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Worldwide News. Meeting 7. CNN: Back up parent of worldwide television news. 1980 Vernon Jordan shot in Indiana Tiananman Square - Bernard Shaw, live scope on own satellite dish Persian Bay War - Diminish Arnett in Baghdad 1987 World Report for worldwide appropriation and outside telecasters
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Worldwide News Meeting 7

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CNN: Godfather of worldwide TV news 1980 Vernon Jordan shot in Indiana Tiananman Square - Bernard Shaw, live scope on own satellite dish Persian Gulf War - Peter Arnett in Baghdad 1987 World Report for universal conveyance and outside supporters Merger with AOL-Time Warner

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BBC: Quality Programming Radio in 1922, TV 1936 1955 ITV rivalry 1964 BBC Two with inside and out programming 1991 propelled World Service TV 1999 BBC Prime for worldwide stimulation Government subsidizing cuts may bring about combination of news and WSTV journalists

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Other Global News Deutsche Welle, German short-wave framework for overall radio and TV each of the 24 hours EuroNews is growing to Russia and Middle East; financing from different nations and publicizing income Channel News Asia since 1990 Voice of America simulcasts in 6 dialects; saw as purposeful publicity arm of US Radio Marta shows to Cuba from Florida; declining groups of onlookers

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Global News Agencies Wire administration issue ranges: News administrations are situated in London Coverage of fringe countries concentrates on negative news

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Reuters: First Wire Service Known for velocity, precision, trustworthiness and fairness Constantly creating comm system and product offering of broadness and quality Comprehensive budgetary databases Proven notoriety for dependability and mechanical advancement

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Other Large Wire Services AP disperses news and photographs to 8500 universal endorsers; sound and feature sustains, Internet online UPI sold telecast to AP in 1999, losing customers and force Agence France Presse has departments in 165 nations, third biggest

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Wire Services Bloomberg and Dow Jones have money related center Xinuha China firmly controlled by govt. authorities InterPress Services connected to nongovernmental associations; improvement news-casting (Rome) ITA, previous TASS, focal data organization; rivalry from Interfax with more believability in Russia Supplementary administrations at LA Times-Washington Post & NY Times

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Global Print Media NY Times, London Times & Guardian, International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times (London) all have worldwide dissemination Time, Newsweek, Economist biggest news magazines

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West to East News Flow Developing countries get Western perspectives Western data predominance and generalizations win Flow of news imbalanced West has ‘soft power’ of solid bid of social items in creating nations to disservice of nearby social conventions

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Questions for Discussion How will the Internet influence wire administrations and customary news offices? Will Internet cultivate a more impartial stream of universal news? What heading will that stream take?

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Internet News Distribution Best seek after creating countries Access to uncensored news No information transfers foundation for some countries World Bank has $520 million trust to assist set with uping organizations for Internet in 140 creating nations

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Personalized Media Individuals went from aloof beneficiaries to ‘information seekers’ Hotels give duplicates of home nation papers for visitors Fax cultivates association Cassette recording empower free decision for creating nations

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Cybernews More convincing than conventional news media People offer thoughts on a worldwide system Personal critique serves as news Will open pay for news that has been free? Will promoting have the capacity to profit on the web?

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Relevance of remote news Before 9/11 Americans were unengaged Public aches for engagement in world’s emergencies and issues that influence their every day lives Sensational model inclination After 9/11 outside news accepted equivalent weight CNN back in news initiative Boom in all day, every day scope News from BBC and different sources imperative

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Censorship and data control 2002 open getting less realities and more feeling from news media American data from worldwide TV and government offices Incorporation of purposeful publicity into messages Cell telephones, Internet/email news spread

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Trends for International Journalism Unit expense of worldwide comm will drop Technology guarantees 2-way comm More shopper decision of what they get Unlimited wellsprings of news substance Personalized comm presents challenge for dictator governments and control Uncertainty about impacts of comm stream on worldwide gatherings of people .:tslidesep.

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