Workmanship and Science Institute at Edwins Basic an Association with Northwest Florida State.

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Craftsmanship Education...stimulating personalities and creating potential ... Craftsmanship History. Watercolor and Landscape. Acrylic and Composition. Chalk Pastels and Portraits ...
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Workmanship & Science Academy at Edwins Elementary a Partnership with Northwest Florida State

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Is STEM instruction critical to her? Okaloosa County School District conceives that it is… Science+Technology+Engineering+Math=a Better Future Art & Science Academy at Edwins Elementary a Partnership with Northwest Florida State

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Is ART training vital to her? Okaloosa County School District imagines that it is… Art Education… fortifying personalities and creating potential Art & Science Academy at Edwins Elementary an organization with Northwest Florida State

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Rationale and Needs Assessment Establishing Relevance Annual Industry Needs - Florida >30,000 Science high-wage occupations Environmental Scientists Engineers… >7,500 Computer and Math Manufacturing Digital Design Architecture Biomedical Design… *Employ Florida information Science associations advance pertinence and interest Environmental assets stewardship Arts training helps support and review

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Visiting Artist Series Topics may include: Art History Watercolor and Landscape Acrylic and Composition Chalk Pastels and Portraits Color blending Digital Art and Math: Perspective Drawings Music and Math Michelangelo: The Science of Art

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Visiting Scientists and Engineers Series NWF State Science and Art Faculty Dr. Anne Southard: Associate Dean of Instruction "I LOVE Science" Sponsored by: IEEE Women\'s Engineering Group Missy Ward: SWE Support contact

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Going Green Series Allison Beauregard, OWC Mattie Kelly-Why Green? Matt Clark, Construction Institute –Building Green Jim Reese, Waste Management-Recycling

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Project Green Birds and Butterflies: Establishing Habitats Trash to Treasure: Recycled Art Show… Green Building: composed undertaking

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Community Outreach Estuary Day Display Harbor Walk Art Sell Earth Day Green Building Campaign

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Seamless Progression K-12 K-2 Pre-Academy: with additional perusing in science and workmanship content books implanted into the educational programs 3-5 Academy: Grade-level Science Project for 3, 4, and 5 Begin Going Green Series pivot 3 rd Begin Artist Series turns 4 th Begin "I LOVE Science" arrangement revolution 5 th

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Step One : Enrich Art and Science Instruction Third Grade Fourth Grade Begin "Specialists" Series Class Science Research Project Environmental Field Expedition Digital Photography Fifth Grade Begin "Practicing environmental awareness" Series Class Science Research Project Art Show Field Trip Computer Keyboarding Begin "I LOVE Science" Series Individual Science Research and Art Project Engineers for America Field Trip Digital Photo Design Project

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Step Two : Develop Feeder Pattern Art and Science Instruction Bruner MS Ft Walton Beach HS STEM/Art Integration Green Construction Science Fair BioDigital Design STEM Acceleration AP Concurrent Enrollment Dual Enrollment Post 2 nd ary/Career STEM Integration DataLogger LEGO NXT FLL Team Science Fair Research Project Art Connections Band Program Art Program PreConstruction Pre Digital Arts Industry Certifications Pre-earned school credits Meets pre-requirements Early confirmations ►

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Appendix Resources

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Mattie Kelly Cultural & Environmental Institute at Northwest Florida State Jim Chitwood: (Becky Tislow) Phone: 850-729-5357 Fax: 850-729-5273

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Northwest Florida State College Dr. Bounce Richbourg Dr. Jill White Anne H. Southard, Ed.D. Partner Dean for Instruction and Educational Services 100 College Blvd., Niceville, Florida  32578 telephone: 850.729.6040 fax: 850.729.5278

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Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation Marsha Hull 650-2226-4-17 Leah McGill Education Director Similar concurrence with Destin Middle and Elementary Program is by all accounts reliable with the objectives of MKF

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Grant Possibility and Program Support   SmartBrief Eye on Curriculum  Educators say expressions mix helps interest, review Thanks to their instructors\' mix of expressions into math, perusing, social studies and science class work, understudies in one Mississippi locale turned out to be more drawn in and bettered their execution. "Every classroom adapts better if expressions of the human experience are a piece of the learning procedure. That rises above tuition based school, state funded school, economics," said Marcia Daft, an expressions based training expert who showed Greenville, Miss., teachers how to consolidate the strategy with her workshops, subsidized by a Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts stipend. The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Miss.)/Delta Democrat Times (6/29)

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KENNEDY CENTER ALLIANCE FOR ARTS EDUCATION NETWORK (KCAAEN) INFORMATION Florida – The Florida Alliance for Arts Education has moved to Orlando and will be housed at the University of Central Florida. The Alliance\'s new Executive Director is Mary Palmer. She can be come to via mail at 11410 Swift Water Circle, Orlando FL 32817; by telephone at 407-823-3397; and by email at

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Vision for the Future Facilities Faculty Art instructor with advanced experience Science Coach Wet Lab for Edwins Equipped for science Equipped for craftsmanship Greenhouse

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WALL-E Ms. Gagliano Great case of Art and Science Rave Theater Will call: 650-4539

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