Yampa River Project .

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Yampa River Project. Raising Awareness For the Last Free Flowing River in the Colorado River System .
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Yampa River Project Raising Awareness For the Last Free Flowing River in the Colorado River System

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Does a proposition to assemble a $3.2 billion dam on the last real free streaming waterway in the 5 state Colorado River framework and pump water taken from a national stop and imperiled natural life over the Continental Divide at a yearly cost of a large number of dollars in power appear to be advocated in our contemporary an Earth-wide temperature boost economy? No, yet there are effective interests progressing in the direction of simply this inevitability on the Yampa River in northwestern Colorado. It is an ecological and financial bad dream from the most recent century that should be uncovered.

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History The Yampa River, the last free streaming waterway in the Colorado River framework, is in threat. As the Front Range urban communities of Colorado grow, they keep on using water at an unsustainable rate. It is assessed that the by the year 2030, the South Platte River Basin will require as much as 400,000 section of land feet of water, and that water needs to originate from some place (Grand Junction Sentinel, January 18, 2007). The arrangement looked for after by the Northern Water Conservancy District of Colorado is to dam one of our country\'s few staying free streaming fortunes.

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The Latest Proposed Water Project Much of the Colorado River framework is as of now dammed, for all time changing the scene of the west and western waterways. The Yampa is the last really regular streaming waterway in the Colorado River framework, and there is a proposition to fabricate a 500,000 section of land foot supply beneath Maybell Colorado to suit the water needs of eastern Colorado (Rocky Mountain News, February 22, 2007). Such a dam would incorporate an underlying arrangement to redirect 20% of the Yampa\'s aggregate water over the mainland partition and to the Denver zone, yet much more noteworthy preoccupations will probably follow in future years.

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Impacts of Proposed Water Project The Yampa is the real tributary of the Green River, which is the significant wellspring of water for the Colorado River. It\'s free streaming nature gives the whole waterway framework quite a bit of its stream, hydro-creating limit and sea-going territory. These eventual lost or enormously decreased. There are four types of imperiled fish on the Yampa, all of which rely on upon the normal stream of the waterway for survival. It would debase a National Park stream framework

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Lost River Based Recreation Thousands depend on the Yampa water stream for amusement reasons, for example, rafting, kayaking, and untamed life perception. A standout amongst the most marvelous waterways trips on the planet

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Does Not Solve Water Problems The dam would not take care of the more prominent issues of over utilization of one of our most valuable assets; it would only act as a band-help to cover the vast injury that is western water utilization. The supply would free a significant part of the usable water just because of vanishing. Maybe above all is the way that water left in the stream is not squandered. Also the water that leaves Colorado is not lost, rather it is now utilized. In 90% of the years water from the Colorado River does not achieve the Pacific Ocean and its waters are completely devoured.

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Isolation and Lack of Public Awareness The issues with damming the Yampa are various however advocates want to utilize its disconnection and absence of open attention to sneak past an unsupportable recommendation that would not be considered on the off chance that it were proposed close to their own urban areas.

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The Yampa River Project In request to realize mindfulness the proposed water venture and its inconvenient impacts, a gathering of subjects and Adrift Adventures Inc. is taking a shot at a narrative film to catch the loftiness of the Yampa River, to show what might be lost , and the Yampa\'s significance to the current Colorado River System. On June 6, 2007 we will flatboat the Yampa River with a group of researcher, researchers, businessmen and government officials on an excursion offered by Adrift Adventures Inc. We have procured a honor winning narrative movie producer, Justin Zimmerman , to make this critical film. We will convey the film to a wide gathering of people of individuals including schools and colleges, government officials, entrepreneurs, TV stations, and national natural associations. We will likewise build up a site .

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List of Experts on Trip We have numerous specialists going ahead our outing. To see the memoirs see the end of the PowerPoint. Patrick T. Tierney Ph.D. Subside M. Lavigne, M.S.E.L., J.D. Stewart Breck Ph.D. Daniel Gonzalez B.S. Ian Torrence B.S. Floris Delee B.S. Patrick Stark Ph.D. Anja Taylor B.A. Gigi A. Richard Ph.D. Kent Vertrees B.A. Pam Hyde J.D., M.A. Justin Zimmerman M.F.A. Check A. Gibson Ed.D. Lisa MacPherson B.A. Charge McGrath B.A.

