Worldwide E-Business.

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2.1 Business procedures and Information frameworks. 2.2 Types of business data frameworks ... innovation and the Internet to execute the real business forms ...
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Worldwide E-Business How organizations use data frameworks

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To keep cost low "Spare Money, Live Better" Walmart Economies of scale Low overhead Employ minimal number of staffs to serve the most a significant number of clients Information frameworks comes to play Hypermarkets

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Objectives of IT structure Support every day operations Support consumer loyalty Attract & hold recognized representatives Support basic leadership Reinforce the association with suppliers Reduce danger of operations

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2.1 Business procedures and Information frameworks 2.2 Types of business data frameworks 2.3 Systems that traverse the undertaking 2.4 The data frameworks capacity in business

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2.1 Business procedures and Information frameworks Business handle The way in which work is sorted out, composed, and centered to create an important item and administration Hire workers New items improvement

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Business process Source of aggressive quality Source of liabilities Tied to a particular capacity zone Identify new clients Cross various capacities Order satisfaction process

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Order satisfaction process

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How data innovation upgrades business forms: Efficiency and change Increase productivity of existing procedures Enable altogether new procedures Change the stream of data More individuals to get to and impart data Replace successive strides to all the while in parallel Eliminating delays in basic leadership

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2.2 Types of business data frameworks Even little firms have an accumulation of various frameworks Two viewpoints By business capacities Sales & promoting Manufacturing & generation Finance & bookkeeping Human assets

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By the major authoritative gatherings that information frameworks serve Operational administration Middle administration Senior administration

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Transaction preparing frameworks Operational Keep track of the basic exercises and exchanges POS, purpose of-offer frameworks Tasks, assets, and objectives are predefined and very organized Central to a business

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Management data frameworks and choice emotionally supportive networks Middle administration Monitoring, controlling, basic leadership, and managerial exercises Reports on the association\'s present execution

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MIS Provide data to normal, particular ahead of time circumstances DSS Nonroutine, not completely predefined ahead of time circumstances What … ., if WHAT might be the effect on the generation plans IF we were to twofold deals in the month of December?

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Voyage-assessing DSS

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Executive emotionally supportive networks Senior administration Address vital issues and long haul patterns What item would it be a good idea for us to make in 5 years? Join information about outside occasions Use Portal as interface for senior administration Draw condensed data from inward MIS and DSS

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2.3 Systems that traverse the endeavor Enterprise applications Execute business forms over the business firm Span utilitarian territories Include all levels of administration Enterprise frameworks Supply chain administration frameworks Customer relationship administration frameworks Knowledge administration frameworks

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Enterprise frameworks ERP, venture assets arranging 企業資源規劃 MIS frameworks can not consequently trade data to each other Fragmentation of information Collecting information from different key business forms 就源輸入

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Information stream as Data stream deals Sales data frameworks bookkeeping Customer orders Accounting data frameworks creation Production information frameworks Information stream with Data CENTRALIZED Customers WEB Order Master File ERP Sales Production

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Store information in a solitary CENTRAL information storehouse 資料庫 Speed correspondence of data all through the organization A client put in a request Sale dept Data stream naturally to other piece of organization Production dept

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ERP empower clients to access up-to-the-moment information on Sales Inventory Production

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Supply chain administration frameworks Manage association with their suppliers Automate the stream of information crosswise over hierarchical limit Research/Development Design Manufacturing

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Ability to move items effectively through the production network Lower cost Increase client administration

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Interorganizational frameworks Orbitz, Travelocity, Priceline Airlines, lodgings, rental autos, … . Join their capacities to offer clients an incorporated internet shopping knowledge

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Haworth Inc. – maker and architect of office furniture Warehouse Management System Transportation Management System

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Customer Relationship administration frameworks Manage the associations with clients Provide data to facilitate all the business forms that arrangement with clients Sales, showcasing, administration Customer fulfillment Customer maintenance to advance income

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SAAB, USA Engage clients through 3 channels Dealer system Customer help focus Lead administration frameworks 顧客開發 Compartmentalized Did not share crucial clients data

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CRM Integrating the company\'s client related procedures Consolidating clients data from different correspondence channels 360 level of client Siebel frameworks

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Knowledge administration frameworks Better administration forms for catching and applying learning and skill Create Produce Deliver Product and administration 知識分享

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Intranets and extranets Information incorporation Networks worked with the same instruments and correspondence standard (web innovation) Intranet: system for interior use Extranet: Intranets reached out to approved clients outside the organization system for inward utilize and client, suppliers use

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Collaboration & correspondence frameworks: Knowledge economy Primary worth included movement of employments Interaction Talking, Emailing, Presenting, Persuading Require sharing data & interfacing with other individuals

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Face to face cooperations With data frameworks Internet-based coordinated effort situations Workgroup joint effort Team records Email for group interchanges Group logbook Live video gathering IBM Lotus Sametime Microsoft Office Live Meeting Adobe Acrobat Connect

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Email & Instant Messaging Cell telephone & Smartphone Mobile stage Blackberry Social systems administration Help individuals share their interests and communicate serving proficient

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Wikis Allow clients to contribute and alter substance Major storehouse for unstructured corporate learning Inefficiency: individuals asking & answer the same question over and again More dynamic & current Virtual Worlds Online virtual group

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E-Business, E-Commerce, E-Government Use of computerized innovation and the Internet to execute the significant business forms

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2.4 The Information System Function in Business Formal authoritative unit in charge of data innovation administration 資訊部門 Programmer System investigator Information frameworks director Chief data officer (CIO) End clients

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Organizing the data frameworks capacity Decentralized Each capacity has its own MIS office Fig. 2-10(A) Centralized MIS work as a different division Fig. 2-10(B) Combined "Fortune 1000"- size firms, Fig. 2-10 (C)

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IT administration Strategy & arrangements for utilizing data innovation inside an association

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Interactive session (Minicase) Technology Air Canada: Web_based framework to improve perceivability of fleet_wide information around the globe P.80 Management Printing & bundling organization goes advanced P. 83

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