group 1 Presentation John Greves Brooke Hansen Jean-Philippe Frutos Fabio Sciortino Plan What are the distinctions and methodologies of the items? What is their wellspring of income?
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Working Systems: Microsoft Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, and Linux Team 1 Presentation John Greves Brooke Hansen Jean-Philippe Frutos Fabio Sciortino

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Agenda What are the distinctions and techniques of the items? What is their wellspring of income? How do these items manage evaluating issues? How would they handle rights administration? In what way are the items incorporated into the web? Conclusion

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Product Differences Microsoft Windows 2000 Built-in web and application administrations. Web standard security. Promptly Scaled: One or two servers with a few customers or several servers with thousands of customers. 32-bit Environment. Easy to understand interface. Top market share—widely utilized.

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Product Differences Sun Solaris 64-bit Environment… Easily handles substantial system movement, gigantic information sets, gigantically process escalated issues . Empowers web servers to handle numerous more clients. Dynamic reconfiguration—more dependable and serviceable.

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Product Differences Linux 32-bit Environment. Utilizes pre - emptive multitasking . Secured memory . Underpins different clients . Rich backing for systems administration, including TCP/IP organizing . Keeps running on a mixed bag of equipment. Intended for experienced users—gives ability to make one’s own stage.

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Product Strategies Windows 2000: Capture general market—most normally utilized working framework. Sun Solaris: Business oriented—reliable environment for system processing. Linux: Provide steady and versatile working environment for more specialized clients.

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Windows/Solaris Performance SAP Retail Benchmark Tests Measured in a large number of line - things prepared every hour

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Source of Revenue Windows 2000: Sales to home, business, and scholastic clients. Sun Solaris: Sales created generally from business clients. Linux: Distributing organizations produce income from offering working framework. Merchants

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Product Pricing Windows 2000: Versioning —Microsoft made Windows 2000 on the NT server for organizations, and Windows Millennium for home clients. Windows 2000 also ships in Professional and Server Family versions. Gathering Pricing —Licenses marked down bundles for schools, organizations, and so on. Lock-in: Switching from Windows 2000 is expensive for organizations since Microsoft dominates the business sector. Client Loyalty: By offering motivating forces to schools, understudies get comfortable with the OS design.

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Product Pricing Sun Solaris: Versioning —Sun has made three renditions of the Solaris framework: workgroup, endeavor, or administration supplier. Gathering Pricing —Licenses are given in mass to bring down the cost for organizations.

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Product Pricing Linux: Versioning —Linux offers distinctive variants of their working framework for a few unique processors and transport frameworks, keeping in mind the end goal to achieve a wide range of clients. Linux working framework is accessible for nothing however the Free Software Foundation, yet business forms are accessible that offer assistance includes and are simpler to introduce.

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Rights Management Microsoft: Private organization - holds licenses on programming and keeps source code private. Sun Solaris: Private company—same conditions as Microsoft. Linux: Publicly created and copyrights are held by different makers, however source code accessible to all. Clarification

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Internet Integration Microsoft: Built-in web capacities and gives backing to web empowered applications. Sun Solaris: Designed for internet—TCP/IP is center of Solaris systems administration. Linux: Rich backing for TCP/IP systems administration and runs a few web applications.

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Conclusion Microsoft Windows 2000—User well disposed and most prominent, yet not open to alteration. Sun Solaris—Designed for business clients and considered more steady than Windows 2000. Linux: Free and versatile, however intended for specialized users—l

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