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Argentine Society of Cardiology (SAC, in Spanish) and Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC), as coordinators, authoritatively propelled broadly and ...
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XVIº Congreso Mundial de Cardiología BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA 18 - 21 MAY O DE 2008

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This Congress is sorted out by

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National Launching 2005 Argentine Society of Cardiology (SAC, in Spanish) and Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC), as coordinators, formally dispatched broadly and locally the XVIº World Congress of Cardiology. The occasion occurred on Tuesday 28th June 2005 at the Sheraton Hotel Buenos Aires, before agents of the Health Ministry, City Council, executives of numerous pharmaceutical commercial ventures, Cardiology-related organizations, prestigious cardiologists and columnists.

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The Congress has Official National Support

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WHF General Assembly - Barcelona, 2006 The XVIº World Congress of Cardiology was formally dispatched, globally at the WCC 2006 amid the General Assembly of the WHF. The WCC 2008 arranging was introduced to the representatives of the Societies and Foundations individuals from the WHF. Special Activities were done together with the WHF at a stand on the Exhibition Area of the WCC 2006.

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Important Dates DEADLINES: Abstract accommodation: September 27, 2007 Registration early expense: October 31, 2007 Registration late expense: April 15, 2008 Hotel Accommodation: February 29, 2008 Tours and touring visits: April 1, 2008

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Registration: Demographic Distribution Argentine Delegate 6,300 Argentine T/N/T 1,700 Argentine Free of Charge 200 8,200 Latin American Del. 2,800 Latin American T/N/T 400 Latin American Free of Ch. 200 3,400 Standard 2,800 Standard TNT 400 Standard FC H 200 3,400 Total 15,000

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Registration Rates

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Key Rates 180 Minutes Symposium 1 US$ 72,600.00 a hour and a half Symposium 1 US$ 36,300.00 45 Minutes Workshop 2 US$ 14,520.00 60 Min. non-business Symposium US$ 10,000.00 45 Minutes Closed Industry Meeting 3 US$ 3,872.00 To hold an "Intra-Congress Activities" the accompanying least prerequisites must be consented to: 1) corner of a base 42 sq.m. 2) stall of a base 15 sq.m. 3) a stall space is required All rates are VAT included

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Registration Contracts with the Argentine Pharmaceutical Industry COMPANY AMOUNT Roemmers 1,000 Bagó 175 Elea 350 Gador 200

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Contracts effectively marked Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) Venue Travel Agency Legal Advisors Booking of inn rooms

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Meetings with the Industry in BARCELONA The times we re : Sunday third September from 09.00 to 10.00 hs. Wednesday fifth from 10.30 to 11.30 hs. The Companies were: Bayer Sanofi aventis GSK Unilever Pfizer Novartis Medtronic Almond Board of California Raiso Benecol Colgate Palmolive

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Meetings with the Industry in CHICAGO The times we re : Tuesday fourteenth November from 8.30 to 9.30 am Thursday fifteenth November from 8.30 to 9.30 am The Companies were: AstraZeneca R&D MöIndal Bayer HealthCare Medtronic Europe Sàrl Novartis Pharma AG Pfizer Inc. Watchman Novelli ResMed Corp Schiller America

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SCP Timeline

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Software-Call for Sessions The letters have been as of now sent to the Societies and Foundations individuals from the WHF and different social orders identified with Cardiology and additionally understood individual cardiologists. They have been sent on February 16 th and the recommendations will be gotten until March 31 st , 2007

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Promotional Activities First Announcement

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Promotional CD of Tango

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WCC 2008 Promotion 2006 – Rosario, Argentina - FAC Congress - Barcelona - XV World Congress of Cardiology - Buenos Aires, Argentina - SAC Congress - Recife, Brazil - Brazilian Society of Cardiolgy - México DF - Chávez Institute of Cardiology - Chicago, EEUU - AHA Congress - Mérida, México - ANCAM - Montevideo, Uruguay - SUC Congress - Santiago, Chile - Chilean Society of Cardiology XVI th World Congress of Cardiology Buenos Aires, Argentina – 18-21 de Mayo, 2008

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WCC 2008 Promotion amid 2006

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WCC 2008 Promotion 2007 - New Orleans, USA - ACC Congress in March - Viena , Austria - ESC in September - Veracruz, México - MSC in November - Taipei, Taiwan - Asian Pacific in December - Argentina-FAC in May, SOLACI in July and SAC in August and all neighborhood medicinal congresses - Lima, Perú - IASC Congress in April - Brazil-Sao Paulo, April and November - Orlando, USA - AHA Congress in November - Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay

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La Rural Convention Center

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La Rural Meeting Rooms Meeting Room WHF Offices Exhibition Registration Underground

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Exhibition Floor P lan Total: 6500 sq. m. Meeting Rooms Posters Area

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Tentative Meeting Rooms

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Rooms and Capacities

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Hotels La Rural Hotel Area

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Underground La Rural Hotel Area

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Tours Bariloche : Skiing resort North West : South America Touches the sky North East : The Great Waters Rain Forest "The Iguazú Falls" Cuyo Region : Argentine Wineyards South West : Patagonian Andes and G laciers Many others.....

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XVI th World Congress of Cardiology Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA 18-21 May, 2008 We are sitting tight for you!

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