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WORKING THE MEDIA Correspondences Arranges THAT WORK BRAM ALEXANDER Working the Media Utilize the KISS guideline Keep It Basic Inept! Essential standards accomplish results - paying little respect to the size or many-sided quality of the circumstance or issue Working the Media The fundamentals:
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Working the Media Employ the KISS rule Keep It Simple Stupid! Essential standards accomplish results - paying little heed to the size or multifaceted nature of the circumstance or issue

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Working the Media The nuts and bolts: Get the choice making process right Stick to the key messages Use the same representative – ideally one the group knows and trusts which helps fabricate believability for your messages Be accessible for normal overhauls – however just when there is new data

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Working the Media

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Working the Media What is the right level of frenzy? The media has a honest to goodness enthusiasm for getting precise, breakthrough data This hobby can be honest to goodness diverted into a helpful device and give a connection between government, crisis administration and general wellbeing groups and people in general If these stations to data are blocked, talk, deception and the hedge broadcast can prompt undesirable results

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Working the Media Crisis? What emergency? Go early, be proactive By putting the issue\'s measure and the real dangers into point of view can take the warmth out of a circumstance If the media supposes you are by and large candid and fair, this is regularly reflected in their reporting

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Working the Media Crisis? What emergency? Getting awful news out is superior to anything the moderate dribble, trickle, trickle of day by day disclosures that keep a story consistently in the general population eye for the wrong reasons This can take the center off the key messages

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Working the Media

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Working the Media Golden crusade guidelines Put the community’s intrigues first Act definitively – genuinely Own up or apologize for the issue Fix the issue if there is one Be in advance with the actualities - let it know all – let it know quick - and stay on the ball

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Working the Media

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Working the Media Nuts and screws inquiries Get the choice making process right Accurate briefings for representatives Target the best media – radio – first! Television is slower and print a dinosaur Prepare truth sheets ahead of time eg., signs and manifestations – how would I make myself safe at home and so on These can be changed and stacked onto sites/printed whenever

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Working the Media More stray pieces questions What if the force goes out? Will material be put away off-site in a local HQ When do you initiate the 1800 call-focus? Along the way - checking on conventions and strategies does not infer a weakness, but rather it is a reasonable method for guaranteeing making arrangements for the obscure is a la mode and current.

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Working the Media Stuffing up – yet proceeding onward Melbourne Aquarium Thursday, April 27, 2000 Chief Health Officer – resigning following day Successor abroad New appointee CHO ventured in Friday, April 28 – agent CHO interstate Head, transmittable ailments – tossed to the wolves - face and voice of episode for the DURATION!

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Working the Media Coming difficulties The 2006 Commonwealth Games implies we need to represent a misrepresentation of the typical issues when vast gatherings assemble. Guarantee sustenance security, support of cooling towers, reconnaissance of irresistible sicknesses through doctor\'s facility crisis offices when a great deal of o/oceans guests are available and can present new strains of influenza and so forth Learn from Sydney’s 2000 Olympic Games achievement

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Working the Media What hides inconspicuous around the bend? Bio-terrorism as a mass setback occasion is by all accounts a center of quite a bit of our endeavors Statistically, we are expected for an influenza pandemic and the most recent disclosures about Avian influenza changing are cooling A pandemic would be a definitive test of our versatility and media aptitudes Don’t frenzy would be unfilled talk

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