Workshop on Enforcement of Electrical Codes and Standards .

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Foundation. Quickly developing power utilization in KSAProliferation of electrical hardware in business and buyer sectorPressure to create codes and norms administering electrical equipmentImplementation of national construction law. Legitimate, Regulatory and Institutional Environment. Limit of administrative administration to implement regulations, codes, required standardsAdequate market observation
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Workshop on Enforcement of Electrical Codes and Standards Riyadh, Saudi Arabia October 27-28 Background, Goals and Themes

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Background Rapidly developing power utilization in KSA Proliferation of electrical hardware in business and purchaser area Pressure to create codes and principles administering electrical gear Implementation of national construction regulation

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Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Environment Capacity of administrative administration to uphold controls, codes, compulsory measures Adequate market observation Appropriate item risk administration Appropriate punishments for resistance

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WTO Obligations KSA acquiesced to WTO in 2005 TBT Agreement represents rules for insurance of wellbeing, security and environment Required to utilize universal norms as premise of directions and congruity evaluation techniques Growth in number of worldwide benchmarks (ISO, IEC, ITU)

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Regional Harmonization of gauges at the territorial level through GCC Customs Union Implementation at residential level by national bodies Adoption of GCC controls for electrical security and similarity appraisal strategies

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June Workshop June 2008 workshop on execution of electrical codes and guidelines in Saudi Arabia Provided prologue to institutionalization foundation, exchange viewpoints, Saudi institutional structure, global experience Current workshop looks all the more profoundly at status of electrical models and codes authorization, dissect the deficiencies and prescribe enhancements to fortify the current framework

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Some Issues from June Workshop Who guarantees nearby building monitors? Is it true that they are qualified? Who pays for electrical item testing? How would you keep away from numerous tests for a similar item in various nations? Ought to SEC have a part in investigating wiring and establishments? Are there adequate item risk laws set up in the Kingdom? What will be the impacts of the SNBC on the norms and examination administration Is post showcase reconnaissance agreeable

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Current Workshop Program Session One – Conformity Enforcement Session Two – Electrical Installation Code Enforcement Session Three – Market Surveillance

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(1) Conformity Enforcement of Electrical Standards Focus on 3 rd party affirmation – worldwide accepted procedures, national Experience in actualizing Conformity Certificate Program Emergence of falsifying

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Challenges Lack of very much created foundation for testing of items and apparatuses Growing significance of locally made electrical gear Implementation of GCC congruity appraisal framework for electrical items Need to execute vitality effectiveness guidelines and naming system created by SASO

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(2) Electrical Installation Code Enforcement SNBC presented in 2007 Regulations representing wellbeing, machanical, electrical, common, water and protection 3 year stage in period MOMRA in charge of organization

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Challenges Developing ability to execute and check the Code at metropolitan level Developing empowering structures – assessor preparing, programming, overhauling of associated building ventures Promoting comprehension of the Code among partners designers, draftsmen, engineers, inhabitants, overall population

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(3) Market Surveillance Relatively new in the Kingdom Development of new codes and principles, expanding imports and rising rate of duplicating require proper observation devices and more carefulness of the market Need to survey flow status of nearby observation endeavors and highlight best universal practices

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Challenges Establishment of observation administration Training - reviewers, custom authorities Implementation of GOC Mark of Conformity Emergence of forging

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