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Convenient Power Packs (P3s) (17-48 Watts) Personal Electronics and Portable Computers ... Versatile, quiet Energy community for Recharging Batteries in with ...
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"LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABLE POWER BY GLOBAL SOLAR" 2003 Tri-Service Power Expo, NDIA Norfolk, VA, July 17 Presented by Scot Albright Agenda Global Solar Technology Attributes Product Features Global Solar Energy, Inc. 5575 S. Houghton Rd. Tucson, AZ 85747 (520) 546-6313 Phone (520) 546-6318 Fax www.

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Global Solar\'s Two Strategic Missions Expand Solar Market : Capitalize on CIGS Uniqueness – Lightweight, Flexible Expand Power Station Market: Use Various Solar Products at present; Ultimately CIGS Thin-Film PV Manufacturing (CIGS) Turnkey Systems (VAR)

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CIGS Solar Technology Overview (Stainless Steel) Silver Screen connected in Assembly Area Process Steps Step 5 Step 4 Step 3 Step 2 Step 1 ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Top Conductor CdS (Cadmium Sulfide) Window CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide) Absorbing layer Mo (+) (Application of Molybdenum) Back Conductor Selection and Preparation of Flexible Stainless Steel Substrate (- ) TCO (- ) CdS CIGS Mo (+) Stainless Steel Substrate 25 microns thick (+) Not Drawn to Scale

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Global Solar\'s CIGS PV TACs System    Portable Power Pack  CIGS Manufacturing Process 1. Slight Film affidavit of 300+ meter moves 2. Cell/Submodule Manufacturing 3. Module Finishing 4. Framework Integration and Marketing

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Global Solar\'s CIGS PV General Product Advantages Flexibility – Versatility Cost Performance Reliability

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PRODUCT BENEFITS FOR PORTABLE MILITARY USE High Power-to-Weight proportions >2X Higher than other compact sunlight based choices High Field Survivability Anti-Glare and Camo-adaptations Silent Energy No warm mark during the evening Minimizes Fuel Requirements Self-Sustaining Energy Source Minimizes Fuel Logistics and cost issues

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GLOBAL SOLAR PRODUCT OVERVIEW Portable Power Packs (P3s) (17-48 Watts) Personal Electronics and Portable Computers Portable, 24-Hour, Sustained Energy Supply Survival unit Chargers Anti-Glare and Camo Surface Treatments Solarized Portable Water Purifier Portable Power Cases (100-800 Watts) Tactical AC Systems (TACS) (0.7 to ~8 kiloWatts) Transportable Energy for Command & Medical Centers, Tents

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PORTABLE POWER PACKS (P3s) Lightweight, Foldable, Power hotspot for Fuel-Free, Portable Self-Sustained Power Product Advantages: Recharges Batteries (BB390s and Others) to Enhance or Replace BA5590 use. Empowers Extended Periods in Field; Allows Fewer Batteries to be Carried into Field Solar module weighs 2.4 lbs., ~equiv. to 1ea. BB5590 No Fuel, No Maintenance, No additional logistics.

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CHARGING FIELD BATTERIES FOR SINCGARS (PRC-119) and VARIOUS OTHER FIELD EQUIPMENT Rechargeables like the BB390 replaces the BA5590, a broadly utilized force source

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LOGISTICS PAYBACK FOR SOLAR-RECHARGING MILITARY BATTERIES Benefits of Rechargeables, in addition to: Reduces number and aggregate weight of batteries required on a mission Reduces obtainment costs Reduced reliance on vehicle/generator; fuel use, fuel transport and discharges Increased security – little, convenient and noiseless Reduces transfer difficulties and costs

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RECHARGER Plug for Specific Applications 12VDC Lighter Plugs 12VDC Loads i.e., Portable Computers, Cell Phones, Palm Pilots GPS, and so on. 12VDC Load Adapter Ni-M-H Batteries (BB390) Customer-Provided Adapter (accessible from, for instance) Global Solar Energy PV - Modules Solar 12VDC Self-maintained Power Source

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FUEL-FREE, PORTABLE ENERGY FOR PORTABLE COMPUTERS Enables broadened Battery Life, OR Recharges Replacement Batteries

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PORTABLE, 24-HOUR, SUSTAINED ENERGY SUPPLY "Sun based Charged, Portable Battery/Inverter bolsters 12VDC and 120VAC burdens" Tools, PCs, Cellulars Radios, GPS Battery Charging Various Short Loads

