Worldwide Health Diplomacy: Advancing Health Literacy .

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Global Health Diplomacy: Advancing Health Literacy . World Health Communication Associates World Health Organization - Geneva 18 May 2009 Scott C. Ratzan, MD, MPA Vice President, Global Health Government Affairs Johnson & Johnson. Our Goal: Health for the public good.
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Worldwide Health Diplomacy: Advancing Health Literacy World Health Communication Associates World Health Organization - Geneva 18 May 2009 Scott C. Ratzan, MD, MPA Vice President, Global Health Government Affairs Johnson & Johnson

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Our Goal: Health for general society great "The expansion to all people groups of the advantages of restorative, mental and related learning is basic without limitations accomplishment of wellbeing." World Health Organization Preamble to the Constitution

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Issues prone to cost society can be tended to with wellbeing strategy Pandemics Chronic sickness in created nations Developing world illness

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Apply our confirmation based approach with Communication Over 12 years of research in the associate checked on Journal of Health Communication had quantifiable results with correspondence influencing: Knowledge Attitudes Awareness Practices Perceptions Intentions Behavior change, and Social Change

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The Opportunity to Advance Health: Health Literacy for the general population great " Informed sentiment and dynamic collaboration with respect to the general population are absolutely critical in the change of soundness of the general population." World Health Organization Preamble to the Constitution

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Health Literacy Health Literacy is "how much people have the ability to get, handle, and comprehend fundamental wellbeing data and administrations expected to settle on fitting wellbeing choices." Ratzan and Parker, NLM Complete Bibliographies of Medicine, 2000 USDHHS, Healthy People 2010 Institute of Medicine, 2006

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Health Literacy Framework Health Literacy

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Pediatric wellbeing proficiency - US " Most youngsters and their guardians [could] advantage from an arrangement of wellbeing education aptitudes satisfactory to meet regular preventive needs (e.g nourishment, improvement, home security, vision and lead screening, inoculations.) AND basic intense wellbeing needs (e.g. Fever, lack of hydration, upper respiratory tract diseases, sexually transmitted contaminations)" Source: Source: Sanders LM et al., Literacy and kid wellbeing: a precise survey. Document of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Feb. 2009 And Benard Dreyer, American Academy of Pediatrics, 2009

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Health Literacy – OECD, EU, US What do we do to remain solid? Key ranges and numbers: vaccinations, blood levels (glucose, cholesterol), weight, circulatory strain), and so forth. In the event that we are debilitated, how might we improve? Could you do quality self care; screening? Do you depend on the framework for wellbeing choices If we are living with ailment, how would we get successful therapeutic care? Learning, data and practice

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Health Literacy Scorecard: Globally-Developing and transitional economies What do we do to remain sound? Key zones and numbers: body mass record in range, mineral/salt, inoculations, weight, circulatory strain, and so forth. Do I or my family/companions smoke cigarettes? In the event that we are wiped out, how might we show signs of improvement? Can I perceive and comprehend signs/manifestations? At the point when do I look for a wellbeing administration laborer exhort? On the off chance that we are living with sickness, how would we get viable restorative care? Learning, data and practice

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Measure Health Literacy " what completes measured gets " Health Literacy Incorporate wellbeing education with quantifiable things Link to worldwide, local and national endeavors to quantify wellbeing quality, abberations, and cost

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CONCLUSION.. Endeavors to affect worldwide wellbeing requires wellbeing tact Government Health Ministry, Public Health Officials, State and neighborhood governments Legislation and strategy Direct subsidizing Medical part and research establishments Academic organizations, doctor affiliations, singular specialists Testing and patient finding Appropriate treatment and care Disease administration doctor\'s facility and pharmaceutical firms Research the study of disease transmission logical and clinical social Foundations, NGOs Financial bolster Grass roots intercession start and maintain group activity Lobbying and exhorting taxpayer driven organization conveyance Heqlth discretion for kids\' wellbeing International wellbeing affiliations and associations (WHO, IDF, World Economic Forum, and so forth) International standard setting rules, conventions best practice Technical help Funding International coalition building Private segment Funding, people Corp. worker engagement - instruction and monetary bolster Corp in-kind bolster Mass media Press outlets (TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine) Online outlets (Yahoo, Message sheets) Public gathering and data information dispersal open criticism and talk

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Possible engagement with the United Nations and wellbeing proficiency - 2009 ECOSOC Outcome Report at General Assembly for activity under arrangements of a determination on "Worldwide Health and Foreign Policy" (September 2009) ECOSOC Meeting on Promoting Health Literacy (Beijing, 29-30 April 2009) + ECOSOC Meeting on NCDs in the Middle-East (Qatar, 10-11 May 2009) + ECOSOC High Level Segment on Global Health (Geneva, 6-8 July 2009) Monograph (September 2009) WHCA UN General Assembly High Level Discussion on Health (New York,June 2009)

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Our proposed engagement with wellbeing tact For more data: Scott Ratzan MD THANK YOU!

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