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"How to Help" Adrift Adventures Inc. has as of now gave $12,600 dollars to make this film and we are looking for more gifts to off-set alternate expenses for the generation and appropriation of it.

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What to Do MAKE A DONATION! We are putting forth the accompanying gift levels: $100 Friend of the Yampa Bronze (Free DVD video) $500 Friend of the Yampa Silver (Free DVD video) $1000 Friend of the Yampa Gold (Free DVD video) Over $1000 Ambassador to Save the Yampa River! (Free DVD video and Commemorative Plaque). Every above contributor will be perceived on the video credits. Gotten the message out ABOUT THE FILM AND PROPOSED WATER PROJECT!

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Please add to this fundamentally critical push to record the noteworthy potential misfortunes and expenses, and help us to keep the Yampa River Free Flowing for future eras! You can mail your liberal assessment deductible gift to: Rivers Foundation of the Americas Attn.:  Pamela Hyde 2690 E. Hemberg Dr.  Flagstaff, AZ 86004 Please make checks or money orders out to Rivers Foundation of the Americas, with Yampa River Project in the memo. For inquiries email us at: info@yampariverproject.net

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Thank You for your time in sparing the Yampa River!

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Patrick T. Tierney Ph.D. Keynote Speaker Professor, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies San Francisco State University Patrick Tierney earned a B.S. in science/ecological science at Northern Arizona University and M.S. what\'s more, Ph.D. in Recreation Resources from Colorado State University. He directed his lord\'s examination on boater effects to the waterway passageways of the Green and Yampa Rivers in Dinosaur National Monument (DNM). Right now he is a teacher showing entertainment, parks and tourism classes in the Department Recreation and Leisure Studies at San Francisco State University. Preceding working at SFSU, Pat was an instructor at Colorado State University, an ecological organizer with Environmental Research and Technology, a waterway officer for Routt National Forest on the North Platte River and a kayak-based officer for the National Park Service on the Green and Yampa Rivers in Dinosaur National Monument. Amid his residency with the NPS in DNM he was included with the Yampa River Wild and Scenic River proposition. Pat is effectively required in research having finished tourism, diversion administration and eco-tourism ventures for the National Park Service, the Belize Tourist Board, U.S. Backwoods Service, Galapagos National Park, Ecuador, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and the California Division of Tourism. He led investigate on inspirations and components that impact stream runner eagerness to secure the Green and Yampa Rivers later on. He lined up his proposal look into with an equivalent review ten years after the fact to decide changes in stream hall utilize examples and conditions. He is beneficiary of the 1997 Best Tourism Research Award from the California Division of Tourism, the 1991 Excellence in Research Award from the Commercial Recreation and Resort Association, and in addition co-beneficiary of the 1990 Colorado Rural Tourism Achievement Award. Notwithstanding his scholastic interests he is effectively required in ecotourism and served as Director of Bay Area Partners in Responsible Tourism. Pat was co-proprietor, for a long time, of Adrift Adventures, an authorized concessionaire of the National Park Service and BLM offering interpretive rafting encounters in Colorado and Utah. Pat was a dynamic supporter and affirmed before the U.S. Senate on the formation of the Cache la Poudre National Wild and Scenic River in Colorado.

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Peter M. Lavigne , M.S.E.L ., J.D., Director of the Colorado Water Workshop and Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies at Western State College of Colorado Peter M. Lavigne is a natural lawyer, instructor and author. He has a B.A. in Government and Geology from Oberlin College (1980) and a Master\'s in natural law (1983 cum laude) and a Juris Doctor (1985) from Vermont Law School. In July 2006 he was selected Director of the Colorado Water Workshop and Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies at Western State College of Colorado. An enthusiastic ocean kayaker and mountain climber, Peter established and still educates in the Watershed Management Professional Program of the Executive Leadership Institute and is an extra Associate Professor in the Public Administration Graduate Program and in the Leadership for Ecology, Culture and Learning Program - all at Portland State University where he instructs an assortment of serious courses in maintainability, common assets, and water approach. He is fellow benefactor and a board individual from the Rivers Foundation of the Americas, ( www.riversfoundation.org ) where he served as the primary president and CEO from 2000-2005. Among his endeavors at the Rivers Foundation was co-composing the article ReThinking Green Philanthropy with David W. Orr. Pete has served as official chief of the Westport River Watershed Alliance and the Merrimack River Watershed Council; helped to establish the Coalition For Buzzards Bay and the New England Coastal Campaign; worked

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