WSUS, MU and WU goodness my!.

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WSUS, MU and WU gracious my!. SMB Innovation System Susan Bradley, Patchaholic. We're going to assume . You've gotten your work done with-susan.html Think hazard administration. WU and MU. The nuts and bolts of Windows and Microsoft Redesign.
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WSUS, MU and WU gracious my! SMB Technology Network Susan Bradley, Patchaholic

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We’re going to assume You’ve gotten your work done with-susan.html Think hazard administration

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WU and MU The nuts and bolts of Windows and Microsoft Update

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WU versus MU Windows Update Just fixes Windows Microsoft redesign Patches [at this time] Windows Office Exchange More to come Engine is the same - Troubleshoot the same

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MU is discretionary Opt into MU

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MU steps Accept EULA Need to introduce programming to inspire it to utilize it Downloads activeX records \Windows\Downloaded Program Files The accompanying ActiveX controls will be introduced: MUWebControl Class WUWebControl Class

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Is it safe? On the off chance that first visit will get ‘authenticode’ brief

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Checking for upgrades

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Two choices to introduce Express Install : This alternative is suggested and gives the simplest system to introducing high need redesigns. Custom Install : This alternative empowers a client to choose which particular overhauls are introduced.

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Better ‘history’ interface

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Revert to WU Go back Click on Change settings Check the container

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Test availability If you see this: You are ready

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File overhauled Windows Genuine Advantage control Windows Installer 3.1 Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) upgrade

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Auto redesigns choices Download Will permit you to introduce them at a later time

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But don’t overlook the help documents

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Troubleshooting SUS Support record Operating System and Service Pack Level Right-click My Computer and select Properties Internet Explorer Version and Service Pack Level Check the Help > About interface in Internet Explorer

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Items to accumulate for investigating Internet Explorer Cipher Strength Check the Help > About interface in Internet Explorer Network Configuration (neighborhood [LAN], DSL, Firewall, Etc) Tried utilizing the Windows Update v6 Troubleshooter? Has anything changed on the machine as of late?

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In the SUS reporting instrument Windows Update logs (both Version 4 and Version 6) ReportingEvents.log this appears what blunder was come back to our servers. Web Explorer Registry key information to help with intermediary or access issues Windows Update Registry key to help with approach and Automatic Updates issues Service Output record to appear what administrations are running on the machine and which are halted.

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SUS reporting apparatus Application and System occasion logs BITS Admin log to assist research with downloading issues Update.exe establishment logs to help with establishment disappointment issues Setuplog to assist explore establishment issues Setupapi.log to help examine driver establishment issues

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Log records Start , then snap Run , sort WINDOWSUPDATE.LOG and after that snap OK . windows update.log Is the v4 adaptation WindowsUpdate.log Is the v6 variant

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Common slips 0x80072EE2 – 0x80072F78 – 0x80072F76 – 0x80072EFD 836941 - You get a "Error 0x80072EE2" or "Error 0x80072EFD" mistake message when you attempt to utilize Windows Update Add Windows Update Web locales to the Trusted Sites list

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Common Errors 0x80070424 How to investigate issues getting to secure Web pages with Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 2 (870700) This Windows Update lapse code is created by unregistered DLL records for Windows Update or Internet Explorer. On Windows XP SP2 and later this may be determined utilizing the “iexplore/rereg” charge.

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Common Errors 0x80244001/0x800A01AD These Windows Update blunder codes can be brought on by a harmed Windows XP XML subsystem. The primary stride to take is to reregister this part utilizing the charge “regsvr32 msxml3.dll”. On the off chance that this does not resolve the issue, check for all the more as of late upgraded MSXML Parser and MSXML parts from the accompanying connection:

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Common Errors When getting to the Update website, you get the 0x800A01AE slip. This issue may happen if the present session of Internet Explorer has reserved a more seasoned variant of Wuapi.dll Re-enlist the Windows Update DLL with the charges beneath Click Start , snap Run , sort cmd , and after that snap OK . Sort the accompanying summons. Press ENTER after every summon. regsvr32 wuapi.dll regsvr32 wuaueng.dll regsvr32 wuaueng1.dll regsvr32 wucltui.dll regsvr32 wups.dll regsvr32 wups2.dll regsvr32 wuweb.dll

