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Word reference of Art. Lexicon of Symbols in Western Art. Reference book of Artists ... skim our titles. Online Resources. Craftsmanship History Resources on the Web ...
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Workmanship Survey Informational Resources & Research Techniques

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Keywords Flexible wording Easier to do looks Less exact

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Keyword Phrases Single idea, various words Some electronic assets require catchphrase expressions be encased with accentuation Quotation marks Parenthesis

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Basic expression Proper names Hyphenated words Book titles, painting titles, and so on (high renaissance) "Jackson Pollock" (post-impressionism ) "Mona Lisa" Keyword Phrases

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Boolean Operators Boolean Operators interface watchwords just Must be put amongst watchwords AND Narrows your inquiry OR Expands your hunt with synonymous terms NOT Excludes words from your pursuit If utilized excessively, it can conflict with you!

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Boolean Operators AND painting and watercolor C é zanne and representation and "post-impressionism"

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Boolean Operators OR watercolor or watercolor picture or likeness AND & OR together watercolor or watercolor and painting picture or likeness and C é zanne and "post-impressionism"

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Boolean Operators NOT painting not house likeness not photography AND, OR & NOT together acrylic and painting not house or family

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Informational Resources Reference Collection (700-779) Atlas of World Art Contemporary Women Artists Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Dictionary of Art Dictionary of Symbols in Western Art Encyclopedia of Artists Encyclopedia of Comparative Iconography Encyclopedia of Italian Renaissance & Mannerist Art Grove Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts Photography Encyclopedia

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Informational Sources Articles Academic Search Premier MasterFILE Premier Issues and Controversies Lexis Nexis Academic (New York Times) Art Index (1929-2005) Periodicals List Search by subject "expressive arts" to skim our titles

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Online Resources Art History Resources on the Web Mark Harden\'s Artchive Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

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Online Resources NYPL Digital Gallery Orazio Centaro\'s Art Images on the Web Timeline of Art History Artcyclopedia: Fine Art Search Engine CUL Digital Collections

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Online Resources Photoswest (Denver Public Library) American Memory Smithsonian Institution Imaging Project

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Online Resources World Wide Arts Resources on the Web Chicano Art Digital Image Collection National Gallery of Art

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Google Search by document sort For instance: .pdf: measurements Search by space For instance: .edu: verse See Google freebee for more approaches to look

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RSS Feeds Gather data from over the Web and convey it to you Library databases are currently consolidating RSS channels into their items, check here for more data.

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RSS Feeds - Services Google Reader NewsGator FeedReader SharpReader

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Tagging A tag is a catchphrase connected with a bit of data (e.g., a photo, map, blog section, video cut, and so on.), portraying the thing for a watchword based order framework with searchable usefulness (like a bookmark). YouTube incorporates labels, the idea of labeling is a referral to what libraries have been doing years before the Internet opened up to the world (idea of subject seeking)

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Tagging - Services Digg Reddit Google Bookmarks PeerClip (for doctors)

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Groundbreaking Sites Powerhouse Museum Collection AskArt Art Education 2.0 Art Teacher\'s Guide to the Internet

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