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Worldwide Car Moderator: Industry - Straight to the point GM - Raymond Toyota - Angela Volvo - Lillian Worldwide Automobile Deals The developing significance of Developing Business sector Shock! Shock! Fast Extension
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Worldwide Automotive

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Presenter: Industry - Frank GM - Raymond Toyota - Angela Volvo - Lillian

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Global Auto Sales

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The developing significance of Emerging Market

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Surprise! Shock! Fast EXPANSION The generation for the following 20 years will be more than what ’ s been made for the whole 110 years of car industry history BRIC, particularly China has been, and will be the significant main thrust of worldwide Auto industry Expected to supplant Japan as the second biggest business sector

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Continuous Growth in Global Automobile Industry Global Vehicle Ownership Estimation: Over 1 billion units in 2010

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Major Countries Click here

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Major Manufactures

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Major Manufacturer working Margin

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Excess creation limit NA

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Industry Characteristics - Major Cost Labor & Pension plans**** N.A organizations confront a lot of annuity expense - approx. $1500 per vehicle Jap organizations have none benefits taken a toll Material Hundreds of pieces bought from suppliers Automakers ingest just piece of the increment in material expense Advertising

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Cost Breakdown - Typical American

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Cost Breakdown - Typical American

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Highly delicate to total monetary execution U.S economy will back off from 3.2% GDP development to around 2% The impact of popularity based triumph in congress?? Industry Characteristics - Sales cycle

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Industry qualities - M/An, Alliance Technology, R/D Market infiltration Global collaboration

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Industry attributes - M/An, Alliance GM:- - 200 Garage Car creators in ahead of schedule days - SAAB, Daewoo - Isuzu, Subaru, Suzuki Ford - Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, - Mazda Benz - Chrysler Renault - Nissan

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Porter ’ s Five Forces

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Threat of New contestants Emergence of outside contenders with Capital, innovation and administration aptitudes Chinese & India brands inside they could call their own nations

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Suppliers Had little power before Been hit hard in Major Automaker expense cutting Globalization merger and obtaining Increased strain b/w suppliers and Automakers

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Supply Chain (customary) Tier 3 Raw Material Tier 2 Small parts Tier 1 segments OEM Design& amass

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Supply Chain (developing) Raw Material Supplier Global Standardized–Systems Manufacturer Component expert Systems Integrator

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Merger of suppliers

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Outsourcing generation - to more suppliers Percent of Car Value outsourced

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Suppliers - Cost cutting prerequisite of Automakers

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Suppler (cont) A noteworthy suppler Collins & Aikman stopped conveyance to Ford on Oct 19 th Caused provisional close down of one of the greatest sequential construction system of Ford Foreseeable -

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One of the biggest supplier Dana has been added to the rundown (April 2006)

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Substitutes Public transportation on the ascent

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Rivalry Fierce rivalry High rivalry cost Low return Historically maintain a strategic distance from cost rivalry More and More cost rivalry

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Buyers Historically, the automaker force went unchallenged As the business sector soak, more choices made accessible, purchasers have critical measure of force

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Increasing Models and Decreasing Scale, US Market

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Regulation Regulations Emission standard*** Safety standard

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European Union : “ACEA agreement” looks for 25% diminishment in vehicle CO 2 discharges levels by 2008 (from 1995 levels). Assention may be expanded an extra 10% by 2012. Japan : requires 23% decrease in vehicle CO 2 emanations by 2010 (from 1995 levels). Australia : deliberate duty to enhance mileage by 18% by 2010. Canada : has proposed a 25% change in efficiency by 2010. China : Introduced new mileage norms in 2004; weight-based gauges to be presented in 2 stages (2005 and 2008). California : CARB endorsed GHG outflows diminishments for vehicles, right now under authoritative audit. New York : Clean Cars Bill proposing to take after California benchmarks is as of now in advisory group. A few other NE states have shown they will take after CA’s lead.