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Common Errors 0x80248011 This Windows Update slip code is regularly identified with conflicting or harmed data in the c:\windows\softwaredistribution envelope. Ceasing the Automatic Updates benefit then renaming the c:\windows\softwaredistribution envelope to SDOLD then restarting the Automatic Updates benefit regularly is the fix for this issue. Note: Renaming this organizer will clear the showcase of past fruitful and fizzled upgrades.

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Common Errors 0x800B0001 This Windows Update slip code is identified with 3 specific DLL records that are not enrolled in windows effectively. Enrolling the accompanying records with REGSVR32 ordinarily alters this issue: Softpub.dll Mssip32.dll Initpki.dll

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Common Errors 0x8024402C This Windows Update slip can be brought on by a harmed establishment of BITS and debased data in the SoftwareDistribution envelope. The arrangement is regularly to re-download the BITS redesigns (KB883357 and KB842773) from the site, then stop the Automatic Updates benefit and rename the SoftwareDistribution envelope to SDOLD. Reboot the PC and come back to Windows Update.

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Diagnose instruments Look at WindowsUpdate.log from the base up To empower site following for a solitary visit to the Windows Update site, add “&dev=true” to the end of the URL, as in the sample beneath:

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Troubleshooting Most outsider firewalls, for example, Norton Personal Firewall piece SVCHOST (Generic Host Process Win32) correspondence naturally. This can bring about issues with Windows Update as SVCHOST correspondence is needed by the Windows Update customer to join with the Windows Update Servers on the web.

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WSUS nuts and bolts Are you prepared to fix?

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WSUS Patches the same pieces as MU More to come Clients ‘check in’ with server Not push Pull Can compel a push if need be through scripting

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WSUS establishment Install on server Will default go on port 8530 On standard burdens up a MSDE occasion Remember …clients may require in registry http://servername:8530 or Group Beginners manual for WSUS

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WSUS issues Clients may not check in Manually put in registry Sync procedure sets aside quite a while About 24 hours on the off chance that you draw down all documents

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Install Double-tap the installer record WSUSSetup.exe . Note: The most recent variant of WSUSSetup.exe is accessible on the Microsoft Web website for Windows Server Update Services at 2. On the Welcome page of the wizard, click Next . 3. Read the permit\'s terms understanding painstakingly, click I acknowledge the License\'s terms Agreement , and afterward click Next . 4. On the Select Update Source page, you can indicate where customers get redesigns. On the off chance that you select the Store redesigns locally check box, overhauls are put away on the WSUS server and you select an area in the document framework to store upgrades. On the off chance that you don\'t store upgrades locally, customer PCs join with Microsoft Update to get affirmed redesigns. Keep the default choices, and snap Next . Select Update Source Page

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Install Needs a LOT of space 6 GB

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WMSDE is default On the Database Options page, you select the product used to deal with the WSUS database. As a matter of course, WSUS Setup offers to introduce WMSDE if the PC you are introducing to runs Windows Server 2003. On the off chance that you can\'t utilize WMSDE, you must give a SQL Server case to WSUS to use, by clicking Use a current database server on this PC and writing the occasion name in the SQL occurrence name box. For more data about database programming alternatives other than WMSDE, see the “Deploying Microsoft Windows Server Update Services” white paper. Keep the default choices, and snap Next . Database Options Page

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WSUS introduce Now up to 8 gigs

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WSUS on SBS will picked 8530

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On premium – set up the guideline [pre done on SBS] http://* https://* http://* https://* http://* http://*

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Proxy settings On the WSUS console toolbar, click Options , and after that snap Synchronization Options . 2. In the Proxy server box, select the Use an intermediary server when synchronizing check box, and after that sort the intermediary server name and port number (portâ 80 as a matter of course) in the relating boxes. 3. If you need to interface with the intermediary server by utilizing particular client certifications, select the Use clie

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