Worldwide Patterns IN REGULATION.

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Algiers (Algeria), 19 21 April 2003. ITU - Arab Regional Office KADI ... Comoros. Fractional 1981. Yes. 2002. Bahrain. versatile. No Plans. 2001. 2001. Algeria. duopoly or ...
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Worldwide TRENDS IN REGULATION Prof. Ibrahim A. Kadi, Head, ITU Arab Regional Office 1 st REGULATORY MEETING FOR THE ARAB REGION Algiers (Algeria), 19 – 21 April 2003

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Topics Telecom Sector Reform Trends & Regional Benchmarking Arab Reform Scoreboard Regional Regulatory Associations ITU/BDT RRU Conclusion

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Telecom Sector Reform Getting the formula right Three crucial fixings : Competition Private division interest Effective control

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Telecom Reform, WHY? Changed Markets become quicker, advance, and serve clients better and less expensive Attract private capital and outside venture Mobile and Internet benefits quick Growth - Competition is the boost Investor certainty connected to a viable, reasonable & straightforward administrative system Globalization, Growth of worldwide exchange ICT administrations, and WTO Agreements

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More telecom Regulators Number of Countries with isolated telecom controllers Source: ITU World Telecommunication Regulatory Database

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Regulators by Region - How would we think about? Source: ITU World Telecommunication Regulatory Database

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Competition – the Global Scene Percentage of Countries with Competition for Selected Services, 2001 % of nations Source: ITU World Telecommunication Regulatory Database

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Competition - Basic Services Basic Services by Region, 2002 % of nations Source: ITU World Telecom. Administrative Database

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Competition - Basic Services Basic Services by Type, World 2002 % of nations Source: ITU World Telecommunication Regulatory Database

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Competition in Mobile: Arab States fall behind % of nations Source: ITU World Telecommunication Regulatory Database

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Competition in ISP Internet administrations, 2002 % of Countries Source: ITU World Telecommunication Regulatory Database

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Arab Reform Scoreboard 1/3

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Arab Reform Scoreboard 2/3

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Arab Reform Scoreboard 3/3

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TRASA " s Vision: «  To be a model administrative relationship, through the configuration and execution of fit controls and approaches, to accomplish all inclusive administration and practical correspondences improvement in a financial specialist agreeable environment »

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ARICEA " s Objectives: "(a) Exchange thoughts, perspectives and encounters among individuals on all angles identifying with encouraging and managing the advancement and use of ICTs; (b) Promote the feasible improvement and use of productive, satisfactory and savvy ICT systems and administrations in the sub-district; (c) Coordinate cross-outskirt administrative issues on ICTs in the sub-area; (d) Contribute to the accomplishment of sub-territorial and provincial mix; (e) Promote the boost of the use of rare assets in the ICTs segment."

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ITU BDT Regulatory Reform Unit (RRU) Publications & contextual investigations on key issues Regulatory Models International & Regional Regulatory Forums ITU World Telecom. Administrative Database Online library and asset focus The Global Regulators\' Exchange: G-REX Capacity working for controllers through Centers of Excellence

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Reports: Trends in Telecom Reform 2002 Effective Regulation 2000/2001 Interconnection Regulation 1999 Convergence & Regulation 1998 General Trends

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Trends in Telecom. Change 2003: Promoting Universal access to ICTs: Practical instruments for controllers Universal Access/Service Overview Role of Sector Reform Procedures to build up a Universal Service Fund, Role of Minimum Subsidy Auction, Consumer levies and Interconnection Rate Public Access, Telecentres Entrepreneurial Solutions & Role of Regulator

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Narrowing the Digital Divide Through: Regulatory Reform Incentive Regulation New Technology Public Access to ICTs

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The Global Regulators " Exchange G-REX Online discussion for Regulators & Policy creators to trade data and encounters through Conferences and the Regulators\' Hotline

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G-REX Conferences Virtual WiFi Conference Interconnection Dispute Settlement Conf. Permitting Conf. Exceptional Study Dispute Settlement And ADR G-REX CONFERENCES AND SPECIAL STUDY

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Global Symposium for Regulators Geneva, 8-9 Dec. 2003 P ractical devices controllers can use to expand all inclusive access to ICTs: Day 1 : Private Sector/Regulator Sessions Day 2 : Regulators Only Sessions

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RRU Web Site http:/

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Challenges for Arab Regulators (1) True Independence (versus strife of Responsibilities) Transparency and Fairness (Real & Perceived) Licensing and Competition Policy Dynamic Management and Licensing of Spectrum Universal Service and Universal Access Price Regulation Consumer Protection Adequate Financing

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Challenges for Arab Regulators (2) Interconnection Obligations Local Loop Unbundling 3G Mobile Spectrum Allocation and Licensing Broadband Services Broadcasting Services Internet and ICT: Internet Governance and Regulation Cyber Laws & e-Applications Security, Digital Signature and PKI Multilingual Domain Names and ENUM

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Conclusion Telecom Sector Reform – 3 essential fixings : Competition Private division investment Independent direction Arab World slacking in Reform, esp. in rivalry Reform Programs in different parts of the Arab World : Recent Privatization Moves: Jordan, Saudi Arabia Privatization without rivalry: Qatar, UAE Competition without Regulation: Somalia Notable Regulators: e.g. Jordan, Bahrain.

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