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Comparison of Fuel Economy and GHG Emission Standards An and Sauer, 2004 for the Pew Center on Global Climate Change

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Aggregate Value Exposure Estimated expense per vehicle to meet “most likely” carbon imperative situations in US, EU and Japan 8 25x distinction in Value Exposure over the business

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Management Capacity for Low-Carbon Technologies Measure of OEMs’ ability to create and popularize primary low-carbon advances: cross breeds, diesels & power devices 9

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moreover Political issues Trade obstruction tax Energy emergency OPEC Political & Natural reasons Technology improvement Hybrid, Fuel cells, Hydrogen, Electronic, ethanol. And so forth System highlight & outline

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Key achievement components Pension store administration How well the organization digest what ’ s been eaten Supplier relationship administration Risk administration (i.e. trade introduction hazard, ware cost danger) outline, promoting of new models New innovation advancement

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General Motors Symbol: GM Exchange(s): NYSE Industry: Consumer Products (Automotive)

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As of Nov 7, 2006 Dividends Per Share : 1.00 Number of Shares: 565,610,000

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1 Year Chart

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30% expansion inside of 1 year

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5 Year Chart

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20% abatement inside of 5 years

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Company Profile The world\'s biggest automaker has been the worldwide business deals pioneer for a long time utilizes around 327,000 individuals around the globe makes its autos and trucks in 33 nations Engaged in car generation and showcasing and financing and protection operations biggest working vicinity in North America

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EXECUTIVE PROFILES G. Richard Wagoner, Jr. GM Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Since June 2000 BA in financial matters from Duke University MBA from Harvard Business School Frederick (Fritz) A. Henderson GM Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer BBA from the University of Michigan MBA from Harvard Business School Robert A. Lutz GM Vice Chairman, Global Product Development BA underway administration from the University of California-Berkeley MBA from the University of California-Berkeley level of specialist of administration from Kettering University

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Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Fleet & Commercial Operations Holden Vauxhall GMC GM Daewoo HUMMER Pontiac Saturn Saab Opel Brands

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GMAC Financial Services A money organization offers car, private and business financing and protection

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GM\'s OnStar auxiliary a supplier of vehicle wellbeing, security and data administrations use (GPS) satellite and cell innovation to connect the vehicle and driver to the OnStar Center guides offer constant, customized help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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Global Partnerships greater part shareholder in GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Co. of South Korea Product, powertrain and obtaining joint efforts with Suzuki Motor Corp. what\'s more, Isuzu Motors Ltd. of Japan Advanced innovation joint efforts with DaimlerChrysler AG BMW AG of Germany Toyota Motor Corp. of Japan Vehicle assembling endeavors with Toyota Suzuki Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. of China AVTOVAZ of Russia Renault SA of France

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Market GM\'s biggest national business sector is the United States, trailed by China, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany

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GM in 2005 One of the most troublesome years Reported loss of $10.6 B

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The span of GM’s 2005 misfortune, the majority of which identified with its North American operations

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Global Sales GM had its second most noteworthy deals volume internationally a year ago, with almost 9.2 million vehicles sold More than a large portion of GM’s deals all around came OUTSIDE the United States In the Asia Pacific area , GM sold more than 1 million vehicles GM turned into the No. 1 auto maker in China alongside their joint endeavor accomplice Significant development in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East locale , with deals up 20 percent Eighth sequential year of offers initiative in district, for example, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, South Africa and the Middle East GM Europe cut its misfortunes essentially

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GM Production Schedule

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GM Car Deliveries

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Challenges and Weakness Due to: enormous legacy expense trouble powerlessness to change basic expenses in accordance with falling income worldwide overcapacity falling costs rising medicinal services costs higher fuel costs diminishing interest for a portion of the most elevated benefit item worldwide rivalry global trade rates tend to help Japanese and Korean imports

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Rising retiree human services expenses and Other Post Employment Benefit (OPEB) reserve shortage incited the organization to institute an expansive rebuilding arrangement For each dynamic GM representative in the United States a year ago, GM bolstered 3.2 retirees and surviving life partners GM’s social insurance bill in 2005 = 5.3B

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Financial Burden - Health care and annuities. * Number of U.S. retirees and surviving companions who got annuity arrangement advantages ** Est. number of U.S. workers, wards, retirees and surviving life partners secured by medical advantages

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Delphi Chapter 11 procedures Delphi is a car goes separate ways spun-off from GM recorded a charge of $5.5 billion ($3.6 billion after expense) as an appraisal of unexpected exposures identifying with the Chapter 11 documenting of Delphi Corporation GM getting just a bit of sums owed by Delphi to GM commitments in overabundance of sums perceived by

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