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Armadillo Experimental Permit. Exploratory Permit (EP) required for ... Armadillo finished EP prerequisites Thursday, 19 October, in initially untethered ...
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X PRIZE Cup WireFly X PRIZE Cup Overview for COMSTAC Michael S. Kelly, RLV/WG 25 October 2006

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Highlights First genuine X PRIZE Cup Two rivalries Northrop-Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge NASA Centennial Challenges Space Elevator Games First flight of a vehicle under FAA/AST Experimental Permit

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Armadillo Experimental Permit Experimental Permit (EP) required for Lunar Lander Challenges at X PRIZE Cup (rather than dispatch permit) Armadillo finished EP necessities Thursday, 19 October, in initially untethered flight at Las Cruces

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Remaining Events on Friday and Saturday Successful fruition of full flight profile by Armadillo Several High-Power Amateur Rockets flown Hybrid and LOX/liquor static motor firings Bell Rocket Belt F-117 and F-18 fly-by

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Armadillo Flight and Landing

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And Other Flight Events

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FAA Participation Experimental Permitting HPAR direction reenactment and rail parameter study pre-occasion Real-time 6 DOF recreation amid occasion utilizing ongoing winds IIC occasion wellbeing

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Back Story

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Conclusions XP Flight Ops had a difficult, but not impossible task ahead FAA essential part of the group Despite difficulties, gathering of people experienced smooth occasion

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