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"SURVIVAL KITS" Sized to fit Pilot Flight Suits Extends battery life inconclusively to signal Also accessible in International Orange for Dual-Purpose – Power and Rescue Signaling Flipped Over for Signaling

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ANTI-GLARE AND CAMOUFLAGE SURFACES SURVIVABILITY INCREASE 10X Lower Spectral Reflection Shading, Color-Blend Increased

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POWER CASE TYPICAL APPLICATIONS 12 and 24VDC Water Purifiers (Aspen Water, Inc.) Portable, quiet Energy place for Recharging Batteries in with Universal Charger High Efficiency DC Lighting Various Portable Loads Requiring 12 or 24VDC or AC (Inverter Option)

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POWER CASE 100-800 Watts Solar 100-600 Amp-hr 12V Batteries 12 or 24VDC alternatives Inverter Option for AC Power

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TACTICAL AC SYSTEM (TACS) Hybrid Photovoltaic Array and Backup Generator For Self-Sustained, Transportable, Power Source Substantial Reduction of Generator: Fuel Maintenance (No Diesel "Wet-Stacking") Usage (Long Periods of Silent Running) Pollution Overall Improvement in Logistics by Incorporation of PV Power Source

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Block Diagram of Tactical AC System (TACS) PV Power  AC Power Distribution Energy Storage (Battery Bank) Power Inverter (DC to AC) Backup AC GENSET Wind Generator <Optional> 24 VDC Power Distribution

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TRANSPORTABLE AC POWER TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Command Centers Tent Lighting Portable Computers Coffee Pot Battery Re-Charging Copiers Medical Lighting Medical/Surgical Equipment Environment Control

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VERSATILITY OF TACS SOLAR ARRAY DEPLOYMENT Woodland Environment Tall Grass and Weeds Any Open Area

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SOLARIZED TEMPER TENT Transportable Expandable Modular PERsonnel Tent

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FOR OPERATING LOADS, AS FOLLOWS: 6 Amps persistent, 120VAC THEN AVERAGE SYSTEM PERFORMANCE, AS FOLLOWS: On-Time of Generator 10% Silent Running 85-90% 1/10 Th the Fuel utilized Compared to Generator Alone <1/10 th the Maintenance required Compared to Generator Alone Higher normal burdens require higher normal generator on-times, fuel, and support Note: Assumes Spring through Fall in center or low scopes PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS FOR 3 kW TACS (5KW Generator)

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TACTICAL AC SYSTEM (TACS) Hybrid Photovoltaic Array and Backup Generator For Self-Sustained, Transportable, Power Source Substantial Reduction of Generator: Fuel Maintenance (No Diesel "Wet-Stacking") Usage (Long Periods of Silent Running) Pollution Overall Improvement in Logistics by Incorporation of PV Power Source

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Attributes of GSE CIGS For Ultra-Light Aircraft High Power to Weight Ratio Uncoated cells (~350-500 Watts/kg at 7-9 Watts/ft2, AM1.5) High Altitude and Space Arrays (~250-400 Watts/kg at 9.5-12 Watts/ft2 for space cluster and structure, AM0) Low Altitude (<~10K ft) Aircraft (~90-120 Watts/kg at 7-9 Watts/ft2 (AM1.5) for Easy to Adhere cells) Solar Cells Ultra-Lights

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Springerville Generating Station Springerville, Arizona USA 3.4 MW DC Crystalline, Amorphous & CdTe Modules Grid-Tied 3-Phase, 34.5 kV 28 150kW Inverters Commissioned: 1.4 MW - November 2001 1.0 MW - September 2002 In Process: 1.0 MW – 2003

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GLOBAL SOLAR PRODUCT RECAP Portable Power Packs (P3s) (17-48 Watts) Lightweight Battery Chargers Portable Power Cases (100-800 Watts) Transportable, Independent Energy Source Tactical AC Systems (TACS) (0.7 to ~8 kiloWatts) Larger Transportable, Self-Sustaining Energy System

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SUMMARY Lightweight, Portable, Solar Energy Products Military-Specific Attributes High Power-to-Weight proportions High Field Survivability (Silent, Camouflage) Minimizes Battery and Fuel Transport Solves Targeted Energy Needs Within Military Battery Recharging, Water Purification, Personal Electronics, PCs, Radios, Tools, Lighting, Transportable vitality for war rooms, restorative, and so on., survival units Provides BOTH Cost-investment funds AND Improved Logistics

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